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2012 NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round
Name Straight Up Against the Spread
Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos (-9)
Kris Burke Broncos Broncos
“Jersey” Al Bracco Broncos Ravens
Adam Czech Broncos Broncos
Marques Eversoll Broncos Broncos
Thomas Hobbes Broncos Broncos
Jason Perone Broncos Ravens
Chad Toporski Ravens Ravens
Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers (-3)
Kris Burke 49ers 49ers
“Jersey” Al Bracco Packers Packers
Adam Czech Packers Packers
Marques Eversoll Packers Packers
Thomas Hobbes Packers Packers
Jason Perone 49ers 49ers
Chad Toporski 49ers Packers
Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons (-2.5)
Kris Burke Falcons Falcons
“Jersey” Al Bracco Falcons Falcons
Adam Czech Seachickens Seachickens
Marques Eversoll Seahawks Seahawks
Thomas Hobbes Falcons Falcons
Jason Perone Falcons Falcons
Chad Toporski Seahawks Seahawks
Houston Texans at New England Patriots (-9.5)
Kris Burke Patriots Texans
“Jersey” Al Bracco Patriots Texans
Adam Czech Patriots Texans
Marques Eversoll Patriots Patriots
Thomas Hobbes Patriots Patriots
Jason Perone Patriots Patriots
Chad Toporski Patriots Texans

Current Standings:

Kris Burke, 5-3
“Jersey” Al Bracco, 8-0
Adam Czech, 6-2
Marques Eversoll, 5-3
Thomas Hobbes, 3-5
Jason Perone, 3-5
Chad Toporski, 6-2


Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for AllGreenBayPackers.com. You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


5 thoughts on “2012 NFL Playoffs Predictions, Divisional Round: AllGreenBayPackers.com

  1. The PACK in a squeaker where SF scores to get within 3 but kicks on side. DD is hero on ST for covering the ball.

  2. I think that “Jersey” Al has the four games spot on. I will be surprised if the over wins in the GB/SF game.

  3. Saturday’s results:

    Kris Burke, 2-2
    “Jersey” Al Bracco, 1-3
    Adam Czech, 0-4
    Marques Eversoll, 0-4
    Thomas Hobbes, 0-4
    Jason Perone, 3-1
    Chad Toporski, 3-1

  4. Sunday’s results:

    Kris Burke, 2-2
    “Jersey” Al Bracco, 2-2
    Adam Czech, 2-2
    Marques Eversoll, 3-1
    Thomas Hobbes, 3-1
    Jason Perone, 3-1
    Chad Toporski, 2-2

    Current Standings:

    Kris Burke, 9-7
    “Jersey” Al Bracco, 11-5
    Adam Czech, 8-8
    Marques Eversoll, 8-8
    Thomas Hobbes, 6-10
    Jason Perone, 9-7
    Chad Toporski, 11-5

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