Matthews, Raji Could Make It Tough To Keep Greg Jennings

When Bob McGinn suggested the Green Bay Packers should trade wide receiver Greg Jennings this year, many fans thought he was nuts despite being one of the most respected voices on the Packers beat. The thinking of many fans, bloggers and beat writers alike was along the lines of, “receivers like Jennings don’t come around […]

Greg Jennings And His Contract: The Sky is Not Falling

The 2012 NFL season literally just got underway and already some Green Bay Packer fans are thinking about the 2013 offseason. Thanks to some recent comments by free agent-to-be Greg Jennings and his MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers,  it’s becoming clear that Jennings could be playing the 2013 season in a uniform other than the Green […]

Greg Jennings Opens Up: What Does It Mean For The Packers?

Jermichael Finley usually has the distinct honor of being the most vocal member of the Green Bay Packers whether it is in regular media interviews or his much scorned Twitter account. As of late, however, someone is slowly sneaking up on Finley and trying to wrestle away his title. That person, to the surprise of […]