Packers vs. 49ers – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: SF 45 GB 31 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers - 49ers James Jones
James Jones with a circus catch.

Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers:

My unfitered game day running blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

Inactive for Packers today:  WR Jarrett Boykin; DE Jerel Worthy, CB Davon House; LB Frank Zombo; DT Jordan Miller; TE DJ Williams, RB Alex Green

Inactive for 49ers today:  K Billy Cundiff, RB Jewel Hampton, DT Tony Jerod-Eddie G Joe Looney, S Trenton Robinson, QB Scott Tolzien, DT Ian Williams


Game Notes:

Donald Driver active. OBVIOUSLY, the Facebook campaign helped…

Alex Green inactive. With DuJuan Harris showing he can catch also, he gives the Packers everything Alex Green does, so no reason to have both active.

Kuhn is the only current NFL player to score at least one touchdown in each of the last four postseasons (2009-12).



Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Weather/Field: Great day for football. We have a dry surface, that’s all that matters.

Team improvement: I feel our production as a football team reflects that. Special teams has been the most consistent. Defense, I felt like we’ve gotten stronger.  We had to play a lot of young guys early on due to injuries and it’s made us better. Now with Charles and Clay back, I’m pleased with where we are.. Offense, we had to change some things during the season… different from how we started the season.

More of a power team?: We’re definitely more balanced. Started the year more tilted towards the pass.

Vikings game: It seems like a month ago. I felt our defense was outstanding, especially with the challenge of stopping Adrian Peterson. The offense just didn’t finish well in the second half, but otherwise I was pleased.

Kaepernick: Raw physical ability. he can really throw the football on the move is impressive. His ability to run is impressive.

SF offense: Playing the option, any time you’re responsible for a gap, it’s important to play with leverage, not peek in and trust the guy next to you.

Crabtree: Playing excellent. He had some injuries in early years. He’s clearly one of the top guys. Strong hand. Goes up and attacks the football

Adrian Peterson/Frank Gore: Guys that can run it all day long. Frank is an exceptional runner. Best I’ve ever seen at making something out of nothing.

49ers: Very talented and technically sound. They’ve drafted for their scheme for 4-5 years now. Ability to play to down and distance is impressive.

Special teams: Those two dynamic returners, we have to contain them. Mason has been good for a couple of weeks now, we’ll just stick to our plan.





Packers vs. 49ers – First Impressions – First Half:

49ers win the toss and will receive. Just what the Packers wanted…

SAM SHIELDS!!!  Well that was good start.

Pickett hurt on the Shields INT. If Pickett doesn’t come back, that’s very good for Frank Gore…

Packers secondary looking good. Contesting every throw.

Kaepernick beats the Packers for a TD the best way he can – with his feet.

Pickett is back. whew…

Walden sucked in again on a QB option, just like against Joe Webb the first time…

Packers had two linebackers spying Kaepernick on that third down play.

Packers obviously feel they can cover the 49ers receivers one-on-one…

Incidental facemask? what? since when?

James Jones jumps too soon, off his hands, gets it back while falling to the ground and holds on. circus catch.

Correct me if I’m getting overzealous, but I haven’t seen a #Packers RB who can move like this in a long time…

End of First Quarter: Packers 14 49ers 7

Packers with a three man rush on first down – and they got pressure… strange.

And I praised MM last week for being smart enough to leave Cobb on punt returns, where experience means so much… ugh Jeremy Ross…

Rodgers did a great job calling the protection on that long interception and Packers picked up the blitz and gave him time. In retrospect, that was a bad thing…

Brad Jones has been doing a nice job in coverage today…

Packers have come really close to getting a couple of unsporstmanlike penalties after the play. Have to be smarter guys.

If you listened closely to MM comments during the week, there were hints of what his plan would be (taking shots downfield rather than ball control drives).

Marshall Newhouse doing a fantastic job on Aldon Smith so far. Bottling him up…

Without Kaepernick’s legs, the Packers defense would be close to dominating the 49ers offense.

98 yards rushing for Kaepernick, #Packers gave the 49ers 7 points, and this is still a tie game…

End of second quarter:  49ers 24 Packers 21


Packers vs. 49ers – First Impressions – Second Half:

Well Dom Capers, let’s see what you got. There’s only one thing stopping the Packers from dominating this game. How you gonna stop it Dom?

I don’t agree with taking Ross off of kickoffs. There, I said it.

