Packers Stock Report: Why do we care edition

When Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers crumpled to the ground in a heap on Sunday, what’s the first thought that ran through your head?

My thoughts consisted of only one word: Why?

Why do I care so much about the Packers? Why do my wife and I invest three hours every Sunday into watching the Packers? Why do I have butterflies in my stomach before, during and after Packers games? Why does a silly game like football play with my emotions like this? Why did I just spend the last four months religiously following the Packers, only to see it all blown up on one play? Why am I not getting another beer? Why? WHY? WHY?!?!?!?!

Then Rodgers strolled back out in the third quarter, led the Packers to victory, and all my “why” questions were answered.

I care so much because of moments like that. Yes, football is a silly game played by millionaires who have very little in common with people like you and I. It’s hard to explain why I care so much, but I do, and I’m glad I do.

It’s fun to follow this team. Every now and then, it’s amazing.

Speaking of amazing…

On to the Packers Stock report:


Aaron Rodgers
J.J. Watt is a helluva player, but if Rodgers doesn’t win NFL MVP, you might as well name the award something else. Winning the NFC North title game while playing an entire half on one leg is one of the most MVPish things I’ve seen in quite some time.

Offensive line
I’ve been saying this since the New England game and I’ll say it again: If the Packers offensive line keeps playing like it’s playing, the Packers will win the Super Bowl.

Randall Cobb
When Cobb is picking up yards after the catch, the Packers are hard to stop. Think about it: When the Packers offense sputters, the opposing defense usually does a good job of tackling the Packers wide receivers right after they catch the ball. As Cobb’s YAC goes, so goes the Packers offense.


Richard Rodgers
He’s been catching just about everything thrown his way, even when he’s not open. Part of the reason the Packers offense did nothing against Detroit in week three was the weak play of their tight ends, both in the passing and run-blocking game. That was a totally different story on Sunday.

Morgan Burnett
Burnett’s tackling and toughness near the line of scrimmage will be much needed if the Packers hope to beat the Cowboys and Seahawks and their physical running games.

Mike McCarthy
How many times have we seen the Packers suffer an in-game injury, and McCarthy continues calling downfield passes? I thought McCarthy adjusted beautifully to Rodgers’ limitations and once again guided the Packers though the season’s ups and downs to a division title.


Brad Jones
Why is Jones still getting playing time? Put Sean Richardson or Jarrett Bush at middle linebacker if you have to. Jones shouldn’t see the field again.

Kick protection
The Packers are much better at protecting Aaron Rodgers this season, but now they can’t stop teams from blocking kicks. Seven blocked kicks in a decade is a lot, let alone a single season.

The Lions
I stand by what I wrote in Sunday’s “5 reasons” game preview: The NFL would be better off without the Lions.


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


64 thoughts on “Packers Stock Report: Why do we care edition

  1. I am curious about Devante Adams; what is going wrong there? He seems to be falling. Is it just because Nelson and Cobb are hitting such high numbers, there just isn’t enough balls to be thrown to Davante? There aren’t many teams with two 1200 yard receivers on same team, so maybe that’s it. Just wondering what others see and hear.

    Add the disappearance of Boykin, and GB doesn’t have a very deep WR core anymore beyond the 2.
    Maybe Janis is held in reserve for playoff, so there won’t be any tape on him to study. heh heh

    1. I too have wondered about the complete disappearance of Boykin and the lack of Adams lately. If we make it to Seattle (depends on Rodgers health), we will need these guys to step up,( like Adams did against the Patriots), against Seattle’s secondary.

      I just read a medical article about Rodgers calf. It said a strained calf ( partially torn muscle) takes 6-8 weeks to fully heal. Rodgers the will definitely be playing in pain and will have to monitor his mobility out of the pocket. Teams will blitz more now. Bummer! I hope he can play through this. I hate the Cowboys and want to beat them at Lambeau!

      1. That sucks about Rodgers… If he was healthy we had a very legitimate shot at the superbowl. No way he limps on one leg into the superbowl, that’s a fact Jack… Sooooo close to another ring, I could taste it. Don’t we have the technology to rebuild that calf, make it mechanical and give MM the remote so he could control it from the sidelines?

