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It’s hard to believe it’s been six full years since I decided to start a Packers web site. Back in February of 2009, at the graphically challenged “Jersey Al’s Packers Blog,” I published my first article bidding farewell to Brett Favre. (It’s a pretty interesting read now,  knowing what has transpired after that date).

It was Februry 11th, 2009, ten days after the Steelers had beaten the Cardinals in the Super Bowl. Favre had played out what we thought at the time was one last NFL season after being traded to the NY Jets. I thought it was time to say farewell to Brett and forgive & forget the events of the “Summer of Favre.”

Of course, farewell wasn’t really goodbye, as he later re-surfaced in the Purple and Gold of the Minnesota Vikings.

Somewhat like Brett Favre, we are saying goodbye here today (but with little drama), and with an immediate plan to re-surface elsewhere.

THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: is merging with

The two sites where, in my opinion, you find the best writing in the Packers blogosphere outside of the Packers beat writers, will now be one. and it’s great team of writers will be moving it’s content over to what I consider the most technologically advanced and groundbreaking Packers site of all.

No need to panic, fans of All the same writers and their regular columns will still be coming your way, just from a different site,

So many people through the years have told me that and were the two sites they make sure to read regularly. Well, we just made it easier for you didn’t we?

To all of the loyal readers of, I can’t thank you enough for your support. I hope we’ve done our jobs of entertaining and informing, and I’m counting on you to follow us over to CheeseheadTV. If you don’t already have a login setup over there, please do it now. Our first post will be tomorrow morning (Monday) and you don’t want to miss a thing.

Initially, this announcement post will remain on for a week or so, after which we will redirect all traffic directly over to And then we’ll work on getting the entire archive of posts copied over to

I’m incredibly excited for this “joining of forces.” I’m confident that together we will create an absolutely cant-miss experience for Packers fans across the globe.

See you over at



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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of, and the co-founder of Packers Talk Radio Network. He can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for


24 thoughts on “ Says Farewell, Hello Again

  1. Thanks for all the great articles. I can’t say I like the idea of your merger. The comment section on is light years better than Cheesehead. A number of commenters haven’t been able to give a thumbs up in years on Cheesehead. No one cared. I can’t tell who upvoted me. I can’t tell when someone has replied to a comment. Well, we will see what effect has on cheesehead and vice versa, if any.

    Thanks for all of your work.

    1. Noticed that myself, maybe Aaron has his hands full with Brian going to 24/7 Sports.

    2. Appreciate the feedback. Please send me an email at: al “at” cheeseheadTV dot com with issues you have encountered there and I will look into it. And in the email, please explain what you mean by “Civility and acceptance of style and opinion are also issues” Thanks.

      1. Al – He’s talking about Cow42, ImmaFubared and Stroh in all his various pseudonyms.

        While I love the articles at CHTV, I also agree with Reynoldo. The comment section setup (The ability to be able to see who upvoted or downvoted you, when someone replies to your post, and honestly, a more respectful dialogue) is WAY better here.

        I’m hoping the two combined can bring the best of both worlds of both sites together. Congratulations!

        1. Speaking of Cow, will he now be allowed back on CHTV after banning himself last year? Could he claim he’s posting on the ALLGBP portion of the site? Technicalities.

          One of the things I like about this site compared to CHTV is the ability to hit the links to other prominent Packer sites that I don’t find there anymore(they used to). Let’s face it, the type of people who post here will go there anyway, so it saves us a little typing time.

          My preference would be for the two sites to remain separate. We really don’t get anything extra out of this merger(a lot of whining considering it’s free). Instead CHTV should have enlisted new writers. Then we’d have the possibility of more content overall, not the same.

          Plus, the type of commenting is slightly different on both sights. Wouldn’t want to say which is better for fear of alienating one group. Quite honestly, I don’t see this as a positive at all. Anyway, thanks Al for all the info over the years, and are you going to be one of the regular contributors at CHTV?

          1. The answer to that is no. Cow was not banned so he is free to post as he always has as he voluntarily left after losing a bet I guess. I hope he does.

            The only one that I know of that was banned was Stroh so I doubt Nagler will allow him on even with the merger. I left there on my own free will as well but hated Stroh so I came here.

