Packers 22, Seahawks 28: Game Balls and Lame Calls

Packers Mason Crosby vs Seahawks

Game Balls

K Mason Crosby

Seriously? Five field goals including two 48 yarders, the last to send the game into overtime? One of the best playoff performances by a kicker EVER.

LB Clay Matthews

It was a very different defense when Matthews missed some series late, apparently with some type of knee injury. Suddenly Wilson had some room to run, which opened things up for the Seahawks.

DC Dom Capers

Dom dialed up a masterful game plan to keep Russell Wilson contained and make him beat you with his arm. Worked until the very end when Matthews went out and then things got disjointed on the field. You can argue with a few calls here and there, but overall, the Packers defense was as good as they are capable of being.

S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Two interceptions, three passes defended, five tackles (mostly on Marshawn Lynch). A big-time game for a rookie. Had that blip ,on the two point conversion. personally, I have a feeling he lost the ball in the lights. Seemed to go one way and suddenly realize the ball wasn’t there. We’ll see…

S Morgan Burnett – Burnett did a lot of work this game. Ten tackles, two sacks, 2 QB hits, what could have been a “dagger” interception, if the offense didn’t go into turtle mode.

Lame Calls

Mike McCarthy

In fact, I lay the majority of the blame for the loss at the feet of McCarthy. As he has done before, he stopped trying to win the game in the fourth quarter, content to try to run some time off the clock and pray they could hold on. Unfortunately, he went to it far too early and they couldn’t. He took the ball out of the hands of the NFL’s best quarterback. I won’t make a huge deal about the early decisions to kick field goals from the one yard line, although I would have gone for 7 on the second opportunity.

Brandon Bostick

Although I feel bad for the guy, he has to be listed here. His job was to block for Jordy Nelson. Instead he got excited and tried to make a play on the ball. Big mistake. I don’t blame him for the loss as many are doing, simply because the Packers should never have been in that position (see Mike McCarthy above), but still…



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68 thoughts on “Packers 22, Seahawks 28: Game Balls and Lame Calls

  1. I agree with the game ball for Mason Crosby.

    After that, no one. What was that thing that HHCD was doing on the two point conversion? It looked like he was playing hopscotch. Morgan Burnett traded his game ball for a lame call, for going to the ground – that play defines this team – lay down and expose your belly in submission. AJ Hawk? Watch him blow coverage and leave a tackle open for a TD pass. Watch him aimlessly crash into the back of the pile, taking himself out of any possibility of making a play on Lynch’s 24 yd TD run.

    This whole team is infected with ‘play not to lose’ that they’ve caught from their coach.

  2. Game Balls:

    Crosby for sure.

    Not Capers though. 2nd and 31 and 3rd and 19 and 3 man rushes? Are you kidding me? Defense fell apart last 5 min and in OT could not make one stop.

    Lame Calls:

    Bostic for sure.

    Hawk for not covering that guy. The punter would not have been able to reach the first down marker if Hawk did his job.

    MM for playing scared, bad clock management on final drive. Still had two time outs left when Crosby kicked FG.

    Burnett for going to the ground after INT. If you watch the video he had lots of room to run.

    Entire Packers team gets a lame call for not finishing the game. If you watch the video of the bench after Burnett’s INT they thought they won the game and could not turn the intensity back on.

    MM is a really good preparation coach. The team was ready and had a great game plan. However, he is a bad game day coach. He gets out coached on game day most of the time. His and the team’s clock management was terrible again. The Packers moved the ball best when they were in hurry up and should have used it in second half. Lame Call MM.

    All the Packers needed to do was score 10 points in the second half and they would have won BUT they only got three until the last drive. Lame call MM.

  3. Lame Call – Russell Wilson for crying, like a baby, after the game and thanking God. Are you kidding me? Yea, God is up there choosing sides in a football game. He wanted all the Seattle fans and players, especially Wilson, to feel joy and all the Packer fans and players, especially Bostick, to feel heartbreak. Ridiculous!

