2013 NFL Mock Draft: Updated Day 2 Projection

It’s been said over and over, but while the 2013 NFL Draft lacks star power at the top, it’s extremely deep in rounds two and three. So that should make for an exciting Day 2 tonight. You’ll notice plenty of first-round talent on the board between picks 33-62. There are even some players in the […]

My One and Only 2013 Packers Mock Draft

As the Packers draft analyst for DraftTek.com, I’ve been involved with at least 20 mock drafts leading up to today. They’re not entirely mine, however, as the actual picks are made by computer.  I get to input needs information, and can try to “grab” certain players (if they are available at that spot) or “lockout” players from contention. Analysts for […]

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Final two-round projection

Happy Draft Day, everyone. Christmas is cool and birthdays are fun, but no single day on the calendar stands above the first day of the NFL Draft. My apologies to March Madness. While the 2013 NFL Draft may lack star power at the top, there’s no shortage of uncertainty. And it’s sure to be yet […]

2013 NFL Mock Draft: One week until Draft Day

One week until the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. That’s seven days. One-hundred and sixty-eight hours. However you want to look at it. Last week, I posted a mock draft and said that I never project trades. But this time, I’m breaking one of my own rules because there’s one that simply makes […]

Pigskin Paul’s NFC North Mock Draft

Since my Packers Mock Draft a little while back, I’ve received request for a Bears mock draft as well.  So here goes nothing. But I do have one disclaimer. I am not familiar with the long term work of PHIL EMERY, so this one is purely on me with no inside information to draw from. […]