    2. I think Adams is playing like a typical rookie WR. Lots of growing pains mixed in with some moments of brilliance. If you look at the rookie seasons of past Packers’ 2nd round WRs like Jordy, Jennings, Jones, and Cobb, Adams’ numbers aren’t that much different.

      Perhaps we’re setting a higher ceiling for Adams because all those other players have gone on to have stellar careers, making us forget about their rookie struggles.

      1. On top of that, when Nelson and Cobb are having good games, is there really any reason to go to Adams? He’ll get a couple here and there, but overall it’s going to be the big guns getting the yards.

        It isn’t until games like the Packers had against the Patriots where Adams will be leaned on more. If the Packers end up at Seattle this postseason, I would expect Adams to be targeted more.

      2. I agree and disagree. Adams is having a typical rookie year, and overall it is a positive year for a rookie. Plus, the odds dictate that one should never write anything negative about a WR drafted by TT in the 2nd round if one doesn’t want to look silly. That said, Jennings, Jones, Nelson and Cobb all had considerably better rookie years than Adams. Still, Adams does seem promising.

    3. I think with Davante Adams, it’s a clear case of Aaron Rodgers giving him the cold shoulder because of f ups and drops recently. At this point they have no other choice but to play him as their no. 3 but Rodgers I believe has lost all confidence in him at this point. He’s just a body. Unless he’s totally wide open I don’t expect Rodgers to throw his way. The only good news is he has lost all trust in Adams but he appears to have full trust now in Richard Rodgers.

      1. TT, Not so sure about that? #12 is certainly type-A in a good way but he must realize that “shunning” a rookie who had his biggest game of the year against possibly the best team in the league would not be supportive of his development. Rodgers knows this. He’s very aware of team chemistry and he knows that he will be much more productive if Davante develops. I think he is in the dog house with # 12 because of the Bills game. If you recall, that was the game when Rodgers threw like 4 route stop, back shoulder throws and a few of the receivers looked completely lost…including Adams. I also know that he has dropped a few critical balls, including the slant for a TD against NE. Not sure what goes on behind the scenes but it would seem to me that it would be a better approach to continue to get Adams going? They are going to need him big time in the playoffs! I think Rodgers is trying to teach him a lesson with some tough love but he needs to be careful. You don’t want your #3 receiver checked out of games mentally in the playoffs!:(

        This just in…Suh wins his appeal and gets a paltry 70 grand fine instead of suspension!? WTH is that!? This is what leads to all of the alleged conspiracy theories about the NFL. The guy has been fined like 7-8 times and his behavior continues. I just don’t understand the NFL justice system and I don’t think Merton Hanks or Goodell does either. Total BS:( Gggggrrrrr

        1. Doc, I agree with you on Adams. That’s what I meant. Rodgers is pissed off because of his f up after the NE game. He’s known for that when players screw up. They’ll kiss and make up but the sooner the better obviously.

          As for the Suh lifted
          suspension. It doesn’t surprise me Doc. This is a racial thing in my opinion and though I was kind of having fun with it yesterday it turns out more true than I imagined.

          Goodell probably was under pressure behind the scenes probably from Al Sharpton or possibly even Obama and of course caved. Probably was threatened with some type of lawsuit. Merton Hanks is African American. There’s connections with the black community..

          Suh should have been banned I agree. I said yesterday they would be wise to just let this go to prevent riots or something stupid and they did. Goodell was thinking what I was joking about and he did it. He caved. The protesters won again.

          1. I’m not sure that this is a racial issue? I think it’s an NFL money issue. They know the playoff game will be more competitive with Suh playing than if he doesn’t. Full disclosure, I’m African American.

            1. I know you are Doc. I saw your picture. I also am African American though I am also white. I prefer not to disclose the black side of me if I don’t have too but I will only when it suits me like right now. I am ashamed of my community for the most part with these riots. I am kind of like Charles Barkley when it comes to this issue. Barkley as you may or may not know is hated among the black community. So is Russell Wilson who is one of my favorite players.