      1. In the excitement of Ha Ha’s pick it didn’t seem like a big deal but the ball would have been first and goal on or about the 5 yard line (I could be wrong). I gotta think that Rodgers and co.will get in the end zone and add 4 more points to the Packers point total. I like Mike Daniels but this was a immature boneheaded move. I’ll also give myself a lame call for up voting my own post! Very tasteless on my part.

        1. Two plays later, they were right back on the 5, though. Yes, Daniels has to keep a clear head, but in the end his play didn’t doom that possession.

          1. Why would you want to give the best defense in the NFL a better chance of keeping your offense out of the end zone? The Packers needed every point they could get and that penalty was totally unacceptable!

            1. I agree that the lack of discipline is problematic, but it turned out that the drive didn’t stall on the 20. Just saying that they made the yards back quickly and were right back where they would’ve been absent the penalty.

          2. Dobber – I agree, but his penalty was unnecessary and stupid. It is an issue with this team that they commit boneheaded plays and penalties in the biggest games. Brad Jones against Detroit and Dallas for example. Doesn’t matter which player, it happens too often. Thanks, Since ’61

            1. Just can’t keep killing your momentum time and time again, whether by play calling or penalties. This was a great year surpassing expectations given our poor ILB talent void, but the shooting ourselves in the foot is maddening. In my mind MM has to look in the mirror and it will be the biggest test of his stubbornness to see if he can respond. He needs to start stepping up and take a no prisoners approach and coach to win.

          3. My point is “Strike When The Iron Is Hot” It’s essential to take advantage of your opponents mistake as quickly as possible.

  4. At some point, as we reflect a bit deeper, we’re going to have to take on the much more difficult issue of Aaron Rodgers.

    We have two years in a row with Rodgers having such significant injuries he has become a China Doll. The entire Offense has to adjust to work around his issues. He’s still great, even hobbling around. But, it just doesn’t work well. The entire team suffers.

    The solution is to have a kick-ass Back Up QB who can relieve or replace Rodgers in these situations.

    Flynn will NEVER be that guy. He’s a placeholder at best. He only has his position because he’s barely adequate and clearly a friend of Rodgers. He just is not good enough. Tolzien could be (or could have been) the guy. He might have something exceptional in him? Who knows? But, he’ll never be given a chance under the existing structure.

    Rodgers may have 3-4 great years ahead. Or, none. If he plays as a China Doll, the Team will never advance through Playoffs. Ever. If he can be supported by having a threatening, aggressive, potential replacement Back Up QB nearby, that combination might get the Team to another Superbowl while Rodgers tenure continues.

    As a side note, we should also remember that Eddie Lacy probably only has two or three concussions left in him before he’s out. He’s averaging one per year right now. Better plan for that eventuality as well.

    But yeah, I’ll pin yesterday’s meltdown loss on the Organization not having a kick-ass Back Up QB standing behind Rodgers. Rodgers could barely make it through the First Half and did so relying on Crosby. The Packers didn’t have another game in them this Season. Certainly not the Big Game.

    1. I’m tending to agree with you. All Packers losses this season came when offense played bad. No matter how bad or good was Packers defense, defense never cost us the game. Offense and special teams does. We agree that Matt Flynn is the end story and that Scott should have his opportunity to take some experience before he can come to the game and fullfil competently his task while Aaron will care of his injuries. Nevertheless, I will remind those who want to put Mike McCarthy on the guilty bench to go back last week and read their comments here. Packers were lost this game before they even come to Seattle. And the fans like that wants the team to play differently than fans are. At least team hold up ground for 56 minutes in the game. Team’s fans was waving with white flag from the moment team lost at Buffalo.

