Packers vs. Lions Week 12 Game Predictions from All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Week 12: Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 10-0 Green Bay Packers 27-24 (OT)
Biggest scare yet for the Packers. Rodgers’ comments after the Bucs game propel him to a big day. Defensive struggles continue against a potent Lions attack.
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“Jersey” Al Bracco 10-0 Green Bay Packers 27-24
I wouldn’t be shocked at all if the Lions ruin the Packers’ turkey day, but at 6-0, I promised myself I wouldn’t pick against them again until they actually lost a game. Packers eke out a win.
Adam Czech 9-1 Green Bay Packers 37-27
I can’t wait to spend my Thanksgiving watching the Packers offense in a dome. If Sitton, Wells and Lang hold up against the inside pass rush, the Packers will be 11-0.
Thomas Hobbes 10-0 Green Bay Packers 38-24
Who’s going to win a shootout? With a short week I can’t imagine either team is going to pull out anything tricky, so its going to be lots of big plays through the air. Back in a warm dome and pissed at his poor performance against the Bucs, Aaron Rodgers dominates.
Zach Kruse 8-2 Green Bay Packers 28-24
Everyone will expect a shootout on Thanksgiving, but I think both defenses are going to play better than most think. This game will ultimately come down to one thing: Turnovers. If the Packers can get Stafford to make some mistakes, they should run their record to 11-0.
Chad Toporski 10-0 Detroit Lions 31-28
The Detroit Lions have been playing with fire this season, burning both other teams with amazing comebacks and themselves with undisciplined emotion. Unfortunately, I think it’s the Packers that get burned this game, though it will propel them to clean up their (few) mistakes and dominate the rest of the season.

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


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  1. This game is driving me “nuts.” Strategically, a loss wouldn’t be a big deal. The big issue is the Oline. They must play better than they have for the over the past month. If they don’t protect Aaron adequately I’m a recurring nachtmare I have will come true. If they do, it’s hard to bet against AR and the Pack.

    GO PACK!

    1. Unfortunately, it is a bit of a strategic loss in seeding with the 49ers on their heels.

      Yes, if they can protect Rodgers, then the Packers should have a field day. The lack of a Lions running game helps the defense, but that Lions defensive line is the great equalizer right now.

      Plus they’re playing at home on Thanksgiving. That place will be rocking, and I expect at least 3 false start penalties by the Pack.

        1. Depending on which Baltimore team shows up to play… Here’s hoping it’s the good one!

          1. Thanks Chad
            Now I need to get another Turkey to snap another wishbone…and I hate turkey.LOL

  2. As long as we get out of this game with NO INJURIES,I’ll simply accept it as a win even if we lose.
    However,I’ll look for a 44-24 victory.

  3. Chad.
    It takes brains ( which you dont have ) to know that the LIons have been free falling since they lost their first game , they lost to a Falcon teamat home that we beat on the road. Rodgers is 5-0 against the Lions , McCarthy is 2-0 on Thanksgiving. I hope you know the Lions had to give it all they had to beat a bad Carolina team at home and they only won because Newton threw 4 interceptions , Rodgers is not throwin any picks against that bad Lion seconday. Lions can not stop the run , the Packers running game will make play action work all day , Lions must score 42 to have a chance to win this game , you know Woodson always has big games in Detroit , only a true loser picks the Lions in this game.

    1. Jeff,

      If you’re looking for a debate slathered in personal attacks and debasement, then go elsewhere. We attempt to maintain a level of respectful debate on this site.


      1. Chad You’re right about being polite, that’s what ruins blogs. You’re right to worry about Detroit, they’re gunning for us, just like we were gunning for Dallas and San Fran in the 90’s. Hopefully it’ll end the same way and they won’t get over the hump till our Quarterback retires (a long time from now).

        1. Agreed, Jimmy. I get turned off very quickly by sites where everyone’s insulting everyone else. I’ve tried to keep that element out of this place. Hopefully, I’m succeeding…

  4. Unless the Packers lose the turnover battle by 4 , the Lions can not win this game. The Lions were given gifts with turnovers against Carolina and Dallas , they would have never won if those QBs did not get careless with the ball , the Packers do not turn the ball over and they do not lose in domes.Lions really should be 4-6 right now , they were given gifts against the Vikings , Dallas , and Carolina , they are 5-0 against losing teams but only 2-3 against winning teams and 1-2 at home. Packers are the more talented team.

    1. They are 7-3 regardless of what might of been, which if we are going to play the should would could game the Packers may well be right now..

      I think the Packers win a tight one but it would be extremely over optimistic IMO to discount the Lions completely.

