A Running List of 2012 Green Bay Packers Practice Squad Signings

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The Green Bay Packers have made their first Practice Squad signings.

The following players have been signed so far according to various reports and sources.  Any reported signings will not be listed here, however, if not reported by a verified member of the media following the Green Bay Packers:

Green Bay Press Gazette

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


2012 Packers Practice Squad:

OG Greg Van Roten

TE Brandon Bostick

QB BJ Coleman  (Operation Conceal Coleman was a success!)

DE Lawrence Guy

WR Diondre Borel

RB Marc Tyler

OT Andrew Datko

G/T Chris Scott (2010 Steelers 5th rd draft pick)



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4 thoughts on “A Running List of 2012 Green Bay Packers Practice Squad Signings

  1. Coleman gives me a Favre-like feeling with his throws. It was like he was given a cannon with his arm. Just needs to learn how to control it before he kills someone with it.

  2. Last year Borel said he would not go back on practice squad, maybe he thought better of it.

  3. Don’t know much about Bostick, but I’m very pleased with this PS group so far. One more to go – Moss.

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