Green Bay Packers Superfans and their Stories – “The Owner” Steve Tate

Green Bay Packer fan Steve Tate, aka “The Owner”, is a ubiquitous presence in Green Bay. Go to just about any Packers-related event and you’ll see Steve there in full Packers uniform wearing his “The Owner” cheesehead. Here is his story:

Green Bay Packers SuperFans and Their Stories: St. Vince

Every Green Bay Packers fan worth his/her salt knows St. Vince. Wearing his holy garb, he can be seen in his low-level end-zone seats, along with his cheese-bra wearing wife, “Cheese Louise.” St. Vince has become synonymous with Lambeau Field and is almost as a big a celebrity in Green Bay as the players are.

Green Bay Packers Superfans and Their Stories: Adam Czech

From time to time I plan to bring you stories about some special Green Bay Packers fans and how their lives have been affected by their love of the Green and Gold. I’ve always been fascinated by people’s personal Packers stories. Special moments, Packer memories, childhood influences, they can be anything, as long as the Green Bay Packers are a big part of it.