Packers Week 12 Stock Report: Rodgers and Nelson Rising, Sitton and Peprah Falling All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Most of you probably thought the Packers would beat the Bucs on Sunday, but how many of you thought BJ Raji would have more fantasy points than Greg Jennings and Ryan Grant combined? How many of you thought Tim Masthay would fumble twice on the same play, then run for a first down? How many of you thought Mason Crosby would see his field goal streak ended on a measly 29-yard attempt?

If any one of you is raising your hand, you’re lying.

Sunday’s win over the  Bucs featured several moments that made me wonder if the Packers were just doing things to amuse themselves. But in the end, it turned out to be a seriously competitive game, probably more competitive than it needed to be.

Time for the stock report.


Aaron Rodgers
After going 23 for 34 for 299 yards, 3 TDs and a QB rating of  112.3, Rodgers spent most of his postgame news conference talking about how frustrated he was with how he played. Rodgers missed a few open receivers and threw an uncharacteristic fourth quarter interception, but if Sunday was an “off” game for No. 12, the sky is the limit for this offense.

Jordy Nelson
For a good part of the first half, the Packers best play on offense was to have Rodgers scramble and eventually connect with Nelson on an improvised pass. Nelson has five TDs in his last three games and has a reception of at least 35 yards in six games this season. Nelson might just be the Packers No. 1 receiver, at least for now.

Tramon Williams
The Packers defense struggled again on Sunday, but Williams had two interceptions and continued to improve his play. Dom Capers needs Williams to keep playing at a high level while he tries to sort out the other problems on defense, especially tackling.


James Starks
Give Starks a little bit of space and he puts a hurt on would-be tacklers. Unfortunately, Starks left Sunday’s game after getting twisted around on a fourth quarter run. Hopefully he’s alright and continue being a steady force for the Packers out of the backfield.

John Kuhn
Kuhn has TDs in three of his last four games and is solid as the only fullback on the roster. Kuhn needs to keep up his steady play because if he doesn’t, BJ Raji might take his job. 


Josh Sitton
Another shaky week for Sitton. He allowed some inside pressure early and was whistled for three penalties on Sunday. Penalties are going to happen every now and then, but allowing pressures inside needs to stop. Defenders getting to Rodgers up the middle can derail this offense in a hurry.

Charlie Peprah
The only thing worse than seeing A.J. Hawk try to cover a TE is seeing Peprah try to cover a TE. When Peprah wasn’t overmatched in coverage on Sunday, he just looked lost.

Tampa Bay Coaching Staff
The Bucs deserve credit for coming up with an offensive gameplan to exploit the Packers’ weaknesses, but that’s about all they deserve credit for. The two failed onside kicks and ill-advised decision to go for two were bad enough, but the decision to send an all-out blitz at Rodgers on the final TD pass to Nelson was downright silly. Everyone know Rodgers destroys teams when they blitz, so why send the house on the biggest play of the game?


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


19 thoughts on “Packers Week 12 Stock Report: Rodgers and Nelson Rising, Sitton and Peprah Falling

  1. Adam, I enjoy your stock reports. I’d like to follow up with my opinions on the choices this week. I would’ve put Aaron Rodgers in the Steady category this week, and I would’ve put the Packers Defense in the Falling category.

  2. I think Rodgers himself might have put himself in the steady category, or maybe even falling. But I just couldn’t do it. A guy that throws for 300 yards, 3 TDs, and makes a clutch throw to Jordy to ice the game still belongs in the rising category IMO.

    I try to avoid putting an entire unit of the team in any category. However, if the defense keeps giving up yards like this, I might reconsider.

  3. Can we put the O-Line and D-line in the falling? The O-Line was allowing Rodgers to get pressured all day, often by only four pass rushers. The D-Line has done nothing all year, they have to play better for the Packers to win the Super Bowl.

    As for Tramon Williams, yes he had two picks but one was a gift. He was picked on Sunday and gave up too many plays.