              1. Thanks TT,
                I understand that some of these issues are rather raw. I prefer to keep it about football and the human confrontation that makes it so compelling. Having said that, I do understand that prejudice exists in many forms surrounding all aspects of society. I’m aware of it, I just choose to focus on the unifying forces of the sport and team we all love, not the divisive and ignorant behavior and opinions of a few. I don’t think Suh was a racial issue. I think it was about the drama and the viewer ratings on the NFL Playoffs. I am as angry and baffled about the decision as you are. I just feel that the narrative is different. I certainly could entertain your premise. I just don’t feel that it was the basis of this decision in this particular case:)

              2. The decision was made by Ted Cottrell, the arbitrator jointly appointed by the player’s union and the NFL. Goodell had no say.

              3. Cottrell’s rationale was idiotic and based upon a ridiculous technicality. He even went on to say that Suh knew he was on Rodger’s leg! The fact is that justice and punishment in the NFL is arbitrary at best and creates confusion amongst players and fans. Suh should not have won his appeal and the great majority of fans have spoken out in this regard. It’s just ridiculous!

        2. Rodgers has a thing about trust. He doesn’t like to throw interceptions, so WRs who run the wrong route or make the wrong adjustment can cause interceptions. I find it completely believable Rodgers has stopped looking at Adams, or at least he is now the 4th option at best. Adams had 60 snaps against Detroit, but was not targeted once.

          1. Noticed that too. It looked like he didn’t look his way once. I for one would like to see them get on the same page, at least on some plays. I really think the Packers will need that 3rd receiver to step up against a team like Seattle or the Patriots should we meet either again.

            1. We agree that a 3rd receiving option needs to step up. My comment is meant, however, as a mild criticism of Aaron Rodgers. I thought he ignored the TEs early in the year also. I sometimes think he takes the “trust” issue too far. Building confidence in rookies like R. Rodgers and D. Adams is also important.

  2. Falling – Dom Capers

    Just kidding, Bill from NJ don’t go postal on me. He is doing a great job, wait did I just write that?

    Also, stop calling me Cow42 I am not, and never was, him or her.

    Go Pack Go!

      1. Big T I believe is Mr. T’s older brother. I was once also called Cow42 but it was my opinion that David is and I am not the only one who thinks this. I just told him now to pretend he’s him even if he’s not. He’s already doing a good job of pretending he’s not him by changing up how he talks recently. I think he knows we are on to him so he’s trying to write differently and be a little more optimistic to throw people off. I think David is probably sick of all the limelight and just wants some peace and quiet. Kind of like Jim Morrison going to France.

    1. David, I have to be honest. A couple weeks ago you were talking and had opinions exactly like Cow42 so that’s why there was a lot of buzz about you. Frankly, if you aren’t him it might not hurt to just say you are him just for fun. After all, this is a guy who is the most popular guy on all sports forums up there with Howard Cosell. CheeseheadTV I am sure took a huge hit when he suddenly left for good.

      Being an imposter without even trying isn’t necessarily a bad thing David plus I don’t know if anyone has noticed but we have had one hell of an increase in people here since the buzz about Cow42(you David) was suddenly here posting.
      I am sure Jersey Al wouldn’t mind either if you say you are not Cow42 but do it with a wink ok? lol

      1. Ted should know about something about impostors. Ted is without doubt Bernice the Baker (in fact, Ted admitted it in some posts).

        1. Yes!! thank you for remembering me Reynaldo. I was Bernie the Baker named for Tom Birney the horrible Packers kicker of the 70’s who I remember the announcer saying he was a “baker” when the Packers called him and asked him to be their kicker. The worst left footed kicker I ever remember in my youth. lol
          I am very happy here now that Stroh aka DannyDS isn’t here posting. All I wanted was a place where that a hole wasn’t and I found it finally. I wish you well at Cheeseheadtv. This place is better than ever and getting a ton of new people now that Stroh is over there and Cow is here. Have fun Reynoldo but I do wish you would pick one team and stick with it.

