Thomas Hobbes’ 10 Rules To Predicting A 53-Man NFL Roster

With training camp approaching, fans most cherished prognosticating event, second only to mock drafts is predicting the final 53-man roster.  Our own Adam Czech and Chad Toporski have each done their own analysis of the 53-man rosters and I’m sure the entire AllGreenBayPackers staff will be making predictions further down the road, but instead of […]

Speed and the Newest Packers: Perception vs. Reality

I want to debunk one of the myths I heard during and just after the Packers 2012 draft. I heard talk on national TV and read several articles in print that a big goal for the team this off-season was upgrading team speed. My observation two months after the draft would be that rumors to that affect were greatly exaggerated.

Meat and Potatoes of the NFL Draft: Middle Round Prospects to Keep an Eye On

In last week’s Bridesmaids piece we went over how the cream of the draft is talked about way too much and we peeked just a bit into the crust of the matter with the late rounder’s and UDFA’s. Today, lets look at the meat and potatoes of the draft, those 3rd though 6th rounder’s.  This […]

Bridesmaids of the NFL Draft: Late Round or UDFA Prospects to Keep an Eye On

From the end of the NFL season and through the draft we see the big name prospects dominating coverage.  Getting those top picks right or wrong impact teams for years. Everyone wants the next Clay Matthews or the next Aaron Rodgers. Fans want to see that kind of player fall into place. To be honest, […]