      I believe you should clean first in front of your doors,. than question others…

    2. Rodger’s injury had little if not no impact on this game. The game was given away through mistakes and a lack of commitment to put the boots to Seattle when we had them down. To bring up a china doll in conjunction with this game is totally misplaced. Not knowing what you are doing on special teams, pounding the ball into no running lanes to force 3 and outs and failing to score more than field goals are the topic NOT china doll. And yes, McCarthy is a big part of that discussion

      1. I agree here. A china doll is a guy who always seems to have tweaked hamstrings, turf toe, strained obliques…guys like Miles Austin who gets a soft tissue injury getting out of bed in the morning and misses significant time. I would argue that until this season, Clay Matthews was falling into that category.

        Broken collarbone from a 270-lb LB/DE driving you into the ground? Come on. Torn calf muscle? That’s closer, but he was able to play with it–and mostly effectively. How do you call him a china doll?

      2. I don’t think Rodgers is a china doll. I do think his injury had a huge impact on the game. No rolling out and extending plays, no running for a chunk of yardage, which also allowed Seattle’s LBs to concentrate on taking away the underneath routes, a long completion of 13 yards (long of 23 to Nelson if you count yards after the catch). GB wins easily with a healthy Rodgers.

  5. MM lost this game in the first quarter. I told my buddies just managing to get 6 points off those turnovers will haunt them, and it did. For the game the Packers had 5 turnovers and managed 6 points. Seattle’s defense was ranked #26 in Red Zone defense and #26 Red Zone TD%, how the Packers managed 6 points is inexcusable. 4th down from the 6 inch line in the NFC Championship Game and he kicks a FG?

    After the fumble recovery on 2nd and goal Rodgers missed a wide open Nelson. How he missed that throw is beyond me. Rodgers had plenty of time and no pressure. Rodgers HAS to make that throw.

    Why did Burnett go down after his pick? He had some blockers and there weren’t really any Seattle players in position to stop him. At the very least he could have put them in FG range. I have no doubt he was told by his coaches to go down if they get a TO. Again another example of MM playing not to lose.

    This loss is as embarrassing as it is painful. To watch Pete Carroll jumping up and down AGAIN because of McCarthy…….F#*K!!!!

    1. So true Nick. What I find particularly troublesome with MM, is that he recognized his play calling mistake after the Dallas game and then went out and did exactly the same thing. Even worse, he could have put this game to bed a half dozen different times but he turtled his offense and left Seattle in the game. Totally weak.

      1. Nick – this is where Rodgers calf is a factor. Normally they would have Rodgers pass or roll out on at least some of the red zones plays. If Rodgers is healthy he can run for the TD if nothing is open. That option was gone the last few weeks so they went with the battering ram route with Lacy and Kuhn. Although, they have to connect on the pass to Jordy. No excuse on that one. Thanks, Since ’61

        1. Well said. Rodgers couldn’t extend plays with his legs, allowing Seattle’s normally tight coverage to jump the underneath routes even more, and to some extent eliminating slow developing routes from GB’s arsenal despite generally good pass pro. Also, I saw a handful of times where Rodgers could have run for a chunk of yards but was unable.

          1. The Packers were 3/14 on 3rd downs. If Rodgers has his legs we pick up at least 2 or 3 more and keep drives alive which not only impacts the score it kills more clock to reduce or eliminate time for a Seattle comeback. Thanks, Since ’61

        2. That 2 yard pass to Nelson after the TD was huge Since ’61, I’m still shaking my head about that one. You’re right about the calf though, we really missed Rodgers ability to scramble and/or run.

    2. The counterpoint: what if the Packers get those two possessions deep in Seahawk territory and come away with zero points? I think we all had that sneaking feeling that those were real missed opportunities, but they couldn’t afford to come away with nothing. Still, punching that ball in sets a tone for the game that could have made a huge difference…QB sneak?

      “I have no doubt he was told by his coaches to go down if they get a TO.”

      I really have a hard time believing that’s true.

      1. The reason I said that about Burnett Dobber is there was no one near Burnett and had 2 or 3 blockers to follow. Football players are competitors, for Burnett to go down there was strange IMO, especially how quickly he went down. You may be right, it was all on Burnett and if that’s the case he made a huge mistake.

