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Divisional Round: Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 12-5 San Francisco 49ers 28-35
I waffled more than Brett Favre over retirement on this one. Make me the one trying for some reverse psychology this week, but the game could go either way. I think Rodgers plays outstanding but the defense learns quickly Kaepernick is no Joe Webb. 49ers won the game on a TD as time expires.
“Jersey” Al Bracco 11-6 Green Bay Packers 20-17
While all the talk about the 49ers defense is the front seven, it’s the secondary that beat the Packers the first time around. YAC were non-existent for the Packers wide receivers that day. With the Packers defense much improved since week one, I consider this a dead-even game. Can’t pick against the Packers now. Go Pack!
Adam Czech 13-4 Green Bay Packers 28-24
I’ve switched my pick at least 37 times this week. I’ve finally decided that I can’t pick against Aaron Rodgers when the other QB is Colin Kapernick. The first-year starter is dangerous, but he’s no Rodgers. Look for Rodgers to have one of those MVP-type of games, making plays through the air and running for first downs. If he doesn’t have one of those types of games, well, let’s not talk about that…
Marques Eversoll 13-4 Green Bay Packers 31-27
This has all the makings of an instant classic. I really think the winner of this game will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, and ultimately I think Aaron Rodgers outshines Colin Kaepernick in the first playoff start of his young career. The Packers are running the ball better and playing better defense than they were against the 49ers in the season opener. It will be a close game, but I’ll side with McCarthy and Rodgers over Harbaugh and Kaepernick. Packers to the NFC Championship.
Thomas Hobbes 12-5 Green Bay Packers 24-21
This one is going to be tough; the 49ers might be the team with the least amount of flaws in the NFL at the moment.  It’s going to be strength versus strength with the Packers high flying offensive going up against the 49ers vicious defense.  I think if the Packers can manage to get reasonable down and distance with a good dose of running, screen plays and dump off passes, sooner or later Aaron Rodgers is going to find someone open for the big play.  What can’t happen is the team gets significantly behind or abandons the run and allows the 49ers defense to pin their ears back and kill Rodgers. I could see this game going either way, but this is a Packers blog so I’m saying the Packers win this one.
Jason Perone 9-8 San Francisco 49ers 24-28
If I have to explain my pick, you haven’t been reading or following us this season.  We all want the same result, and I’m not about to mess with a formula that has proven to work all season long.  This matchup is loaded with history and the Packers have been on the good side for most of it.  The Green Bay defense got a small dose of a mobile quarterback last week in Minnesota’s Joe Webb.  They have to contain Colin Kaepernick and make him earn his yards with his arm more than his feet.  The Packers offensive line faces what could be its stiffest of all teams left and has to neutralize pressure on Aaron Rodgers.  The turnover battle is the key and it’s simple: the Packers can’t turn it over and must create one or two of their own.  I’m just not sure all of those things can meet on the field at one time.  In the end and for good reason, I’m going with the 49ers in this one.
Chad Toporski 12-5 San Francisco 49ers 16-17
Flip a coin. While the 49ers look the best on paper, they still have to contend with a quarterback in Aaron Rodgers who doesn’t have any problems making plays in the postseason or away from Lambeau. This might seem silly and simplistic, but the team that makes the fewest mistakes will win. Unfortunately, I think that’s going to be San Francisco in a low-scoring affair.

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9 thoughts on “Game Predictions: Packers vs. 49ers Divisional Round from AllGBP.COM (with Podcast)

  1. I know many will scoff at this but I’ll say it because I sense it….Kaepernick gets yanked when the Packers go up by 17 due to his INTs..Smith enters game mid 4th with GB up 30-13.

    Enjoy the game everyone!!!

  2. Should be a great game – can’t wait.

    I have a feeling that special teams will be be a big factor today. Love to Moss returning kicks today.

    The defensive formula against Webb and Peterson worked. Employing that strategy against Kappernick and gore seems smart.

    On offense, the Pack needs to do the same it did last week. Use the check down pass and focus on moving the chains.

    Packers 27 – 49ers – 18

    1. defensive formula against Webb/Peterson did NOT work.

      Read – option was killing the Packers.
      Frazier stopped using it, Harbaugh won’t.

      Get ready to see a lot of screen shots of Rodgers standing on the sideline waiting to get the ball back.

      Packers will get less than 10 possessions and only score on three of them…

      34-17 49’ers.

      Capers’ last game (thank goodness).

  3. This game is gonna suck. Whether or not Niners show up doesn’t matter, I’ve just seen the Packers beat themselves too many times for me to trust them at this point.

    Don’t be surprised if the Packers start executing poorly, or if they start turning the ball over, or both.

    And yes, part of me is just saying this to keep me from getting my hopes up. But seriously, I won’t be surprised if the Packers beat themselves.

    Hope I’m wrong though.

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