Packers 22, Seahawks 28: Game Balls and Lame Calls

Packers Mason Crosby vs Seahawks

Game Balls

K Mason Crosby

Seriously? Five field goals including two 48 yarders, the last to send the game into overtime? One of the best playoff performances by a kicker EVER.

LB Clay Matthews

It was a very different defense when Matthews missed some series late, apparently with some type of knee injury. Suddenly Wilson had some room to run, which opened things up for the Seahawks.

DC Dom Capers

Dom dialed up a masterful game plan to keep Russell Wilson contained and make him beat you with his arm. Worked until the very end when Matthews went out and then things got disjointed on the field. You can argue with a few calls here and there, but overall, the Packers defense was as good as they are capable of being.

S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Two interceptions, three passes defended, five tackles (mostly on Marshawn Lynch). A big-time game for a rookie. Had that blip ,on the two point conversion. personally, I have a feeling he lost the ball in the lights. Seemed to go one way and suddenly realize the ball wasn’t there. We’ll see…

S Morgan Burnett – Burnett did a lot of work this game. Ten tackles, two sacks, 2 QB hits, what could have been a “dagger” interception, if the offense didn’t go into turtle mode.

Lame Calls

Mike McCarthy

In fact, I lay the majority of the blame for the loss at the feet of McCarthy. As he has done before, he stopped trying to win the game in the fourth quarter, content to try to run some time off the clock and pray they could hold on. Unfortunately, he went to it far too early and they couldn’t. He took the ball out of the hands of the NFL’s best quarterback. I won’t make a huge deal about the early decisions to kick field goals from the one yard line, although I would have gone for 7 on the second opportunity.

Brandon Bostick

Although I feel bad for the guy, he has to be listed here. His job was to block for Jordy Nelson. Instead he got excited and tried to make a play on the ball. Big mistake. I don’t blame him for the loss as many are doing, simply because the Packers should never have been in that position (see Mike McCarthy above), but still…



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68 thoughts on “Packers 22, Seahawks 28: Game Balls and Lame Calls

  1. Have been a fan since 1964. MM reminds me of Forest Gregg ‘ s coaching. Coach’s not to lose versus coaching to win. This has been said numerous times. Packers not having an owner is a double edge sword. Slow on changes on personal and coaching staff. Someone in the coaching staff has to fall on the sword. It’s a must to see a change big or small on this team for next year. Rodgers not throwing against Sherman with one arm not two reminded of Monty Python. In the end having watch the Packers for 50 years, I know nothing will change. I told my kids, be prepared for the lean years with no Rogers. Hard to capture lighting in the bottle three times in a row.

  2. One Question: Who is the emotional leader of this football team? Who is the guy who is always juicing up his teammates? Who is the guy who–when a key tackle, pass breakup, sack, etc., needs to happen–is the one who always seems to be there to make the play? It isn’t Clay Matthews…he disappears way too often.

    1. Dobber – I agree. I have been saying for a few seasons that this team, especially the defense, needs a leader, like a Nitschke or Reggie White. Some one to take over a game. Someone to rally around. Maybe next season. Thanks, Since ’61

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