Packers 2015 NFL Draft Day Three Projections:

NFL Draft continues on Saturday

What have Packers fans learned so far with General Manager Ted Thompson’s draft picks?

Two things really.

The first is that Thompson has conviction and will take the best player available on his board. It really matters not to him what he rest of us think.

Secondly the Packers are dead serious about improving their special teams play.

All three selections to date fit the bill;  tough, aggressive and one way or another accomplished special-teamers-to-be in the NFL.  None of the three was more jaw-dropping than picking another wide receiver in the third round with Ty Montgomery.  Not until you read his accomplishments and ranking as the number-one return man in the nation, an acute area of need for the Packers, does the pick make perfect sense.

Yet there is much consternation amongst the Packers faithful that no inside linebacker has been taken.  No tight end.  No defensive lineman.  Certainly going in to the draft these were the Packers most glaring need.

There are however many quality players still waiting for their names to be called outside of “Draft Town” in Chicago.  What can Packers fans expect in day three of the NFL draft?

Best Players Available Offense:


1) Brett Hundley, UCLA

2) Bryce Petty, Baylor

3) Cody Fajardo, Nevada

Comments:  The Packers had Petty in for a visit and it is somewhat surprising that he would still be available.  In my Tuesday mock draft I had the Packers selection Fajardo in round six.  If Petty were somehow available he would be tempting at #30 in round four, otherwise expect a late pick or priority free agent to bring into camp.  Another exciting developmental prospect that the Packers have had their eyes on is former South Alabama signal caller Brandon Bridge a 6′ 5″, 235# athlete with a rifle arm.

Running Back

1) Jay Ajayi, Boise State

2) David Cobb, Minnesota

3) John Crockett, North Dakota St.

4) Jeremy Langford, Michigan St.

Comments:  My Tuesday mock draft included picking Langford in the fourth round projecting him as a kick returner.  Not so anymore.  I would look for a running back chosen later in the draft and a few brought in as free agents.  Crockett could last until round six and would represent value.

Wide Receiver

1) Tre McBride, William & Mary

2) Justin Hardy, East Carolina

Comments:  They are set.  Of course I said that prior to round three as well.

Tight End

1) MyCole Pruitt, Southern Illinois

2) Jesse James, Penn State

3) Ben Koyack, Notre Dame

4) Blake Bell, Oklahoma

5) Wes Saxton, South Alabama

Comments:  The Packers absolutely will take a tight end somewhere in this draft.  My mock draft had the Packers selecting both MyCole Pruitt and Blake Bell.  I still like those picks.  If both are snatched-up prior to their selection, look for Wes Saxton later on who reportedly also had an official pre-draft visit to Green Bay.

Offensive Tackle

1) T.J. Clemmings, Pittsburgh

2) Daryl Williams, Oklahoma

3) Tyrus Thompson, Oklahoma

4) Sean Hickey, Syracuse

5) Takoby Cofield, Duke

Comments:  The Packers were one OT injury away from disaster last year, and although they return Don Barkley they are paper-thin in that area.  Look for a lineman to be selected in day three, and several others brought in as free agents.

Offensive Guard

1) Tre’ Jackson, Florida State

2) Arie Kouandjio, Alabama

3) Josue Matias, Florida State

4) Mark Glowinski, West Virginia

5) Trenton Brown, Florida

Comments:  Everyone knows the Packers don’t draft guards.  They draft left tackles and convert them to guards.  No pick here.


1) B.J. Finney, Kansas State

2) Reese Dismukes, Auburn

3) Max Garcia, Florida

4) Shaquille Mason, Georgia Tech

5) Nick Easton, Harvard

Comments:  I doubt one will be drafted, although if Easton slips to round seven, he would be a great value pick.

Best Players Available Defense:

Pass Rusher

1) Davis Tull, Chattanooga

2) Alani Fua, BYU

3) Kyle Emanuel, North Dakota St.

4) Max Valles, Virginia

5)  Anthony Chickillo, Miami

Comments:  No one really accomplished here that would be better than what they already have.  Free agents are another story.

Defensive Line

1) Michael Bennett, Ohio State

2) Grady Jarrett, Clemson

3) Marcus Hardison, Arizona State

4) Derrick Lott, Chattanooga

Comments:  Marcus Hardison was my mock draft third round pick.  He would be a great addition in an area of need in round four.

