NFL MVP odds – Packers Rodgers Behind only One Other Player, Lacy Makes List

As I’ve written previously, I’m always intrigued by NFL “Future” or “prop” bets.”  Last time around, we took a look at Super Bowl odds for all the NFL teams. (If you need more info on Super Bowl betting, be sure to check out This time around, let’s take a look at the current odds for the player […]

Packers Over/Under Scenarios: Touchdowns, Contracts and Kickers

Forget the over/under odds that Vegas sets for NFL betting. I’m opening a sports book that only accepts bets involving the Green Bay Packers. Maybe I’ll name my joint the Acme Swindling Company. Or Hand-Over-All-Your-Green-and-Gold-to Me Inc. Either way, we’re going to have a good time — win lose or draw. Below are some over/under […]

Room for Improvement: 5 Green Bay Packers Underachieving

The Green Bay Packers are 5-0 and favored by more than 15 points in their week six matchup against the St. Louis Rams. Led by Aaron Rodgers and a ball-hawking defense, the Green and Gold machine is producing touchdowns and turnovers at a rapid pace. Of course, a few parts of the machine could use […]