            People like Taryn are already on Cheeseheadtv complaining and claiming I was banned too to form little “cliques” to go against me. It’s already started for people with strong opinions.

            Taryn, I know you will read this but I really don’t want to mess with you, I really don’t. I simply wish you to leave me alone ok? Just don’t respond to my comments. You don’t get my humor and never will so please just talk football and don’t try to dissect what I say. It pisses me off ok? Just leave me alone and everyone will be fine. I’ll leave you alone I promise. Someone pass this on to Jersey Al.

        2. No, Bearment, I don’t want to go into personalities, so I wasn’t really talking about Cow, Ben, or Stroh so much, or even Imma.

          I don’t like to see folks mocked.

          I made several comments supporting Cow overall. I didn’t agree with much of what Ben wrote, but they were just brutal to him. I thought Stroh had sharp elbows (in my job, I’ve been called every name in the book, and in several languages to boot, so it didn’t overly bother me because I also thought he made a lot of good points).

          I am proud to be able to say that some of the commenters on allgbp replied to me, and caused me to change my mind (Scheny Schen most recently in a nice way destroyed a point that I had posited). If one is not civil, it is hard to have a discussion. Pet peeves: phrases such as 1) “your delusional” – no, it’s the person’s opinion; 2) that’s absurd – just write that you disagree; 3) Did you even watch the game? – the person probably did, maybe more than once. At another site I won’t name they have “main commenters” a notion I dislike. It is not who puts forth an opinion but rather the merits of the opinion that matters. Thanks, (this is for BR)

          The sometimes great, sometimes goofy, reynoldo.

        3. Agreed ,with love to see ALLGBP bringing that along with the many articles to CHTV. This past year especially, I think ALLGBP surpassed CHTV at times in terms of articles and breaking news, and it was a toss up which is better. Now there is no debate.

    3. Oh my God, thank you Reynoldo. I have the same issues with Nagler on that. That’s why I ended up here. You can’t have a strong opinion if Nagler is in charge of the posts. He will in fact ban you. Here we had the freedom to get into a disagreement without worry about being banned. Just like government, less intrusion and rules the happier people are.
      Cheeseheadtv under Nagler was government controlled. At Cheeseheadtv it’s an issue so please look into it Al. It was so bad that at one point Jayme Snowden was actually changing my words on my posts if she didn’t agree with it. Totally assinine and she has no business being in charge of anything. She brings nothing to the table except making a yearly post about being abused as a teenager.
      What happened in my opinion is Nagler got rid of strong opinionated people like Stroh, myself and Cow. These are people that might say controversial things or post too much, or maybe are abrasive to others at times but that controversy leads to more people responding and more people reading.
      Once Cow, Stroh and myself left you saw the results. You need good guys and bad guys. That’s what’s fun. Nagler thought the world revolved around what he said. He found out quickly that wasn’t the case. It’s the people that go there and post is what makes a place work or not and of course great writers like a Brian Carriveau and the ones here. Two days ago Nagler had neither the writers or the people posting as they were coming here in droves. Now you Al bailed him out so he owes you big time.

      Let’s just hope Mr. Nagler has learned a lesson in this and leaves the people alone who post there.


  2. Guys, you really help me to understand football better. I will follow you to CheeseheadTV, but I really liked your format here… Keep up your working and bringing us your various and interesting view on Packers. That will be priceless, for the rest there is Master Card!

  3. To Al and all the writers at, thank you for all the hard work and excellent articles. I’ll miss this site a lot. Even though I don’t always comment I always read it, I’ve had you on my “Favorites Bar” for years. To bad you couldn’t have waited until after this season, one where I’m quite certain the Lombardi Trophy is coming home.

  4. Jersey Al – congratulations to you and all the great writers at AllGBP. You did a great job and I have really enjoyed this blog. See you at Cheesehead but I will miss this site. Thanks, Since ’61

  5. This is both a happy and a sad day. I love this site. But CHTV introduced me to the Packer Blogosphere.

    Congrats guys. Happy for you.

  6. I just think its fun to say “Cheesehead TV”….and I hope the civility is improved. It’s ok to agree to disagree but having every articles’ comment section devolve into two extemes from the same few people gets old really fast. Thanks Al for your efforts. GoPack!

