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“Jersey” Al Bracco Dorial Green-Beckham Oklahoma/Missouri
Just can not stay out of trouble off the field and any hint of domestic abuse issues, even if charges were not pressed, is enough to make me say “No Thank You.”
Frank Clark Michigan
 Ditto my comments above x 2.
 Tevin McDonald E. Wash.
 Thrown off the UCLA team for multiple infractions, including several failed drug tests. Managed to stay clean for a year at EWU, but a guy who would end up missing his team’s Bowl game because he couldn’t stop toking doesn’t have the mindset I want.
Adam Czech Any player with a domestic violence/sexual assault history —–
 I know football players aren’t choir boys and I’m fine with the Packers selecting players who have a rap sheet or like to smoke it up every now and then. But hitting/sexually assaulting a woman? A line needs to be drawn. So, if you’re a player who’s been in trouble for domestic violence and/or sexual assault, you’re on my FUBAR board.
Jason Perone A.J. Johnson Tennessee
Was indicted by a grand jury on two counts of aggravated rape, which is enough for me to stay far away.  I believe in “innocent until proven guilty” but the charges are likely valid and there aren’t many other troubles with the law worse than rape.
Josh Shaw USC
I promise, this isn’t my ASU bias speaking here.  Shaw, you may remember, is the player who injured himself jumping out of a window.  He claimed he was trying to save his nephew who was drowning in a pool.  It turns out he was actually trying to flee police.  He’s not very smart and also dishonest.  Two reasons I say “no thanks”.
Frank Clark  Michigan
Charged with domestic violence and reached a plea deal in the case, meaning there was likely some validity to it.  DV is an issue still way too fresh and hot on the NFL’s radar and any prospect tied to it is a very risky proposition.
Thomas Hobbes Jameis Winston Florida State
I’ll give Winston the benefit of the doubt as to whether any of the allegations are actually true; lets not pretend like sports stars aren’t targets for money grabs and “exploratory litigation”. However, all the off-field issues do point to a player who is immature and perhaps more important doesn’t realize or care about it.  You can maybe get away with being an immature player if you are a wide receiver or a cornerback, but as the face of the franchise and the leader of the team, you have to be the shining example every else follows.  Just look at the Browns locker room turning on Johnny Manziel after 1 season.
 Randy Gregory  Nebraska
Entitlement only works if you can back it up, and Gregory’s obviously been drinking his own coolaid as he’s publicly stated he should be the first non-quarterback taken.  However his stock looks to have taken a nose dive with a failed marijuana test prior to the combine and some pretty poor interviews.  To me this looks like Geno Smith all over again, if Gregory isn’t a top 5 pick expect to see a sour and unmotivated player leave the green room.
 Shane Ray  Missouri
Getting your name on the police blotter for anything 3 days before the NFL draft is a big no-n0; sure this isn’t punching a police officer bad, but Alfonso Dennard saw his stock drop from a potential 1st/2nd round pick all the way to the 7th round.  Add to that a questionable foot injury that may require surgery and you have a player that might start off his career on the IR and the substance abuse program.
Cory Jennerjohn Jameis Winston  Florida State
His off-the-field issues have been well documented. He has been given numerous chances to “figure it out” in college and he has continually failed. I don’t doubt that he can play football, but since he’s playing the most important position on the field, all of his actions must be held accountable.
 Karlos Williams Florida State
Williams was investigated for domestic violence but no charges were filed. If any team learned anything from the Cowboys picking up Greg Hardy, it’s that the NFL is serious about domestic violence. The NFL blindsided Dallas by doling out a 10-game suspension. If Williams’ behavior continues, there should be no surprises. Not only that, but Williams clearly regressed as a running back this past year.
Frank Clark Michigan
 He was given numerous chances in Ann Arbor before Brady Hoke finally told him to leave after being arrested on domestic violence. His mid-level talent don’t do him any favors either.
Jay Hodgson Maxx Williams Minnesota
Despite his immense talent, I would pass on Williams in the draft. Rumors from a few insiders are he’s interviewing very poorly and seems disinterested during many visits. He is coming off as immature and thinking he’s bigger than he is. The exact quote included words “all about himself.” Granted, this could all be a smoke screen by some teams to increase their chances of landing him, but the fact he is so raw, I would stay clear in the early rounds.
 Marcus Peters  Washington
Any time a player is dismissed from a team, it causes great concern, especially when they are one of the best players on the roster. Head coach Chris Petersen seems as honest and upstanding as they come, so if Peters wore out his welcome in Washington, I wouldn’t want him in Green Bay
 Dorial Green-Beckham Oklahoma/Missouri
He was essentially the best wide receiver prospect coming out of high school that we’ve seen in over a decade, but his talent couldn’t make him stick around in two separate college programs. Rare talent gets a longer leash and more chances, but even enough was enough for him. Avoid at all costs in any round.
Mike Reuter  Paul Dawson TCU
 At ILB he plays a potential position of need for the Packers and has shown an ability to flat out play on a surprisingly good TCU defense. However he seems disinterested in doing the the off the field things he will need to succeed. A big part of making the jump from the NCAA to the NFL will require him to put in the effort off the field and whether he’s willing to do that or not worries me for a guy in the first two rounds.
 Jalen Collins  LSU
 He has all the talent and physical build he will need to succeed in the NFL. However struggling to hold down a starting job at LSU, being fairly raw on the technique aspect of playing corner, and the reported off the field concerns make me think passing on him in the first round seems like the safe choice.  If the drug issues cause him to fall to the Packers after the 1st, I’m fine with that, but I don’t think it will happen.
Devin Funchess Michigan
 High risk, high reward player. His talent intrigues me and at the very least, he’ll be someone that is fun to think of in terms of the potential game changing plays he can bring to this team, there is even a chance he is there in the 2nd round for the Packers. At the end of the day, the headache he could potentially bring by just “not getting it” and by dropping lots of open passes, just seems like a little too much to deal with in the first two rounds.
Jeff Albrecht Karlos Williams Florida State
RB.  Investigated (but not charged) for a domestic violence assault on his girlfriend (and mother of their two children) in October 2014. Also was investigated for playing a role in July 2014 robbery of a Florida State student.
Tevin McDonald UCLA – Eastern Washington
Plays Safety.  The son of former San Francisco 49ers standout Tim McDonald and younger brother of St. Louis Rams safety T.J. McDonald. Dismissed from UCLA after multiple violations of team rules. This reportedly included his failing at least three drug tests while with the Bruins.
P.J. Williams Florida State
 Despite playing CB, an area of need, PJ has issues that will likely dog him long term:  DUI charge, (since dismissed), questionable decision-making, limited ability to jam receivers, plays hot and cold depending on his frame of mind that day.  Seems to lose interest at times.


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  1. Only beef I find is the PJ Williams CB FSU 6’1″ 199 I would take him and do back flips if available in round two when GB is on the clock. Watch his tape, I see a tough kid who is competitor and always around the ball. I think GB’s coaches could turn him into a legit starter in a year or two. Big Program, prototype size, decent film, at pick 62, I’m stoked!

  2. Thanks for this article. There is no real way for fans to truly assess off the field problems, so TT will have to do that. Only one guy mentioned for not wanting to work at his craft: Dawson. I love his tape. Jersey Al’s mock of Jalen Collins (Drugs) and Paul – I don’t watch film – Dawson is a bit unsettling.

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