NFL MVP odds – Packers Rodgers Behind only One Other Player, Lacy Makes List All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Aaron Rodgers - NFL MVP
Aaron Rodgers – NFL MVP

As I’ve written previously, I’m always intrigued by NFL “Future” or “prop” bets.”  Last time around, we took a look at Super Bowl odds for all the NFL teams. (If you need more info on Super Bowl betting, be sure to check out

This time around, let’s take a look at the current odds for the player who will win the NFL MVP award in the 2014-2015 season (odds are provided by, formerly Bodog).



Peyton Manning 3/1
Aaron Rodgers 6/1
Drew Brees 7/1
Tom Brady 9/1
Andrew Luck 16/1
Jay Cutler 20/1
Matthew Stafford 20/1
Colin Kaepernick 22/1
Adrian Peterson 25/1
Calvin Johnson 25/1
Robert Griffin III 25/1
Russell Wilson 25/1
LeSean McCoy 28/1
Nick Foles 28/1
Cam Newton 33/1
Matt Ryan 33/1
Philip Rivers 40/1
Tony Romo 40/1
Ben Roethlisberger 50/1
Marshawn Lynch 50/1
Eli Manning 66/1
Jamaal Charles 66/1
Jimmy Graham 66/1
Julio Jones 66/1
Matt Forte 66/1
Brandon Marshall 75/1
Demaryius Thomas 75/1
Dez Bryant 75/1
Andy Dalton 100/1
Arian Foster 100/1
Chris Johnson 100/1
Rob Gronkowski 100/1
Alex Smith 150/1
Alfred Morris 150/1
Antonio Brown 150/1
Demarco Murray 150/1
Eddie Lacy 150/1
Joe Flacco 150/1
C.J. Spiller 200/1
Frank Gore 200/1
Johnny Manziel 200/1
Eric Decker 300/1
Geno Smith 300/1

Interesting stuff:

Only three running backs crack the top 20; Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy and Marshawn Lynch.  AP & McCoy certainly deserve to be in there. Both play on teams without an established QB and are more likely to be the star on their team. As much as I like Marshawn Lynch (if only Ted had traded for … oh, never mind), he is unlikely to be MVP in a Russell Wilson-led offense and should probably be in the 100-1 range.  Much like Eddie Lacy will never be “the guy” in a Rodgers-led offense.

Only one wide receiver makes the top 20, Megatron at 25-1. Next closest receiver is Julio Jones at 66-1.  Same odds as tight end (or wide receiver or whatever) Jimmy Graham.

Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford are both higher than Colin Kaepernick, Russel Wilson, RGIII and Cam Newton. Oh come on… Really? Is marijuana legal in Vegas now too? I suppose it should be – would probably make as much sense there as anywhere.

Eric Decker makes the list? Vegas does know his QB is no longer Peyton Manning, right?

Reasonable Sleeper pick: Cam Newton at 33-1

Longshot Sleeper Pick: Antonio Brown at 150-1.


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9 thoughts on “NFL MVP odds – Packers Rodgers Behind only One Other Player, Lacy Makes List

  1. As an NFL “nerd” I care a lot about the MVP award. It’s one of the reasons I think Peyton Manning is a better quarterback than Brady.

    Here’s to Rodgers winning it this year.

    On another note: As long as Rodgers is ahead of Drew Brees, I can smile just a tad more.

    I honestly don’t think Brees is any better than Matthew Stafford.

    The only reason he does look any better is because he plays with a complete offense and plays at least 9 games a year indoors where as Rodgers plays the majority outside and in the cold.

    1. Woah… Brees may be a smidge over-rated (personally I don’t think so), but there’s no way I’d take Stafford over Brees. That’s just crazy, IMO.

  2. The reason Cutler and Stafford are higher on the list than Kaep, Wilson, and so on, is that they are actual passers. They will post big numbers, which wins this type of award. These odds are not posted by morons, believe me. Russell Wilson will never win MVP in a million years. He will never have the passing stats to do so. And everyone knows the strength of that team is the defense, not Wilson. Same with Kaepernick. Newton much more of a possibility.

  3. As far as Lynch, I would say he’s just as if not more likely to win the MVP than Wilson. Lacy behind Rodgers is obvious since the Packers D is built around Rodgers and the passing game moreso than Lacy and the running game. However, Seattle is far more dependent on the running game than passing. Wilson is a fine young QB, but Seattle is a run first and Defensive oriented team than they are a passing team. That may start to change w/ Lynch nearing 30 and Wilson expected to improve somewhat. But I don’t foresee Wilson developing into a Rodgers, Manning, Brees, Brady stratosphere. He’s more of a passer that will always rely on the running game.

    I would have guessed that Lacy would be a little higher than 150-1, was thinking more about 100-1 myself.

    1. Should read…
      ” since the Packers Offense is built around Rodgers and the passing game”

    2. You’re right on, Stroh, about the comparison between Lynch and Lacy. While Lynch and Lacy may be similar runners, their situations are NOT the same, and that’s because Russell Wilson ain’t Aaron Rodgers. Lynch is a more likely MVP than Lacy, easily.

      I don’t think I’d say that Lynch is more likely to win the MVP than Wilson, but that’s just because everybody loves the pretty boy QBs (7 of the last 10 MVP are QBs).

      I do like Wilson, and I would certainly not go so far as to call him a “game manager” (or any of those other code words that are synonymous with “crappy”), but I just don’t think that Wilson is – or will be – the kind of player that can carry a team by himself. ARod, Manning, Brady? Yes. Wilson?. Hmmmmm…. I’m not seeing it.

      In a strange way, I think it’s a bit unfortunate for Seattle that Wilson came in and won a SuperBowl right off the bat. Seattle is going to have to pay Wilson more than he should really be paid, IMO. But I guess if you win the SB, you’ll take it.

  4. I know a defensive player hasn’t won the MVP in forever, but not even one is worthy of making the list list? JJ Watt, Vonn Miller, Earl Thomas, etc. Yet someone deemed Eric Decker good enough to be on here??? Craziness

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