Seriously, 49ers don’t scare me at all in the air. Just keep making Kaepernick throw the ball…

Kaepernick TD again. Seriously, after watching that the whole first half, Packers still get sucked in and are surprised? really?

MM showing signs of abandoning the running game. Harris not in once on first drive after Kaepernick TD to put niners ahead.

Tramon the only DB getting powned…

Yes Vernon Davis, we know you can beat AJ Hawk. Question is why are you in that position?

Defense has been on the field all day… This is not surprising at this point. Thanks for those ball control drives MM!

End of third Quarter:  49ers 31 Packers 24

First play of 4th quarter: 2yd TD run by Frank Gore. 39-24.

Kaepernick with over 160 yds rushing a playoff record for a QB.

When they do throw, 49ers continue to target Tramon Williams. Hasn’t made a play all game.

I usually don’t blame Capers much, but when you let one guy beat you like this, there are no excuses.  Dom, where were you today.

Kind of too numb to write very much…

The Packers were playing good defense in the first half, just had no plan for Kaepernick. No adjustments at halftime – here’s your result:

Final Score:  49ers 45 Packers 31


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46 thoughts on “Packers vs. 49ers – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: SF 45 GB 31

  1. Piss poor planning. Capers keeps expecting no one will catch on to his scheme…which was fine, 20 years ago. No creativity, should have put a spy on Kaepernick. Time for Kevin Greene to show us his stuff.

    1. I completely disagree. Truth is, he called for spies and outside contain the players got whipped. He could have called anything. No D-line control, no pursuit from ILBs, no outside pinching from OLBs, no blocks shed from the secondary. The players got man-handled. Don’t blame play calls here. Players that were capable had a bad game.

      1. Yes, what Lucas said. The Packers “spied” him plenty. The problem was that no one ever even came close to setting the edge and containing. Walden was the worst. Horrible, horrible defensive showing.

    2. Kevin Greene is nowhere near “next up” in the food chain for D-co. Even if he was, what’s his resume’? “Clay Matthews is a beast?” That’s all we got.

      Darren Perry would probably be the guy if we went next man up.

  2. There’s going to be a lot of talk about Capers and how the Pack sucked. But all I can say is how much I enjoyed this season and the commments and articles from the Jersey Al writers and requlars. Even you Cow, I know you’re a Packer fan. Don’t worry – after a great TT draft the Pack will win SB 48. As I’ve said before – love my Pack!

  3. Goodbye DOM CAPERS. You made no adjustments at the half. You should have been fired last year. Pack your bags!
    Goodbye MIKE MCCARTHY. Your play calling is boring, some calls even bone-headed. Rush, rush, pass long on 3rd and short, punt.
    Goodbye CHARLES WOODSON. You should have retired three years ago. We didn’t need you in the Super Bowl and you have been a liability since then.
    Goodbye J FINLEY. You are a cancer to a team and you will be a cancer wherever you go. And take your asshole agent with you.
    Goodbye GREG JENNINGS. We love you man, you’re just too expensive to Green Bay.Just can’t afford you. Thanks for the great memories. You will be missed.
    Goodbye DONALD DRIVER. So many Packer fans favorite all-time Packer. We will never forget you.
    Goodbye TRAMON WILLIAMS. I remember you from two years ago as a great player. You left us. We miss you. Wish I knew where you disappeared to.
    Bottom line: we were out-coached, Aaron Rodgers had all day to throw and couldn’t complete get the 1st downs, totally outplayed by Kaepernick, defense looked like the Keystone Cops. I don’t want to hear that we had injury problems all year, we won a Super Bowl under the same circumstances. 9ers not only outplayed GB, they are better than GB whether the game was played in San Fran or Green Bay, same outcome.

    1. Holy crap, so glad you said injuries aren’t a legit reason for losing. All I heard all year long is “we’re just dealing with so many injuries”, but in 2010, we not only won the Super Bow, but we never trailed by more than 7 points.

      Injuries were just a complete cop-out excuse for fans this year. To me, the bottom line is that the loss of Cullen Jenkins, the loss of Nick Collins and the aging of Charles Woodson has hurt us so much more than we could have anticipated.

      All those young players on the defense have to grow up fast!

      1. I like Finley, but he lost some explosiveness after the knee job. Even so, i kinda doubt that the other TEs on the team are better. I also get the feeling that he may be cheaper than people expect.