  6. I nominate Quarless for Lame Call. Dropped critical 3rd down catch. Time to clean out the TE closet, and keep Richard Rodgers, but the rest can go. I’ve seen enough of Quarless this year, and hope that is the end.

    1. I’m not sure about that? AQ has made a lot of big catches for the Packers. He and RR should be retained IMO. I do agree that he needed to make that catch yesterday

    2. I disagree. Quarless is a perfectly serviceable back up tight end, and with a cap # of $1.75 million is being paid as a #2/#3 TE. Plus, there is nothing on the roster behind him except R. Rodgers.

  7. Sometimes a team suffers the kind of defeat that infects them for a long time. I’ve see that happen with Atlanta, Dallas and Houston, Giants, and they were never the same team after that, even carries through the next year. I don’t think Green Bay will get over this. It is like a subcutical virus that festers, but for GBP, it will haunt their pyschie for the next few years. How will they ever have a mojo again? They’ll be viewed as a doormat in the division for next 2 years.

    1. Now that’s a bit of a stretch IMO. “Doormat of the division”?! Not as long as the Bears are in it we won’t! We do have a pretty damn tough schedule next year as well but they should be in the mix if they can stay healthy. The stars were aligned for GB this year and GB **it the bed and failed to see the effort thru. I don’t think the character of this team will allow for this loss to haunt them in future seasons. The only lesson to take from this game is that you need to play for 4 quarters and put a team away when you have the chance! This was one of the Packers most dominating playoff performances and they somehow managed to give the game away! I would have rather they had gotten blown out than to rollover like they did yesterday!

    2. I don’t know about a doormat but I agree that this loss could affect the team for a while. We’re a bit ahead of ourselves as we won’t know until next season. For now, this team has other issues to address. Thanks, Since ’61

    3. Subcutical virus? LOL. OK.

      Games don’t hurt unless you are good. No one is disappointed unless you were close. Losing doesn’t suck if you never had a shot at winning.

      Being heartbroken about a loss is the cost of being good. When was the last time the Browns were heartbroken?

      Does anybody else – like me – remember how pissed off you were when the Packers got stomped and bitch-slapped by the Dallas Effin’ Cowboys for three years in a row? First there was 1993. Then 1994. Then 1995. Was that a “subcutical virus” too? Or were the Packers pretty damn good?

      1. I remember Nate Newton after the 1994 game on the stage as Dallas got the NFC trophy spouting off about how they kicked the Packers asses. Fat bastard…

    4. Every bit of fluke, random chance, and 50/50 strategy decisions went against the Packers yesterday.

      Some of the MM criticism is misplaced. If the first two drives end with no points instead of 6 total that’s bad. If a bunch of incompletions are thrown in the second half that’s bad.

      The most invalid criticism is this “team mentality” thing, for lack of a better phrase. There were many games this year when GB passed the ball with the lead to seal the game. It happened yesterday also, but Q dropped the game winner.

      1. Agree about kicking the two field goals. I certainly had no faith in the packer offense to punch it in for a TD. More or less agree about team mentality, but I don’t understand why you then talk about running or passing. Trying to run Lacy into an 8 man front with 5 minutes left even though there was no hope of securing a 1st down is playing the clock rather than playing to win, and that is a mentality I see from MM far too much. (2nd and 14: let’s run Lacy up the middle into 8 guys is disgraceful.) I disagree strongly with the line about every fluke, random chance going against GB. Yes, some did, but it will probably be years before Seattle turns over the ball 5 times in one game again. That was the biggest fluke of all, and it should have been decisive.

  8. I can’t remember a more painful meltdown as a Packer fan in my lifetime! To flat out dominate this team for 57 minutes and then just “roll over” at the end is just astonishing! MM needed to go for it on the second 4th and goal opportunity in the first quarter. I understand the first FG but the second one? WTH? You are getting these complete TO’s as gifts and you can convert just one into 6 points!?

