Greg Jennings And His Contract: The Sky is Not Falling

The 2012 NFL season literally just got underway and already some Green Bay Packer fans are thinking about the 2013 offseason. Thanks to some recent comments by free agent-to-be Greg Jennings and his MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers,  it’s becoming clear that Jennings could be playing the 2013 season in a uniform other than the Green […]

Monday Morning View: Bounties Have No Place in the NFL

If you’ve been away this weekend or cooped up in a hole to avoid the weather, you might have missed the big story that hit all the media outlets on Friday afternoon. I first found out through our friends at CheeseheadTV that the New Orleans Saints have been found guilty of offering bounties (or payouts) […]

The Birth and Death of the Packers’ Wildcat Formation

We may have witnessed the birth and death of the Green Bay Packers “Wildcat” formation, or at least a certain Packers quarterback made it sound like it yesterday. Before we talk about its potential mortality, let’s document the birth of the Wildcat in the Packers offense. On Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Packers […]

From the Mouth of Jermichael Finley: Packers Should Score Every Time

That’s why I love Jermichael Finley. Green Bay’s fourth-year TE apparently was absent when Packers PR staff provided media training to players and covered such topics as Cliches 101 and How to Say the Same Boring Stuff Over and Over Again.

James Jones vs. Randy Moss: Same Story, Different Ending

I can only imagine the disappointment in Jones’ camp when free agency turned a cold shoulder to him. I can also imagine that Jones considered the same route that Randy Moss took in 2007; play for a discount for one year and hope that you have a stellar season and get a better contract next year.