5 Most Unforgettable Moments in Packers’ Franchise History

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 The world of sport is constantly growing and changing, but there are some things that tend to spite the passage of time. When it comes to the gridiron, the Green Bay Packers are definitely one of those things.

The Packers, easily recognizable for their green-and-yellow uniforms, are among the rare professionals in football and sport in general, to boast a nearly century-long tradition. This has allowed them to witness everything from the founding years of the league and the Super Bowl, all the way to the appearance of NetBet and online live streams. Anyway, there is one collection of moments that is bound to make its way to future stories, and those are the most unforgettable events in the history of the franchise.

  • Gambling Among the Packers

One event that earned its status of memorable is the gambling scandal that hit the Packers back in 1963. Namely, the Green Bay ‘golden boy’, Paul Hornung was caught betting on NFL games, which is against the rules considering he plays in these events.

Fans of the Lions were equally hurt, as Hornung was caught practicing betting with his colleague Alex Karras. Still, it was Packers’ fans that were never able to fully recuperate from the loss of trust, despite seeing Hornung bear his punishment.

  • Losing Vince Lombardi, For Good

In honor of one of the greatest coaches in the NFL, and an icon in Packers’ history books, the death of Vince Lombardi should definitely be counted as an unforgettable moment for Cheeseheads everywhere. His contribution to the team and the game, in general, is more than evident, which is why the trophy continues to bear his name from that morose moment.

  • The Ice Bowl

This game can be named memorable for more than one element. The freezing cold reaching all the way to minus-70°F by the end of the ’67 championship made it the coldest in NFL history. But, a different matter is in question on this occasion – the move that proved Lombardi’s genius and Packers’ greatness. After leading the game with 14 points, they fell behind and surrendered 17 points. In order to gain the advantage once again and end the game victorious, QB Bart Starr and Lombardi planned a trick on the gridiron that won Lombardi his fifth title, and more importantly, heroic reputation.

  • Touchdown a la Brett Favre

The 1997 NFL Championship and the name Brett Favre helped the Packers break the string of 29 title-less Super Bowls. What is more, in order to achieve this, Favre threw for 245 yards and scored two touchdowns, making him a deserved MVP of the season.

  • Favre’s Early Beginnings

Considering his massive contribution to the Packers, there is no denying that his beginning is a memorable moment in the franchise’s history. Plus, when it is done in order to save the team from lacking a key player such as Majkowski who had a torn ligament, it becomes even more mythic. Since that first game in ’92, he would continue to start each game until January 20, 2008.