Say it: Kuuuuuuuuuhn is back with Packers (Kuhn, Richardson re-signed)

Packers sign John Kuhn, Sean Richardson

Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuhn is baaaaaaaaaaack…

That was the word yesterday out of Green Bay as the Packers announced the fan favorite will return for his 9th season with the Packers.

Ted Thompson, the Packers’ Executive Vice President, General Manager and Director of Football Operations (that’s some list of titles…) made the official announcement and Kuhn’s agent reported the contract was for one year at $870,000 with a $25,000 workout bonus and $25,000 Pro Bowl bonus.

Even better news is that he’ll count only $635,000 against the 2015 salary cap because of the NFL’s veteran minimum salary benefit. This is the second year in a row Kuhn has signed a one year contract at a lower salary number than the previous year.

At 33 yrs old and coming off a 2014 season that saw him named AP First-Team All-Pro. Kuhn is the rare grizzled veteran on a team perennially known for fielding one of the youngest rosters in the league. Only Aaron Rodgers and Jarrett Bush has been with the team longer.

In addition to Kuhn, the Packers also brought back reserve safety and special teams ace Sean Richardson. Richardson had received a 2.55M Restricted Free Agent offer from the Raiders, which Thompson elected to match.

The Packers had offered Richardson only the minimum tender of $1.542 million, so ex Packers Exec Reggie Mckenzie just helped Richardson earn a cool extra $1M. Plus, with the way the contract is structured, Richardson is guaranteed at least 2.35M, (1.35M signing bonus, $1M guaranteed salary), with the remaining 200K also guaranteed if he passes his pre-camp physical.

That’s not the type of contract Thompson will normally agree to, which Mckenzie surely took into account to make it painful for the Packers to match. With the Packers’ stated commitment to improving their special teams, Thompson bit the bullet and showed he’s not afraid to operate outside his normal parameters.

With Kuhn and Richardson in the fold, will Jarrett Bush be next?


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19 thoughts on “Say it: Kuuuuuuuuuhn is back with Packers (Kuhn, Richardson re-signed)

  1. Surprised they matched for Richardson. I was one who stated here ” you don’t overpay for a backup safety”. Perhaps, as some have speculated, they have an additional role in mind for Richardson. Clearly he has a place on ST’s and he played well there. As for Kuhn, he also was a good ST’s player, plays smart and within the system. Good safety valve and is part of everyone’s favorite cringe-worthy play, the FB Dive, on short and goal. Looking forward to the draft. GoPack!

    1. Yeah, I think a lot of people are surprised TT matched for Richardson. Yet another example of the greatness of the legendary Ted Thompson. Every time people think they know what he’s going to do he does the opposite. Almost every single time. I don’t think there’s a better GM in the NFL when it comes to secrecy and trying to figure what he’s going to do. Ted always wins in a poker game. Always!!
      Glad to have Richardson back. The guy had a rough beginning to his career and almost never played due to a spinal injury. I hope he puts some of that money away for his retirement. You never know when it will end just ask Sterling Sharpe, Terrance Murphy, Tim Lewis, and Jermichael Finley.

  2. Good to have Kuhn back! He is still a reliable blocker for Lacy and Rodgers. As for Richardson, I think the price is high. The Packers must be planning to give him more defensive snaps this season in addition to his ST role. Also, they are probably trying to retain some depth for the defense. He is still a young player and the Packers must see an upside that we have yet to witness on the field. Finally, in the worst case scenario it’s only a one year deal. Thanks, Since ’61

    1. For him to make more this year than Jordy Nelson they better have big plans for him!!!!!

      1. Maybe I misunderstood Jordy’s contract. I thought that he signed a 4 year deal worth $39.5 mil. With a $3.5 guarantee for this season. That seems to be more than Richardson’s contract. Thanks, Since ’61

        1. Jordy got his in guaranteed money he is making more in the long run but as for his base salary this year he is getting 2.35 million

    2. Agreed with all said, Since. I think Sean received this one year deal because of his ST performances and because Packers will not resign Jarrett. They need some experience on the ST… I think next signings will come after draft…

      1. I agree croat. This signing doesn’t bode well for Bush and I was thinking Bush would be the only guy they should even consider signing. TT continues to amaze me with some of these moves.

  3. Good price for Kuhn but the writing is on the wall. TT needs to bring in an understudy this year. I suggest the FB From Alabama who blocked for Lacy already. Even use a fourth Round pick. That kid will put the ball into the endzone on FB dives, and pickup 1st downs. He can run and catch the ball and is a punisher.

    As far as Richardson, he has earned a nice pay day. As for making more this year than anyone else isn’t relevant. Total picture is where it is at. Right now TT has put one of the strongest Safety groups together in the NFL. Compared to a few years ago – it is incredible. He is using the money this year wiseley.

    TT might even consider trading Richardson to Oakland, Washington or another team that needs safety help. The money isn’t spent yet. TT isn’t letting another player slip away for nothing in return.

    1. Kuhn has scored one TD in each of the last three years. There has to be a fullback somewhere in the country that can better that. Remember Kuhn was given the ball against SEA on the goal line. Tight end Rodgers is a better blocker and can catch and run with a pass.

      1. I certainly don’t think Rodgers is a better blocker. I don’t think Rodgers runs with the ball better than Kuhn. I think Rodgers has better hands than Kuhn.

  4. Wow! Obviously something going on that we the people do not know about on this deal. Richardson is like the nerdy nothing special guy that always has a hot chick on his arm. He must be hung like a Shetland pony. How else could he get TT to throw money at him like that.

  5. Disappointed they are bringing Kuhn back. Even though he has a low cap number, he will be occupying a roster spot better taken by a developing player (think someone like Jumal Rolle). Kuhn is too slow for special teams play and is fumble prone when he carries. I think they can find a backfield blocker who has a future.

    1. I wouldn’t say disappointed I would say more surprised. I also don’t see where this guy fits in on this team. Kuhn is a great guy and I know that he knows that the Packers know that he is expendable that’s why he took a rock bottom offer. He’s obviously looking to cash in on easy money for one more year and why not. He has the fans on his side that’s his biggest asset. Public relations and being a white guy. That goes a long way in Green Bay who’s population is predominantly white.
      I agree with you Aaron regarding the roster spots. I would be honestly shocked if he makes the team this season. I just don’t see it happening due to the valuable roster spots which are going to be taken up by a lot of rookies. There’s just no room for a guy who’s very old and adds little value. If anything the Packers should cut him and add him to the coaching staff. This is Donald Driver part II all over again. Driver never should have made that team that final season of his. It was a wasted roster spot.

    2. I’m gonna be a jerk here and point out that Kuhn has only fumbled twice in his career. Once in 2010 and once in 2013. Slow, old, and not dynamic sure. Not fumbled prone.

      1. I thought the same thing, although in fairness he has only carried the ball 132 times. One fumble for every 66 carries is a high number, but you’re right, the sample group is way too small to label him as a fumbler.

    3. I would suggest that signing Kuhn is a good idea. He does not have the roster made yet. It is just possible that the fullback(s) TT likes in the draft will not be available when he picks in the 4th or 5th rounds. Now a FB in the draft is not a need; it is just a good idea.

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