Cory’s Corner: Running back position is on life support

We all know what the NFL has become. It’s a week-to-week aerial circus that promotes scoring and keeps fans interested with countless big plays. Thirteen teams accounted for at least five 300-yard passing games last year with the Broncos and Saints leading the way with 12 and 11. The 300-yard passing game used to be […]

Jared Allen and the Green Bay Packers: Crazy Enough to Work

The Green Bay Packers have enjoyed a long run at (or near) the top of the NFC North and their divisional rivals are trying anything to knock Green Bay off of their perch, particularly the Minnesota Vikings. It’s been a running joke amongst Packers fans for some time now that Minnesota is taking retread Green […]

Cory’s Corner: B.J. Raji has regrets right now

I am sure that B.J. Raji is probably kicking himself about now. The Packers’ fifth-year defensive lineman was offered an $8 million contract in the middle of last season but defiantly turned it down. And now, Green Bay is low-balling their one-time Pro Bowler with a one-year $4 million offer. Ted Thompson knows that a […]