  9. I’ve watched Favre throw ints to end a game and I’ve watched comebacks that fell short but I can’t recall a game were we SO gave-it-away. I have never been more disappointed in a Packer loss in all my years

  10. I really feel sorry for JP! It was his birthday and he was playing lights out! Instead of a SB ticket for his birthday gift, he got a crap sandwich with fries instead!

  11. I will add Tim Masthay a lame ball for forgetting how to punt down the stretch. Give us a couple of boomers and help pin them deep in their zone. Nothing

  12. I’ll try not to repeat previous comments. However, Ha Ha for the missed interception, Burnett for taking a knee, and Capers for his “Capers” play calling in the in the last five minutes of the game (as well as the 2nd and 31 and 3rd and 19), all deserve game balls AND lame calls. But to repeat a few other messages, MM deserves the bulk of the blame for settling for 3 instead of punching it in on two drives and for the play calling on the last two drives before the final drive.

  13. After you convinced me I’m all to fire everybody. From TT, MM, DC, Slocum to every player tham made at least half mistake. So complete roster! How dare they to play so weak with no heart in them! What chicken is MM who were affraid to catch the ball on on side kick, or to cover on that faked FG or to show himself and tackle Marshaw Lynch! Not to mention his inability to block front 7 on the last Packers possession so the Seahawks was able to penetrate in the back field and gang tackle Eddie. He is the guilty one…

    Listen to youself. I know it hurts,. It hurts me too. But I’m proud how Packers were playing. You are coming to this discussion and bring with you your opinion made on what presumption? That play which did not work was wrong call? Maybe it was only call to given circumstances. Maybe coverage was so good (No 1 pass defense against us!) that only run game was option… Yes, Packers made quite some mistakes, so Seattle did them too. You are telling me that you will go with 4 and one 2 times in the Q1. SO what happens if you’ll be stopped? You will not have nothing on the board and some bad thoughts in the players head! You know what play you’ll be calling? You are ridiculous

    1. Croatpackfan, If they were stopped at 4th and one, they gave up the ball on the 1 yard line, the 1 yard line! Seattle has a lot of ground to cover then. And why did McCarthy leave three timeouts on the clock in regulation? What was he saving it for? There was still plenty of time to try for a TD when you have three timeouts left. I still say, MM lost the game.

      1. They have enough time to score TD if that was possible. Last FG came on 4 & 4. So what will be the reason for the TO called earlier? TO left more time to Seahawks? Or maybe you think we should try that one on 4 & 4? I do not understand you!

        1. and the three plays before leading up to the 4 & 4 were passes, two incompletes followed by a short completion to Nelson. You are correct.

  14. Lame Calls:

    1. McCarthy for his playcalling in the 1st Q and the 4th Q.

    2. Bostick. Nothing else needs to be said.

    3. Shawn Slocumb. You are dismissed. (At least you’d effin BETTER be)

    1. When he finally looks at himself in the mirror. That many have voted him as the greatest coach in Packers history is mind boggling. Great Packers teams go for the jugular. This one needs to learn that.

  15. What gets me is that we’re going to have to put up with Pete Carroll’s smug mug and all the media love for him for two more weeks…GO PATS!!!