    2. Keep Finley. Anyone who thinks he hurts the team more than he helps it is spending too much time watching press conferences and not enough time watching games.

    3. Right on the Money We need a true OC and a new DC. You forget our great Middle LB, High Price Hawk. The major factor in why teams can run so well on us.

      1. Why do we need a “True” OC again?

        Did I miss something?

        Didn’t the Packers offense just score 31 points on a defense that only has allowed 16 points per game on average over the last two seasons?

        Jesus, people.. I know the loss hurts, but let’s be reasonable. It’s not time to blow the whole thing up just yet.

  4. The Shieds INT had me thinking my vision was coming true…reality is a mean wake up.
    This team is going to need work..not an over haul but some serious tweaking.
    Dom Capers has shown a severe lack of adjusting and it would seem to be contagious as MM is coming down with the ailment.

  5. Kaepernick will end his career with more SB rings than Rodgers.


    That team is so much better than the Packers I don’t even know where TT should start.

    Bulaga, Perry, Bishop, Smith, any of the hurt RB’s, Worthy would not have mattered tonight.

    The 49’ers are set up to be a dynasty.

    That defense is LOADED.

    That offensive line is ridiculous.

    Kaepernick is unstoppable. No doubt hall of fame.

    Woodson needs to go.
    Capers needs to go.
    Driver needs to go.
    Jennings will be gone.
    Hawk can go.

    Re-sign Clay and Rodgers. everyone else can go get overpaid somewhere else.

    Save your $ with Raji.
    He’s the old kind of Dlineman… fat.
    time to find some Smith/Watt type guys… actual athletes.

    We need 2 new tackles, 3 new defensive linemen, 3 new linebackers, 2 new safeties, a corner (williams is just being picked on by EVERYONE at this point), a defensive coordinator, and a new running back.

    I even have doubts about MM right now.
    That’s 2 times in a row he’s been out coached by a 2nd year guy.

    this team needs to start over. “f” all this fling – it – around offense, complicated bend – but – don’t break defense garbage.

    they need guys who can block and tackle.
    you know… play FOOTBALL how it’s supposed to be played… where you run through people as opposed to trying to run around them.


    1. Deep breaths kid. This post lost all credibility when you said Kaepernick is a no doubt HOF. Carving up a Dom Capers defense does not a Hall of Famer make

      1. Seriously. Deep breaths and maybe hit the oxygen for a minute. If Kaepernik is a starter in three years, I’ll eat my shoes.

    2. You’re not wrong Cow42, but there is one thing the Niners haven’t experienced just yet, and that is now that they’re winning (after 15 years) for two years in a row, other teams will now start wanting their FA’s and they’ll start losing players too! That’ll bring them back a notch or two, but you’re right, the Packers need an overhaul of sorts. Not a complete rebuild, but there’s no time like now! I am back to my position of 2-2/2 years ago, I’m NOT sold on McCarthy, seldom have his teams been “UP” for big games, 2010 was the only exception.

  6. Dom Capers gonna get a lot of criticism and I won’t be surprised if some start asking for him to be fired. I think thats just wrong.

    Capers had a Charles Wolfson that was playing in his prime, Nick Collins and Cullen Jenkins in 2010. All he has now is Clay Matthews and a crapload of rookies.

    If Capers had even one more playmaker, like say JJ Watt, that defense wouldn’t look nearly as bad as it does now.

    In fact, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that he would command the best Defense in the NFL, if he had just one more player like that.

    1. Sorry, Chad, have to totally disagree with you. In the most important game of they year, Caper’s defense laid its biggest egg. Defense gave up 579 total yards, 323 of them rushing. And obviously Capers made no adjustment at halftime, after all, he is Don Capers, a legend in his own mind. Nobody tells him what to do! As bad as Rodgers was in the game, and come on folks, he was bad, severely outplayed by Kaepernick, no way he can keep pace with the D giving up so many yards.

      1. Yes, that defense under-performed. Capers didn’t make proper adjustments. He deserves some blame.

        But by some of the blame, I mean like only 20% of it. Like I said to Kevin down below, just about everything has gone wrong with that defense ever since we won the Super Bowl. The Packers haven’t done their job in giving him the proper personnel to work with.

    2. Ah yes. We would be much better if we had the best defensive player in the NFL on our team. Therefore, its not Capers fault. Perfectly rational argument.