Inside Linebacker

1) Taiwan Jones, Michigan State

2) Ramik Wilson, Georgia

3) Mike Hull, Penn State

4)  Jake Ryan, Michigan

Comments:   Jones and Wilson are okay however the guys that I am high on are Mike Hull from Penn State and Jake Ryan from Michigan as inside backers.  Both Hull and Ryan are tough guys, with Ryan being the larger of the two. Either of these two backers could easily have better careers than some of the day two backers such as Perryman. If either Hull or Ryan were available from round four on down – PLEASE TED, TAKE ONE OF THEM!


1) Josh Shaw, USC

2) Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, Oregon

3) Kevin White, TCU

Comments:  I doubt it (but I have said that before too)


1) Derron Smith, Fresno State

2) Adrian Amos, Penn State

3) Cody Prewitt, Ole Miss

Comments:  I am going out on a limb here and say no safety will be chosen on day three.

There are a lot of fine football players available with the six picks that the Packers have remaining.  Included are pretty decent players at the two need areas of inside linebacker and tight end.
We shall see if Ted surprises (disappoints?) us all yet again on day three.




Jeff Albrecht grew up just north of Green Bay and was lucky enough to attend some of the Lombardi Era classic games, like the 1962 championship and the Ice Bowl. Jeff went on to play HS football in the Green Bay area and College ball at UW - Stevens Point. Jeff is retired but still does some writing for his local paper. Jeff is a writer with and you can follow him on twitter at @pointerjeff .


11 thoughts on “Packers 2015 NFL Draft Day Three Projections:

  1. I agree on Jake Ryan and I would love for the Packers to pick up Jesse James. Dude is a freak with a huge frame and good hands. Would make an excellent red zone target. I wouldn’t sleep on Grady Jarrett either. He would be a good addition to the interior of our line.

  2. TT will find a baseball player converted to football his last year in the 4th round. His ILB find will be an ice skater converted to football his senior year. And his seventh round picks will be ballet dancers that want to try football. They will be really nice fellows with great personalities. Another brilliant draft for TT.

    1. Big T I hope the Ice Skater is a Hockey Player instead of a Figure Skater!

  3. If La’el Collins is around in round 7, isn’t he worth a flier? Many are projecting him to go undrafted even though he’s not being pursued as a suspect in the investigation of the shooting of his ex-GF.

  4. TT says he is a football guy that drafts football players. Except the football players he selects are really baseball and basketball players.

    Ted says he has a plan and he says it is a simple one really, find football players. So he finds baseball and basketball players in R1 and R2 and says he will develop them at new positions, as projects. When asked about their size limitations he says they are big enough. When asked about their speed limitations he says the run fast enough. When asked about ILB he says the guys he has are good enough. In other words, this guy feels no need to justify his picks to anyone, let alone Packer Nation. He is arrogant.

    I’m very disappointed Ted didn’t draft Malcom Brown. God knows we need a real DE on this team. Had he taken Brown, Rollins at the end of R2 would have made some sense. There’s a good chance Rollins will be a much better player than Randall. More physical, better tackler. But it is what it is. We have accept what Ted does even though his rationales for his choices are insipid.

    Ted sports a horrible track record selecting defensive players in the draft. In fact, the higher the pick, the worse the result. Even Packer Nationfinally seems to be stunned by Ted’s picks this year and his rationales which test credulity because they fly in the face of the facts.

    Ask yourself this, how are baseball and basketball players football players when football players are not? That is the conumdrum our arrogant GM leaves us with.

    Thanks Ted. Your the greatest. I’d love to strip you of #12 and see how long you would last.

    1. Ted is currently scouting college golf teams. Teddy can convert them. Teddy’s experiments could cost us yet another superbowl…

    2. Agree some, disagree some, but you know, I think TT is pretty secure in his job, and really does not in fact have to justify his selections to the media and fans, and probably not to anyone.

  5. I’d love Grady Jarrett! He’s a little short but tough as they come. Supposedly, he was unblock able at the Senior Bowl when he didn’t have to take on double teams, like he did all year at Clemson.

  6. Its remarkable how much flak Thompson has to take from you shit kickers every year. I know i know, you watched a few hours of some analysts talking about who to draft, read a couple mocks, and now you just can’t believe how stupid these GMs are. Didn’t they watch Kiper last night?

    Then in 2-3 years when a number of these guys are starters and successful the trolls will be no where to be found. Enjoy your moment.

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