CheeseheadRadio News 08-02-12: Plus,Interview With Alicia Kramer

Weekly Green Bay Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Jayme Joers (As heard on Cheesehead Radio – 08/02/12 ). Special Guest was Alicia Kramer, daughter of Packers legend Jerry Kramer, who is leading a campaign to get her dad nominated for induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Show can be downloaded […]

Jerry Kramer, The Pro Football Hall Of Fame And The NFL Generation Gap

It’s one of the biggest travesties ever committed against a member of the Green Bay Packers. For a player who was a foundational part of the “Packers Sweep,” a play that revolutionized the running game in the NFL, I can think of no greater offense given to him.  As a key player in the great […]

Green Bay Packers Fans: How to Support the Jerry Kramer for Hall of Fame Campaign

Jerry Kramer is the best football player on the planet not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And it’s not just my opinion, although I’ve written about Jery Kramer and the Hall of Fame before. Far more qualified observers than I, such as opposing players and NFL Films president and football historian Steve Sabol, […]

Cheesehead Radio News 07-18-11 with Packers Legend Jerry Kramer

Weekly Green Bay Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Holly Phelps (As heard on Cheesehead Radio (7/18/11 ).

To listen to the Jerry Kramer interview, click on the play button below.

It’s Time to Right this Wrong – Jerry Kramer Belongs in the NFL Hall of Fame

Kramer underwent 22 surgeries in 11 seasons, his many scars earning him the nickname “Zipper”. Despite all of these obstacles, Kramer made it onto the field to play in 129 regular season games in his 11 years. As Bart Starr once said, “When Jerry wasn’t on his deathbed, he was making life miserable for defensive tackles.”