          1. Actually, I don’t know where Bernice came from. It was not my intent to feminize or otherwise insult you. So, it was an insult Stroh used? If so, or even if it is not so, I am sorry either way (and I really do not wish to imitate Stroh). I was actually just trying to be a bit whimsical.

            Impostor also was poor word choice in regards to you, since (as I noted) you have acknowledged using the Bernie the baker monicker previously during prior posts. I used it simply because that was the term used by you in your own post in this thread: “Being an imposter without even trying isn’t necessarily a bad thing David….” David allegedly being Cow and Ted Tomsin aka Bernie the Baker seems to have some similarities, the difference being you acknowledged it. BTW, David doesn’t sound like Cow to me.

            I had some run-ins with Stroh, and now with Danny DS, but I didn’t and won’t let it get out of hand. I generally found Cow to be amusing and not infrequently insightful. No need for Cow IMO to change names.

            I don’t think I will ask Danny DS if he is Stroh. (1) there is no point, since he would have to deny it, having been banned already; (2) to ask him that might be considered an insult by some. I wasn’t worried about asking Ted Tomsin if he had also been known as Bernie the Baker.

            Last, I always go to Jersey Al (now allgbp) first, and then to Cheesehead if time allows.

            1. Ok, fair enough Reynoldo. I thought you were somehow trying to start something by mentioning the Bernie the Baker name as though it was a bad thing.
              I have absolutely nothing to hide which is why I said who I was. As for Stroh, yes, DannyDS is him. He got banned by Nagler for fighting but he never left. That’s why I said he was an imposter. He simply went with his new name DannyDS.
              Like Cow he had to change up his abrasive style not to cause problems but after a certain time he thinks he’s ok and you’ll notice once again he’ll start to act like the big shot and start calling people names etc. He’s doing it again. I’m not surprised you had run-ins with him. DannyDS got what he wanted. He drove a lot of good people away and he’s now King. The guy is everywhere. I also know he had run-ins with Jersey Al where he was fighting with him over Crosby I believe. Just glad I don’t see his name around here anymore.
              Happy New Year Reynoldo!!

  3. Nice insight Adam on the ‘why’. I can hardly watch at times because of the drama. As a lifelong fan, I am so grateful that ARod leads this team. There is always hope that we can make the throw, get the first down and win the game. It is a good time to be a Packer Backer.

    Lots to like about this team. I am elevating Richard Rodgers to the rising category. He is not fast or flashy but he is so strong and sure on the ball. If he and Rodgers keep developing, we will see the middle of the field open up.

    As for the falling, it is no surprise since these players/areas have been chronic problems for the team. I am hoping that the strengths of this team overcome these weaknesses.

  4. Brad Jones must be dating TT or MM’s daughter. There is no other logical explanation why he is on the field…

  5. It might not be a popular opinion in this forum, but if I were an MVP voter I’d have to think pretty long and hard about JJ Watt. Trust me, I have absolutely nothing against my man ARod (who WILL win the MVP award). But here’s what the Texans got this year from Watt, on average …

    4.9 tackles every game
    1.3 sacks every game
    3.1 QB hits every game
    1.8 tackles for loss every game
    A TOUCHDOWN every 3.2 games
    A fumble recovery recovery every 3.2 games
    A forced fumble every 4 games
    1 batted ball in 10 out of every 16 games

    Throw in a free interception per year and at least one safety…

    Or look at it this way. We’d probably all agree that sacks, TFLs, fumbles, INTS and safeties are “impact plays.” Add ’em up… 20.5 sacks + 29 TFLs + 4 fumbles forced + 5 fumbles recovered + 1 INT +1 safety = 60.5 impact plays, or 3.8 of them every single game.

    This isn’t just “good.” This is “Reggie good.” The Packers line up with Josh Boyd, for cryin’ out loud. Can you imagine how much better the GB defense would be if all you did was replace Josh Boyd with JJ Watt?

    What does a non-QB have to do to win an MVP?