      That’s why I think McCarthy shouldn’t be blamed for getting away from the run. If we just had say, Adrian Peterson, we’d be a much better offense

      1. So what Dom Capers did with Charles Woodson in 2009 and 2010 somehow magically just didn’t happen now all of the sudden?

        Like I said, Capers just doesn’t have the same personnel that he had two years ago. Outside of Clay Matthews, is there anyone on that defense that had a pro-bowl year?

        Tramon Williams and B.J. Raji have struggled, Woodson has gotten old, Jenkins and Collins are gone, Bishop never even played this year, and the defense is over-filled with inexperienced players.

        Yeah, shame on Capers for not being able to deal with that. Any other average DC would EASILY be able to overcome that.

  7. Was it Dom or was it defensive players who just cannot execute the game plan (i.e. linebackers unable to hold the edge and fill gaps, cb Williams getting consistently beat, 2nd and 3rd stringers playing instead of injured starters)? MM and Ted have some decisions to make.

    1. The Packers were outplayed and out-coached in every facet of the game tonight! Whether or not they’re capable of being better with the players they presently have I don’t think so. Unfortunately, it’s time for some new blood, guys that want to win, and that might take some new coaches too! McPuffy’s schtick is getting old !

    2. I agree. Dom needs OLBs to make this defense work. He’s said that from day 1. Do we have OLBs? No…we have 1. Say what you want that injuries are not to blame, but the last Superbowl with was catching lightning in a bottle; it won’t happen every time. Injuries strain the entire team, and they’re more easily seen in the playoffs.
      Get Capers some players for a 3-4, and find a staff that can keep them healthy!

  8. Packers could have won this game but the Ross fumble was pretty much the nail in the coffin.

    I’d like to see Dom fired and the Packers revert to a 4-3. They don’t have the personnel for a 3-4 and Worthy and Perry would be in more natural positions.

    Eh whatever. Sure. That.

    1. The Ross fumble was the nail in the coffin? Seriously? One play early in the 2nd quarter made all the difference?

      I saw a physically superior and better coached football team dominate this game from the get-go. (Shields’ interception notwithstanding.) It’s amazing to me that we kept it as close as we did for as long as we did.

      1. Yes, actually.

        The Packers stopped them for once and were up 7 points. Getting the ball and at least having a decent drive would have: (1) Prevented a gift touchdown and (2) Allowed the defense to get a breather.

        That fumble handed them an easy 7 points and the momentum back with it. Yes the 49ers out played us and the Packers coached were out coached but suppose the Packers score on that drive.

        They’d be up 14, possibly forcing Kaepernick to throw more. Who knows what could have happened.

        You can’t turn the ball over in the playoffs especially against a strong opponent in the playoffs and especially not inside your own redzone.

    2. The 3-4 defense is not the problem. San Fran and other top teams in the nfl play it and they’re doing just fine. The point of the 3-4 is to get more athletic linebackers on the field and use them to make plays and rush the passer. How do they not have the personnel? Clay is best in a 3-4, Raji and Pickett seem to work well together, Perry was doing alright, secondary doesn’t differ much from a 4-3 I believe.

      The problem is that the Packers just don’t have as many good players playing at this point in the year. Newhouse should probably be a backup, Barclay is and udfa who shouldn’t be starting, Harris has been great but the Packers still don’t have a great rushing attack, Brad Jones is a third string linebacker, Hawk is average at best, and the secondary is very young. The defense was one of the worst in nfl history last year and they improved greatly this year. The Packers need another strong draft and to get their injured first round picks back. How many teams can lose as many guys as the Packers have and be in the divisional round of the playoffs? Probably not many.

    3. In the big picture of the game, the Ross fumble was as close to a non-factor as it could be without actually BEING a non-factor.

      I’ve seen worse displays of defensive football. I’m just not sure if I’ve ever seen them from an NFL playoff team. If Ross holds on to that ball… the Packers still lose.

  9. Packers lost to the 49ers because the 49ers were the better team.

    End of story.

    It will be great to play these guys next season- here’s to an off-season of improvement in the meantime.

    Defense is EXTREMELY young and will only improve. As another poster mentioned, the defense needs a bookend OLB for Clay.. Going this long with stop gaps is a major fault on TT’s part.

    Go Pack!

    1. TT took Nick Perry in the first round to play opposite Clay, he was injured. Perry projected as a 3-4 OLB because of his speed, strength, and athletic ability. He was faster and stronger than Clay at the combine; smarter too if you believe in that wonderlic test. TT didn’t neglect the position.

