NFL Draft Prospect Profile: David Cobb, RB Minnesota

Green Bay Packers NFL Draft prospect profile: RB David Cobb, Minnesota

Player Information:

David Cobb
5-11, 229 pounds
Hometown: Killeen, TX


NFL Combine:

40 yard: 4.81

Bench: 17

Vert: 38′-5″

Broad: 121″

News and Notes:

Cobb won’t leave your mouth agape with a fast 40-time or some other feat of strength that looks good at the NFL Combine. His film also isn’t filled with flashy, ankle-breaking moves or scenes of him carrying five tacklers into the end zone for a touchdown. But what Cobb lacks in “wow factor,” he makes up for in production. The Minnesota Gophers’ offense didn’t have much going for it last season, but Cobb still managed a school record 1,626 rushing yards.

 What they’re saying about him:

  • “Cobb is only one of several relatively unheralded talents in a potentially outstanding class of running backs. While he is productive, durable and reliable, there isn’t much on tape that separates Cobb from other backs.”
  • “Cobb’s highlights might bore you, but he’s custom-made for physical running teams. Adjusting his style to the speed of the NFL game might take some time, but Cobb’s downhill, run-finishing style fits what running games are becoming in the NFL and, in the right scheme, he has a shot to be more than just a complementary back.”


Video Analysis:

  • Excellent vision. Knows how to set up his blocks and get the most out of each and every carry.
  • Dependable. You’re not going to get much improvising or dancing around. Cobb knows what the call is, knows where he’s supposed to go, and he goes there. Hard.
  • He might not look like a bulldozer, but Cobb is strong. Check out the stiff-arms and the would-be tacklers bouncing off Cobb once he gets rolling through a hole.
  • There isn’t an obvious weakness in Cobb’s game. Sure, he doesn’t have top-tier speed or explosiveness, but that doesn’t mean he’s deficient in those areas. If Cobb played in an era when running backs were move valued, he’d probably be drafted much higher than the fourth or fifth round he’ll likely go in this year’s upcoming draft.

If drafted by the Packers

Cobb is a solid running back who should be able to contribute and help just about any team that drafts him. I’m not sure if he’s the type of back I’d like to have on the Packers, though. I prefer a change-of-pace type of back to come in when Eddie Lacy takes a rest — a back who can hit a hole and outrun the secondary or take a swing pass and surprise a would-be tackler with a burst of speed. Cobb is very similar to Lacy, just not as good. I don’t think he’d bring the explosive element I’d want in Lacy’s backup. That said, Cobb is still solid. If he’s high on Ted Thompson’s board in the later round, I’d have no problem with the selection.


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6 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: David Cobb, RB Minnesota

  1. Wasn’t that 4.81 while he pulled up lame at the combine 40? I think that should definitely be taken into consideration.

  2. Actually I think he’s very different from Lacy in one important aspect – he accelerates quickly from zero to top speed. I like the kid in R5 or even R6.

  3. IMHO, every Draft Prospect Profile for a RB should mention the back’s receiving skills and pass pro. Cobb has average hands and needs to commit more to pass pro (per also wrote that he had “Average acceleration through the line of scrimmage” contrary to the comment above. IDK, I never heard of the guy.

    1. LOL. I missed that. We should draft him for special teams. He could be our designated block the field goal guy. Heck, maybe block the punt guy. And there would be no more successful Hail Mary passes against us!

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