    1. What does a non-QB have to do to win an MVP? At least help get their team to the playoffs… JJ is a victim of circumstance. by far the best player in the league, but not the most “valuable” player to a team. “IF” the Texans were an elite team they could win w/out JJ on the field at all times. Now we all know how well the Packers look when Rodgers is out. Hence Rodgers MVP

      1. Yeah, I pretty much agree with everything you’re saying, T, and you’re right that the voters virtually NEVER choose a player that isn’t on a winning team. That’s why I say that Rodgers is going to win. I just don’t really like an award that is completely unattainable for everyone except QBs. To me, that cheapens the award. We should just be honest and call it an MVQBPT award (Most Valuable Quarterback on a Playoff Team).

      1. Adrian Peterson won it a couple years ago. If the Texans made the playoffs, I bet Watt would’ve won it. Also, if you traded Watt for Rodgers, I’d argue the Texans would be 12-4 and the Packers would be outside of the playoff picture. Rodgers is the MVP, but it’s damn close and it takes nothing away from how great Watt is.

      1. Actually it’s sizable. Combined I think it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 7.5 mil next season.. off the cuff remembering here – so I could be wrong…. but I know it’s not close to the vet minimum.

      2. Bearmeat is right Crost. It’s a pretty good sum and I think 7.5 is right. Pretty darn sure that’s exactly what’s going to happen too. Jones and Hawk will be gone next season without question.

    1. The answer is $7.25 million in cap savings. Cutting Hawk saves his cap # of $5.1 with $1.6 in dead money. Cutting Jones saves his cap # of $4.75 with $1.0 million in dead money. Combined cap numbers $9.85 – combined dead money $2.6 equals $7.25 million.

  6. I’m a physician and I can tell you that a fracture might take 2 months to heal but a muscle strain sure shouldn’t! It depends on the extent of the tear and it’s grade. The team Dr McKenzie would not allowed him to return to the game if it was a high grade strain and Rodgers wouldn’t have been able to do anything anyway. They’ll shoot some stem cells into the region and he’ll be %85-%90 by kick off

    1. Doc can u make an educated guess and tell us what Dr Pat and the trainers did to A Rod during halftime to get him back in the game for the 2nd half?

      1. Sure Jerry,
        I’m speculating a bit here as an Emergency Physician but I imagine that Dr. M first evaluated the injury to make certain that there was no additional structural damage to the muscle and that no additional injury had occurred. When I first saw Aaron pull up, I was terrified that his hammy went out on that play. That would have been a real catastrophe!

        1. Doc: I’ve got this rash on my arm and my throat’s been scratchy lately. Any idea what might be wrong?


          1. LOL, I hope you are kidding Adam but I certainly hope you don’t have Scarlet Fever or gonococcal pharyngitis with meningococcemia:( Lol. No bueno!;) The more common ailments would be a viral pharyngitis with a viral exanthem or rash. Lets hope you are in this group! Hahaha.

    2. Holmesmmd,
      Thank you for the great information. I was asking this question earlier regarding Rodgers. It’s nice we have an actual physician posting here. Absolute huge bonus for this forum.
      I hope you can stick around as I am sure we are going to have a ton of medical questions on certain guys as we advance to the playoffs with Rodgers of course being our no. 1 concern.

      1. Thanks TT for the kind words:) I was born and raised in GB and have been a lifelong fan. My uncle was instrumental in building the 1997 GB SB team as a pro-scout. I’ve always bled green & gold;) Great organization with fantastic fans! I will do my best to provide any medical perspective on our squad moving forward. Let’s hope that there is not much to discuss!;) Happy New Year to everyone and Go Pack!!

        1. Great!! Looking forward to hearing from you Doc but as you said hopefully we are only discussing Rodgers ever improving calf injury and nothing else.
          By the way, how would you prefer to be called by? Doc? Doctor? Doctor Holmes. Holmes MD? House? etc

            1. Doc, don’t know if this is your area of expertise, but I do have a few questions related to ARods injury.
              1. Is it better or worse that the second calf injury occurred in a different area than the first or does it matter at all?
              2. Is his calf injury related at all to his earlier hammy injury?
              3. Are these injuries a sign of a chronic condition for Rodgers that’s going to keep creeping up in the future?
              If questions 2 & 3 are in anyway “yes” answers, I’m greatly concerned about ARods effectiveness going forward.