  16. Here’s the issue with this Packer’s team since the 2010 SB win. They prepare well, they play hard and then they self-destruct and beat themselves in the most stupid ways in the biggest games.
    Yesterday, Dix makes a pick and nice runback to about the 5 yard line and Daniels commits a stupid and unnecessary penalty, costing the team 15 yards. We didn’t know it then but that was a microcosm of the entire game. Pack makes great play, stupid penalty. Pack plays great game and gives it away stupidly in the final 4 minutes. As for first 2 red zone trips, I’m OK with a FG after the 1st time because in effect the Packers don’t want to knock on the door twice and come away with 0. Not on the road and not against Seattle. After the recovered fumble on the kick return the Packers need to go for the kill no doubt. Poor execution by Rodgers and Cobb stopped us. Cobb should have at least gotten to the goal line to receive the pass. Rodgers did not make a great pass there either. Also, there was the TD pass to Jordy that was incomplete. An MVP QB and an open pro-bowl receiver need to make that play. Rodgers 2nd pick hurt because we were in Seattle territory and driving for another FG at least. Rodgers played well but not great. His calf may have cost a trip to the SB. IMO the turning point of the game is Capers rushing only 2-3 on the 3rd and 20 play in the 3rd qtr. Stop them at that point and there is no fake FG attempt. Big time lame call on Capers for that one. Defense plays great game and Capers makes stupid and unnecessary call. Then we have inexplicable play calling in the 4th qtr after a game when we moved the ball well with pass plays. Burnett sliding down for no reason at all after he played a great game. Dix failing to make a pick after his great game. Bostick after not being heard from all season appears to cost us the game and finally our best defensive player is on the sidelines when the game is on the line. Senseless. Some poor play calling both offense and defense, an injured QB, ST’s give up a TD plus the onside kick and bad plays by Burnett and Dix add up to an unnecessary loss in spite of a great effort. For some reason our players are not getting the message that they need to play for 60 minutes. Capers needs to throw away the stupid 3 man rush that never works and after a season of 7 blocked kicks and a TD and lost onside kick Slocum needs to go. Too many guys play hard but stupid, especially in big spots on this team. I have to admit that is on coaching. No one whoever played for Lombardi would make any of these bone headed plays.
    This team either comes out totally determined and resolved to win next season or they could have a long, long road back after a loss like this. Time will tell. Thanks, Since ’61

    1. “IMO the turning point of the game is Capers rushing only 2-3 on the 3rd and 20 play in the 3rd qtr”… reminded me of the 3rd and 28 in Philly all those years ago. Same bad feelings…

  17. As much as it hurts me to say this, the Packers as a team deserved to lose. They had the Super Bowl in their grasp and completely blundered it away. Championship teams do not do this. From coaching to player execution, this is a team sport.The team failed! Football is a 60 minute game . When the game was on the line, the time where legions are made, the Packers went into a shell. Yes, the Packers came out smoking and played great, but not in crunch time. Yes bad luck played a part in the loss, but the Packers did nothing to combat the bad luck by making D stops in crunch time. Seattle’s last 3 drives…3 TDs….not a championship move.

  18. Spot on. Now let’s go get a stud ILB, get rid of any dead wood and come back with a Vengeance and get rid of this feeling.

  19. Please ,MM the goat . 16 POINT LEAD into the FOURTH QUARTER ends the debate of should have scored more pts in the first quarter. You don’t pass the ball with 5 min. after you already threw 2 ints and you go to the ground with min. remaining after an INT. All are the right moves. We cannot blame MM for fake FG, two hand touching Lynch in crunch time, allowing an on side kick to go through the hands of a TE and bounce off his helmet into the air ( if he just drops ball we had Packers all around), laughable miss timing on a jump ball where QB was hail Marying it and you have inside position, and finally showing no heart on D in overtime. I still can’t believe how easily they scored in overtime, knowing that thier best defensive player was playing with one arm Execute anyone of those routine plays and we win. This D has been haunting us for years.

  20. I don’t really have a major problem with the field goals early. But I think in this NFL you have to be aggressive as that is what wins games. I have never had a problem with a team throwing instead of running near the end of the game to keep getting first downs even if the passes fall incomplete cause at least you are being aggressive to WIN. All year this team was money in the 5 minute offense to close out some close games. Take a lesson from NE playbook they were throwing up 45-7 with 4 mins left always going for the juggular. Going to be a tough off-season, McCarthy hopefully can learn from this and the team adopt a more aggressive approach as a team. Although I feel that McCarthy is just a more conservative guy overall so it may just be wishful thinking…

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