    2. This is football and the more talented team doesn’t always win,unless their competing on Dancing with the Stars.

    3. Jeff, you are underestimating the emotional and psychological factors for Detroit playing at home on Thanksgiving. Add to the fact they finally have a decent team with a chance, and you can’t just rule them out. I think it will be closer than most think and I hope I’m dead wrong.

      1. i have a feeling its going to be very close, lions are my team but if they win i hope its by a field goal, its going to be a great thanksgiving lol

  5. Ah ha ! This game is on Thursday not Sunday ..Besides , any given Suday does not apply to this Packer team , they score 30 on a slow day.

  6. I’ll make a couple of predictions. If the Packers lose this game it will make it more likely they beat Detroit in the finale because the Lions are less likely to need a win to get into the playoffs(I know they’ll probably be playing for a higher seeding or something, but that doesn’t create the same urgency).

    Prediction 2. If the Packers lose, half of Packers fans will claim to be relieved they don’t have to worry about the pressure of an undefeated season anymore. I personally feel if they’ve come this far already, go for it. Also, if we beat the Lions we can put goal-one; the division title into cruise control.

    Surprised only one of the y’all picked the Lions. I thought it would be 50/50.

  7. Just saying… the Packers put up only 25 points against Atlanta (in a dome and minus John Abraham) and 24 points against St. Louis.

    Are those two defenses really better than the Lions’? Not to mention this is a divisional game. Crazy things often happen against familiar opponents.

    I think the Packers have all the chance in the world to win this one (and I hope they do), but there is something to be said for a team playing as dangerously (not necessarily well) as the Lions.

  8. Can’t wait for this game. I hope the Pack D brings some intensity – hopefully Neal can help with push up front. If we can’t get to Stafford, the Lions can put up points.

  9. A lot has been said, but one thing I think needs to be thought of before this game starts. You never have enough points. If the Packers can jump on the lions and get a big lead, whatever we do, do not sit on a lead. The lions have won half of their games after trailing big time and making big come backs. So GB offense needs to go into this game thinking they need points on every chance they get. It would not hurt for the D to throw in a couple of pick six too. NEVER, NEVER SIT ON A LEAD!!!

    1. Thats exactly what im saying, i mean they had come backs through the whole season that they won just about, except the game that was a complete blow out, but some people need to understand the game hasnt happened yet and its still basically anyones game

  10. I’m all for you guys being fair, but I have yet to see any of you boldly predict a game will be a blowout for the Packers.

    If Mike Neal or Vic So’oto has a good game, I’m all on the Packers bandwagon. Packers win big time.

    1. Frankly, I think it’s hard to predict a blowout when the defense is playing like it has been. The only real blowout this season was against the Vikings in Week 10 (and perhaps the Broncos game).

      I think we all predict the offense to score multiple touchdowns, but it’s the opposition’s score that is the real head scratcher.

      1. Keeping an opponent below 10 points is extremely unlikely, but that’s why it’s a “bold” prediction. This defense has got to have at least one more really good game.

        What I really meant though is that I don’t see anyone predict the Packers scoring above 40 points in a game. It’s happened several times already this season, so someone is gonna have to address this and predict when the Packers do it again.

        That is all.

        1. Put that way, I definitely agree with your point. They’ve put up 40+ points in 4 of their 10 wins, and I could see them doing it at least one or two more times this year.

          I know, personally, one of the games that made me shy away from making such grand predictions was the Falcons and even the St. Louis game. Many of us expected big point production in both those games, but it didn’t happen.

          That said, some of us probably are being overly conservative in our predictions.

          1. Well I’m glad you see my point. On the issue of those two games though, John Clayton (ESPN) put it best.

            “Things are so good for the Packers that they are disappointed by not expanding 21-point leads in second halves”.

  11. I hope Capers sends the house like he did vs. Minnesota.
    The Lions have the worst O-Line that the Packers have faced all year.

    I also hope McCarthy uses Quarless to chip at the line and uses short dump off passes to Grant to eliminate Detroit’s D-Line.

  12. I have to say that this is going to be a very close game. Im from michigan and of course I stuck with the Lions since before they went 0-16. I think the lions will win but it will be close. They indeed are a new team now that they have stafford, jhonson, hanson, which took them since that 0-16 season to get. My prediction is they’ll win by a field goal, that is what the Lions have been trying to do since the beginning of the season. They of course need to try in the first half but if their behind, they should come back in the second and get a field goal. Not to menchion the Lions defense has had a good game this season. We’ll all just have to wait and see but it wont hurt the packers to lose one game becuase they’ll probably win the rest

  13. I have been a Packer fan for 40 years.. Looking at all the stats, injuries etc from both teams, I think the best way to predict the winner of this game is to just flip a coin 🙂 This game could go either way, not just in who wins, but high scoring/low scoring, interceptions, fumbles, defensive scoring.. Good luck to both teams! Lets hope everyone stays healthy! and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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