      1. Fair enough, I’ve been a big supporter of Nick Perry and clearly Ted pulled the trigger in the 1st to finally address the vacancy opposite Clay, I did somewhat forget about him.

        That said, OLB is so important in this scheme, It’s hard to fathom waiting almost 4 years before you go out and make finding the bookend a priority.

        Yes, we’ve brought in guys like Jones, Walden, Moses, Zombo.. guys who are PROJECTS. Not good enough, OLB is too important to this scheme. It has to be a priority.

        I was excited by Perry’s production on the field before he was injured- unlike many fans who thought because he wasn’t getting sacks he wasn’t doing anything- and Matthews’ early season, off-the-charts success was definitely made possible by Perry’s ability to collapse the pocket.. and I am still excited to see him healthy next season.

        None the less, previous to Perry TT could have been far more aggressive in his search for OLB’s than he has been, and should continue to be more aggressive every year in the future.

        1. I definitely agree, TT waited too long to address the position. Your very correct in saying that “OLB is so important in this scheme.” I think with Matthew’s injury history and now Perry’s, TT should seriously consider using a high pick on another OLB; you can never have enough pass rushers.

  10. Was there really any doubt that the Pack would lose this game….Packers D had 1 pro bowler….niners D – 6 or7 pro bowlers!

    Pack Oline had 2 forth rd and 1 fifth rd pick and 2 undrafted players. Niners Oline ..3 first rd picks and 2 other quality lineman. Playoff games are won up front..the pack was built at the skilled player position, not at physical trench position

  11. Out played. Out coached. Out classed.

    I put on the confident face this weak but, truth be told, I kinda saw this coming. I can admit it, the niners were the better team this year. Fuck it.

    Dom must go. Look at our playoff losses under him, they’ve all been embarrassments:

    Jan. 12, 2013 – 45 points and 579 yards allowed to the 49ers in a divisional playoff game at Candlestick Park.

    Jan. 15, 2012 – 37 points and 420 yards allowed to the New York Giants in a divisional playoff game at Lambeau Field.

    Jan. 10, 2010 – 51 points and 531 yards allowed to the Arizona Cardinals in an overtime wild-card playoff game at University of Phoenix Stadium.

    This team is soft. That’s why I was calling for Burfict in the draft (had a great year btw). We just need a badass enforcer, if he can play… Bonus.

    On to the draft.

    Oh, I bet that one negative poser chick that posts on these sights is ecstatic. I forget her name, but… This made her weekend. Good for her.

    GBP 4 LIFE

    1. I’m pretty sure I’m the only female that posts here often and if being open eyed at times dictates being a negative poser,perhaps you should just stay around the other site and keep worshipping that jrehor loon who thinks you should wear Packer items 24/7 and likely during sex.

      If I’m wrong sorry,but I’m pretty sure I’m the only female that posts here often.

      Besides,why would you feel compelled to post that part of the statement at all.

      1. Pretty sure he wasn’t talking about you, but rather, taking a shot at Cow42 and alluding to his less-than-manly tone in his posts.

        I get you taking offense to using “woman” as a derogatory, but I don’t think Fitz was talking about you at all.

  12. In the second half 4 rushers still got pressure on Rogers coupled with our defenses poor tackling, end of game.

  13. Packers defense had no plan to stop Kaepernick which there is no excuse for. Did anyone watch the tapes of the 2 SF – Rams game? In any case the Packers defense was no match for the SF O-Line. Our 2nd and 3rd string linebackers were badly exposed. Not sure how the starters would have done if they were not hurt. Maybe we’ll. find out next season if we can ever keep this team healthy. Tramon Williams has not been close to the same player prior to his shoulder injury. I believe that Williams and Hawk need to go. Pack O-Line needs players who can move people off the line of scrimmage, otherwise we will never have a strong running or be able to protect Rodgers. I’m proud of how the Pack hung there with all their injuries this season but we still a way to go in terms of players to get back to the SB. Enjoyed the blog and comments this year. See everyone again in September. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

  14. Taryn, nothing but love for ya. Not referring to you. That other lady, her name escapes me as she is dead to me. No biggie… Moving on.

  15. The offense accounted for 24 Oppy, I agree with you nonetheless. This offense has been among the leagues best in points scored for years. It will be a different looking unit next year though without Jennings and possibly Finley, should be interesting.

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