  4. I’m beginning to think Sitton has restricted movement. Watching the game Sunday he was definetely having problems with lateral movement. Yesterday they held him out of practice. The Oline will be the key Thursday. As much as the D hasn’t shown any improvement, it will be GB’s Oline against Detroit’s Dline. If GB controls the LOS for AR I feel pretty good that the outcome will be favorable. If not, I’m afraid that AR could be hurt. That Ahole Shwartz coaches his team to hurt people, whether he or the league admits it. So, the Oline has to play their best game of the year.

    1. Yeah Sitton is very obviously hurt. He’s been banged up, it’s been no secret, but I think it’s becoming more obvious how hurt he is. Huge drop off in production from Sitton.

    2. Agreed, Ron. I’d narrow it down even further and say the interior OL is the key Thursday. That means you, Lang, Wells and Sitton.

  5. I agree with most of this article.

    Ill-advised two? Just curious – how was it ill-advised to go for two points there? Seemed like the obvious decision to me. They ended up losing by 9 points. If they had gone for the extra point and gotten it, it would have been a one-possession game, sure. But they still would have had to gone for the two point to even tie it. Whether they attempted it the first TD or the second, does it really matter?

    1. I don’t think you should go for two until you abbsolutely have to. The Bucs didn’t absolutely have to go for two when they did.

  6. Week in and week out Bulaga has played a consistent brand of football, often dominating his opponent at the line of scrimmage and on the second level. Everybody else has been up and down, the interior is most disturbing where Rodgers has no pocket to step into.

    Bulaga needs love on these reports, he’s been at an all-pro level almost every start this year. And he’s 22.

  7. Agree CSS. Bulaga has quietly become the best O-lineman we have. Plus he’s played nicked-up a few times. I wonder what is wrong with Sitton. It seems like it’s been going on most of this year.

    Agree about the TB strategists. The decision on the first onside kick was alright, but the second was down right stupid. Definitely helped secure the Pack victory.

    1. Unlike most, I don’t believe it’s injury. His footwork is off, he’s been caught lunging a few times and lost leverage. Still easily one of the top 5 right guards in the NFL, just not playing at the consistently ridiculous level he did last year.

      I don’t mind some inconsistency, it’s the penalties driving me nuts. That, and Wells off days have unfortunately coincided with Sitton’s.

  8. If Clay doesn’t have at least 3 sacks on Thursday I think he should be permanently put in the “falling” category.

  9. i dont mean to be a negative nelly, but if rodgers had his worst game of the year, he probably shouldnt be in the rising category… its kinda like having a crappy player with a great game in the falling category just cuz he sucks. Also, the 2 point conversion, failing it made the exact same impact as making a PAT. If they make it, its a tie game, and if they dont make it, theyre behind by a field goal anyways, so… other than that i agree. apparently, we cant get pressure unless capers sends all 11 guys and half the sideline, so we need good coverage from tramon, woodson, and shields

  10. sitton, earlier in the year, appeared on what i believe was mc carrens show and it was brought up and quite casually admitted to but

  11. sitton, earlier in the season, appeared on what i believe was larry mc carrens show and it was brought up and quite casually admitted to that he had injured his ankle or foot. emphasis was placed on how minor the injury was, but, as we all know, injuries are not to be discussed so as to be used as a tool for the opposition. from that point on, i have felt that sitton hasnt been up to par. perhaps his injury is a little more serious than we would hope, or, hopefully, maybe he is less expendable and no healthy lineman can do the job that an unhealthy sitton can do. the pack is already operating with one lineman on training wheels… perhaps sitton, despite not doing his typical outstanding job he performed last season, is doing an awesome job by being performing considerably better than his probable replacement would be.

  12. O-line definitely has problems with Clifton out, too much pressure from left side and too few running yards gained on that side. McCarthy needs to throw in some quick slants, rolling pocket to keep Lions defense out of sync. Might need Kuhn, Crabtree blocking in backfield more if defense gets through Rodgers’ protection. I agree, O-line, D-line are dropping in stock. Newhouse is not doing badly for a rookie, not the same as having a veteran like Clifton on that side though.

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