  7. Thanks for all the great articles! I must admit it’s a little unsettling to read about the commentary problems at CheeseheadTV. My hope is they are open to feedback and willing to work collaboratively.

    One question — What if the merger does not work out for some reason? Is there an exit strategy? If not, I suggest you have one, and retain all rights for ALLGP if you ever want to re-start it.

  8. Hope to see some tweets from Al in the CHTV contributors section to help balance-out some of Naglers uber-liberal stance on everything.

    One thing I’ve noticed on CHTV is, I believe you have to accept cookies to log-on, where here you don’t have to. Not a big deal, but I don’t like sites that force cookies on you. Too NSAish. Suppose it raises ad revenues though.

    Generally have found the posters here a bit more patient and conciliatory than over at CHTV, although they have some good regulars there also. Hopefully the cynicism won’t make gentlemanly “Since ’61” jaded.

    I don’t know if the ALLGBP writers will get compensated more at CHTV(if they were at all before). If so – good for them. Else, despite the spin, this merger is bad for us, and should be halted through anti-trust regulations.

    1. So Jersey Al is a conservative and Nagler is a liberal? No wonder why I felt at home here. It all makes sense. Nagler and I would clash at times years ago and now I am back to a place that I am not comfortable with.

      I am going to try my best to fit in with a more liberal crowd at Cheeseheadtv but I know from experience that it might not end up good. Only a day there and I am already being attacked and disliked by left wingers so if that’s any indication of what’s to come I am a dead man.

      I just want to say one thing to Jersey Al and I mean this with all my heart.

      Thank you so much for this place. You gave me a voice and a place where I felt at home and comfortable. You and your writers were fantastic and I do wish you nothing but the best at Cheeseheadtv.

  9. First and foremost, Al, thanks for hosting this fine site for all these years. You’ve given many fine young writers an outlet to work and refine their craft while they established themselves, personally and professionally, and that is a feather in your cap that extends beyond simply running a Packers fan site. Side note, it is a testament to Packers fans’ savvy that so many amateur Packers bloggers/writers end up getting into professional writing, and that so many Packers beat writers end up being nabbed by national sports journalism outlets. Just another testimony to the greatness of all things Packers and Wisconsin. Al, I know you’re Jersey, but you get honorary, lifetime WI cred regardless. 🙂

    As for CHTV, I too have a soft spot in my heart for it. In 2007, I had moved to CO to help my mother fight cancer, a fight she succumbed to much more quickly than I would have ever expected. I had already picked up a job at a WI themed Packers bar in Colorado Springs (they were the only place that called back on my application, how’s that for fate?), and while I have been a life long Packers fan being raised in the MKE area, I threw myself headlong into everything Packers I could find- it felt like home and was a much needed distraction to the loss of my mother. I found “Packers Transplants”, CHTV, and the Packers Blogisphere community and it filled a void.

    However, over the last 2-3 years or so, I have had less personal time to hit up the forums, and during those last 2-3 years or so, I have seen an increasing stream of trolls on CHTV, disrespect, and ridiculousness. I would not say it is enough to have ‘spoiled’ CHTV comments; but it has been enough that with my limited time to dig into all things Packers, I choose to spend that limited time here. I am frequently opinionated and not bashful of airing my conflicting viewpoints with others; but I try my best to do it with respect and dignity, and I feel like I receive the same in return from the fine community here. I can not say that I feel the same is true any longer at CHTV, or at least, it isn’t AS true. I still visit CHTV on occasion, but over the last few years, Jersey Al’s All Green Bay Packers has been my go-to.

    I will certainly be going back over to CHTV more frequently now, but I have to admit, I have some slight reservations when it comes to the comments sections over there. The content at CHTV has always been top flight, and the writers here at Jersey Al’s will make fine additions. I hope the influx of AllGBP commenters turns the tides and wins the day.

    Thanks again for all your hard work, Al. I can not repay you for all the hours I’ve spent reading material and interacting with everyone. Top notch site.

  10. I started frequenting CheeseheadTV on draft weekend and really liked their coverage of the draft. Glad to see you guys are joining forces and I’m looking forward to reading your articles and the feedback from the ‘peanut gallery’ over there.

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