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Jerry Kramer Belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Jerry Kramer Belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Jerry Kramer is the best football player on the planet not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And it’s not just my opinion, although I’ve written about Jery Kramer and the Hall of Fame before. Far more qualified observers than I, such as opposing players and NFL Films president and football historian Steve Sabol, have named Kramer as the best player not in the Hall. From my post above:

Jerry Kramer is a 10-time Hall of Fame finalist and thus, the only player named 10 times or more that has not been inducted. Many former teammates and competitors have come out and accused the voting writers of being jealous of Kramer’s success as an author. Joe Horrigan, Hall of Fame Vice President has said that 25% of the mail that the Hall receives on a daily basis is about Jerry Kramer. Steve Sabol, legendary President of NFL Films, named Kramer as his choice for the best player not in the Hall of Fame. Clearly, it seems that almost everyone except the Hall of Fame voters recognize that Jerry Kramer belongs. It’s beyond ironic that Kramer has earned so much fame, yet can’t get acknowledged by the Hall of Fame. The Seniors committee needs to nominate Kramer every year until all of the Hall of Fame voters come to their senses and this wrong is righted.

But I’m not here to make the case again – that’s been done sufficiently. What I’m here for today is to ask for a call to action. Jerry’s daughter, Alicia has been tireless in trying to raise awareness and have this wrong righted while her Dad is still on this planet to see it happen. A public outcry can change perceptions and influence decisions. perhaps it could work here.

There are multiple ways you can get involved that won’t require much time or effort.

Twitter People:  There’s an effort today to get this topic trending on twitter. Send a tweet out supporting this cause and use @JerryKramer4HOF.

You can sign this petition. (You can ignore the part about “paying”, you can bypass and sign the petition anyway.

Facebook People: Like his page on Facebook.

Visit the official website:

Contact the voters directly (they are listed here). But be polite.  Nasty, angry emails do more harm than good. Kill them with kindness.

Write a letter to:  PFHOF nomination Jerry Kramer: Senior Selection Committee, 2121 George Halas Drive Northwest, Canton, OH 44708



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    1. I looked at a few of the names on the list before mine and some people were listed multiple times. Some people signed anonymous so if that works then you could sign as much as you like.

  1. As I tweeted to Dan Pompei, Football is far from the major sport here in France. Mind you, we are training on a field made of sand for the whole season and we only play on grass once a month…
    But Jerry Kramer is the guy we refere to when we want to speak about OL and what an OL should do. It is easy to focus only on the block he laid in the Ice Bowl,but he was so much more and his legacy is not limited to Green Bay, Wis…
    He deserves it

    PS : I’m a long time follower but never took the time to contribute…

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