              1. 1. I would say that because the muscle is now injured in 2 places, it is weaker and more painful that if it was injured in one place. This is not good news and it’s the reason why he was in so much more pain in this game than the last:(
                2.I don’t think the hammy played a role in the calf strain as it had appeared to have healed pretty completely. If the hammy had been more of an active injury then yes, alter body mechanics from one injury can result in compensatory stress and injury to other muscles.
                3. Rodgers takes good care of himself. Once the calf is healed completely in the off season, I wouldn’t expect it to be recurring or chronic. It is true that once a muscle is strained, it is more susceptible to future injury to some extent.
                4. There is no reason to believe that this should be chronically limiting in my opinion. The team has used acupuncture and dry needle therapy to recover from all of the hammy drama from last season. #12 will be hampered somewhat for the remainder of this season which is a shame because he is so dynamic with his legs at full strength. I still think he WILL be effective enough given our fantastic O-line and running game to win a SB. I also think this injury will not shorten his career or affect him in future seasons.

      1. Thanks Al,
        I’ve been a reader and fan for quite sometime. It’s all about the Pack and the great fans! Happy to contribute in any way I can:)

  7. Love reading this Adam!! I always like to add mine as well. Agree with most as usual with just a few exceptions. As I said it helps me vent.


    Richard Rodgers – What’s not to like about those critical catches last week. Stepping up in place of Adams.

    Mike Daniels – Love his relentless style

    AllGBP.COM – With the addition of Cow42 recently posting here after leaving CheeseheadTV, the addition of an actual physican (holmesmmd) giving us expert medical answers on player’s injuries, and of course all the excellent writers here, we are having a huge increase in people posting here. We are even getting people coming from MSNBC like PissedoffinAZ. I am noticing an explosion of new people coming here lately so this place is definitely on the rise.

    Steady: Have to go with Ted Thompson’s facial expression again.


    Davante Adams: He’s in a black hole to be honest. Just disappeared.

    A.J. Hawk: Just hanging on until the season ends. Will make a great broadcaster and has a bright future after football.

    Brad Jones – For someone so smart he made a dumb play on the qb.

    Shawn Slocum – Free Falling

    1. Gotta say that we need to be patient with Davante fellas. Remember he is a rookie who will have his fair share of ups and downs. The character, talent, and work ethic are there. Let’s be supportive and realize that the adjustment to the NFL happens differently for everyone. I am a bit more saddened and surprised by Boykin disappearing than I am concerned about Davante. I think he will be just fine!
      Brad Jones wants to be an astronaut after the NFL I believe and is supposed to be very intelligent! I struggled to reconcile that premise with the boneheaded play he made during the last game when he slapped Stafford in the facemask:/ I guess mistakes happen in the heat of battle when you are going full tilt but I would expect a guy with his experience and intelligence to not make such an error in critical games. I would like to stay positive about Jones but I am finding difficulty in justifying playing time for him lately. He isn’t very physical and he doesn’t seem to really even be able to cover much? When Barrington and CMIII are inside, I feel considerably more comfortable on any given down. It will be interesting to see if Bradford ever gets deployed in the playoffs? He has had a surprisingly quiet rookie season. He clearly was not elite enough to play outside in the NFL but his measurables suggest that he should be quite stout in the middle? AJ has been a consummate pro for the Packers and provides great coaching and scheme knowledge on the field. I am afraid that his physical traits are rapidly fading and are not a good match to the modern NFL ILB.

      1. Doc I also read somewhere that Brad Jones was a gifted science student and is interested in the Space program. I think he and the Packers and the rest of us would greatly benefit if he was orbiting the outside perimeter of the Lambeau Field Parking lot during the next playoff game!

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