Quick Thoughts on the Packers Roster Cuts

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Daniel Muir
The Packers cut DT Daniel Muir.

Packers GM Ted Thompson is likely scouring the waiver wire as I type this, looking to add an offensive lineman and maybe another player or two that could help his team in 2012.

For now, though, the Packers 53-man roster is set after Friday’s final cuts. Here are some quick thoughts on the players who are no longer Packers:

QB B.J. Coleman: Cross your fingers and hope that Coleman clears waivers and ends up on the practice squad. The kid has a good arm and sounds like a crazy hard worker. I’d like to see him in two or three years after McCarthy has had a few years to work with him.

DT Daniel Muir: If you were looking for a surprise cut, this was probably it. Muir had a good training camp and looked like he could get after the quarterback, exactly what the Packers needed up front.

WR Tori Gurley: A strong showing against the Chiefs in the final preseason game wasn’t enough to save Gurley. I changed my mind at the last minute and put Gurley on my predicted 53-man roster because I thought his size would save him, but alas, I was wrong (shocking, I know).

WR Diondre Borel: If Gurley didn’t make it, Borel was supposed to be the guy. After having the sixth receiver spotlight all to himself early in camp, it just didn’t happen. Too many drops/fumbles, and not quite the big-play ability that was advertised. UFA Jarrett Boykin ended up swooping in and claiming the sixth WR slot.

C Sampson Genus: The Packers cut a lot of guys with cool names. Sampson, Herb (Taylor) and Otis (Merrill). I guess if you want to be on this team you need initials for a first name (B.J., D.J, M.D., A.J.).

S Anthony Levine: He’s been on the practice squad for two seasons and got a shot to win the strong safety job in camp, but couldn’t overtake Jerron McMillian or M.D. Jennings.

C/G Tommie Draheim: Versatility will probably land Draheim on the practice squad. He saw time at all five offensive line positions.

T Andrew Datko: I’m 99.9 percent sure he’ll be on the practice squad if he slips through waivers. I still have hope for Datko if he can somehow avoid getting injured.

G Reggie Wells: This was a mild surprise. Wells can play both guard and center and I thought that since Thompson went and signed him during camp that he had the inside track to stay on the team. Guess not.

T Shea Allard: From the No. 2 left tackle in the final preseason game to off the team less than 24 hours later. Tough life, that NFL.

WR Dale Moss: An extremely raw former college basketball player who could get more time to develop on the practice squad.

DE Lawrence Guy: Guy got swallowed up by one of the deepest position groups on the team and never separated himself enough to make the squad.

WR Curenski Gilleylen: Another player with a cool name gone.

CB/KR Otis Merrill: Had a 60-yard kick return in the second preseason game and could stick on the practice squad due to his speed.

OL Greg Van Roten: If someone snatches up Datko (doubtful given his injury situation), Van Roten should stick on the practice squad. Actually, he might make the practice squad even if Datko is on it.

TE Brandon Bostick: Tight end was pretty much set even before camp opened and Bostick couldn’t overcome those odds.

FB Nic Cooper: There was no way Cooper was going to overtake John Kuhn.

RB Marc Tyler: He was intriguing when the Packers signed him as an UFA, but he doesn’t have the speed to be an NFL running back. Most reports indicated that he’s a smart kid who might be a good practice squad candidate.


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12 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on the Packers Roster Cuts

  1. why would you PS Tyler? You can’t teach speed or instincts. He is where he belongs, on the outside looking in. Just like me, he simply lacks NFL talent.

    Nic Cooper has a PS possibility, he has decent skills, but needs more time.

    If Coleman gets claimed TT gambled and lost. That kid is a keeper.

    Borel looked absolutely terrible every time I saw him. No brainer waving good-bye. No PS for him either.

    Razor thin on OL, Im looking for our next pick-up.

    1. It’s the practice squad. By definition, the practice squad is for guys who lack speed and other things necessary for the NFL. If they were fast enough to be in the NFL, they’d probably be in the NFL and not on the practice squad.

      Tyler might fit on the PS because according to everything I’ve read, he’s picked up the Packers offense quickly. If the Packers are ever in a serious bind at RB, he could be a last-ditch option if he understands how the team’s blitz pickups and pass-protection schemes work.

      Of course, if Thompson sees a RB that’s faster than Tyler and thinks he’s got more of a shot at one day helping the team, then yes, Tyler will be gone.

    2. Johnny, while for the most part I agree with your assessment of Tyler, one reason you put him on the PS is because you need running backs to run the scout offense in practice. Starks is still out, Saine is not 100% yet, Having Tyler around helps that situation.

  2. OT pick up could be Willie Smith, cut by Redskins or Tom Compton, also a Skins cut-these are type guys TT likes, and they have experience in zone blocking.

  3. P.S. should include Qb Coleman; OL’s Van Roten,Datko & Draheim; WR’s Moss & Gurley; CB Merrill; a running back to be named later. I hope that Wr Boykin gets enought playing time to replace Driver when Neal comes off his four game suspension.

    1. I think you’re right about your practice squad picks, James. But Driver isn’t going anywhere unless he gets hurt.

  4. Re: Muir, remember he was competing to be a back up nose tackle who could stop the run — exactly what he didn’t do in extended time against the Chiefs.

    1. I missed the Chiefs game, so yeah, that probably did him in.

      I like how Muir got some push on the pass rush, but it was the preseason. It was probably an anomaly.

  5. TT has a history of filling the practice
    squad with most of his players, but he always leaves a spot or two open for a
    player he has had an eye on.

    T TD,I believe you are on the right track!

  6. Why does Capers play with only 2 down lineman Seventy percent of the time you watch his defense. Kansas CIty saw this an ran 10 straight times and gashed the packers defense. He doesnt adjust his defense very well. A good offense coordinator will burn the packers defense if he continues too gowith small guys trying to stop offenses.

  7. Harrel scares me, otherwise McCarthy must sees something in him that I don’t.

    I feel our defense has stepped up several notches w/ some great rookie talent. If we could just get that running game in high gear, everything will be in balance. Thanks.

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