Cory’s Corner: The Packers proved the Bears have given up

Sunday night’s win was pretty amazing, but the 55-14 shellacking showed me more about the Bears’ ineptitude than the Packers’ offensive excellence.

This is a team that has lost 106-37 in the last two games. That is fine in the first two weeks of the college football season when top teams are playing directional schools, but not in the parity-driven NFL.

The most surprising thing is that Chicago is loaded offensively and still cannot get on the same page. Numerous times Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall were seen either running the wrong route or Jay Cutler not knowing what route they were running which ended up being an airmailed pass.

Aaron Rodgers proved how important the quarterback position is by tying an NFL record with six touchdown passes in the first half. It took until the 7:44 mark in the third quarter for the Bears to get on the board.

This game also showed what kind of coaching staffs each team has. Coming off byes, each team had ample time to prepare. The Bears were still licking their wounds from getting embarrassed 51-23 by Tom Brady in Foxboro. So, most would assume — myself included — that Chicago would come into Lambeau Field with a confident game plan that had everyone on the same page. Instead they showed the world they are a confused and scared bunch.

Mike McCarthy came into that game with a plan to step on the Bears’ throats. He knew where the weaknesses were. He knew that Rodgers would own the flimsy secondary and he knew that Cutler would fold if he got behind early. Those things happened and then McCarthy kept charging. From going for it on fourth and goal from the Bears’ 1 on Green Bay’s opening drive to throwing a 40-yard dart on the run to Jordy Nelson early in the second quarter to go up 28-0.

According to the records, the Raiders are the worst team in league. They even allowed the lowly Jets to best them just to ensure that Oakland would remain defeated.

But I would argue that the Bears are one of the worst teams in the league simply because they’ve already checked out. Marc Trestman, who was hired by general manager Phil Emery for his offensive prowess in the CFL, needs to be fired and so does defensive coordinator Mel Tucker. In Tucker’s defense, he doesn’t have a lot of weapons to work with, but most of the time his unit is playing under a cloud of bewilderment which makes it even easier for elite quarterbacks like Rodgers to humiliate him.

So, for all those people that still see the glass half empty, it could be worse. You could be a Bears fan and live through huge preseason expectations only to see them evaporate as the season plays out.

Basically it all comes down a famous song by the Happy Schnapps Combo: “The Bears Still Suck.”



Cory Jennerjohn is from Wisconsin and has been in sports media for over 10 years. To contact Cory e-mail him at jeobs -at- or follow him on Twitter: Cory Jennerjohn


23 thoughts on “Cory’s Corner: The Packers proved the Bears have given up

  1. I disagree it is not Trestman’s fault he has a QB that for lack of a better word SUCKS! Cutler is the type of QB that gets coaches fired plain and simple, They have brought in two of the best WR’s and a RB that can light it up but Cutler still finds ways to make them look bad. Bottom line is the Bears need to open their eyes and see Cutler is the reason their team is so bad. This draft they need to go after a QB and if a decent QB like Flynn for example comes up in FA they need to snatch him up and put Cutler on the bench for back up puposes only. I have disliked the Bears all my life but it has become a pitty dislike as of late and the rivalry has gone away which makes Packer/Bear game sad.

    1. I was right with you until you said, “a decent QB like Flynn…” Matt Flynn? Cutler IS a coach killer, but I don’t think Flynn would help many of those coaches keep their jobs.

      It always amazes me in games like this last one, when Flynn comes on in relief. We get a perfect comparison between Rodgers throwing rocket-balls and Flynn throwing beach balls. It doesn’t even look like they’re doing the same thing. Flynn’s arm is so much weaker, and it takes him a lunar month to get the ball out.

      1. I would like to believe Jeff was joking when he made that comment about Flynn being a decent qb. I agree with you Marpag.

        Flynn has done nothing so far this season. His arm strength is as weak as it’s ever been. I think the consensus was that Scott Tolzein clearly beat out Flynn for the no. 2 this year. The question was why is Flynn the no. 2.

        It is my belief that Flynn was kept on as no. 2 because he’s close friends with Rodgers. Rodgers basically needs a buddy on the road. They get along really well and that means something as it helps out Rodgers mental state as he is now the oldest guy on the team I believe.
        By next year I predict Rodgers probably gets engaged or married to that hot babe he’s dating and Flynn will finally be gone forever. Tolzein takes over as the no. 2.

  2. I can’t stand the Lions. Hopefully the Packers will catch them in the standings and then route them at Lambeau. Now that the Packers are done with the Bears I hope they (the Bears) turn it around and pound Detroit. Rodgers has said on several occasions that Cutler is a decent person so I hope he has some success.

  3. I don’t believe for a second the Bears gave up in this game. What I believe happened is they ran into two of the top offensive teams in a row. GB and NE are super bowl contenders and could end up playing each other. NE just got back Gronk and they went back to dominating and destroyed the Bears. The Bears then go to GB and GB (almost desperate after the NO’s beat down) secretly decides to experiment with Matthews at MLB and it turned out to be the missing piece to the puzzle and the defense became dominating overnight. No holes on defense unlike the last time they played. The Bears never saw that coming and were ill prepared.

    Also, nobody has mentioned this yet but I feel this past week Brett Favre stupidly (like usual) decides to come out and tell the world that he thinks Tom Brady is the best qb in the NFL. Not Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady. Favre did it again. He insults Rodgers from a far with his mouth like usual. Even if he believes that why say it? Would it have killed him and his ego just to say Aaron Rodgers instead of Tom Brady? Sure Brady put up 5 td’s against Chi but guess what? Rodgers plays them a few days later after Favre’s comment and puts up 6 in a half. You don’t think Rodgers (and possibly MM) got pissed at his comments and took it personally? I do. The Bears never stood a chance in this game.

      1. Sounds like you are taking my comments about Favre personally? You see what happens? I responded back just like Rodgers did against the Bears. You made my point.

        1. Sounds like you took the exact opposite of my point: I do not care one way or the other who an ex-player says is the “best” at a given position. “Best” is entirely subjective. You’re the one who burned up a paragraph about it. A paragraph a stopped reading once I saw where it was going.

          1. I don’t care that you care. What I said was I guarantee you that Rodgers DID care what Favre said. Rodgers is a guy that has kept all the rejection letters from college. He takes stuff like this very personal. Favres comments/opinion as to who was the best qb was stupid and an insult.

            A guy who has publicly said he wants the fans of Green Bay to forgive him and is fearful of returning because of getting booed certainly didn’t help himself with his opinion. All he had to say was Rodgers was the best but he couldn’t do it. Rodgers thru his play let him know how he feels. This isn’t about you Kurt. Just end it.

            1. Maybe Favre sent Rodgers a picture of his junk and Rodgers told him to go piss up a rope. Then Favre sent a picture to Brady and Brady said cool Brett lets have lunch. So of course Favre thinks Brady is better…

        2. Your point seems to be that Favre should either say Rodgers is the best or keep his mouth shut. Why? He’s not on the team and has a legitimate opinion shared by many.

          1. Yes, he should say Rodgers. He’s an idiot for saying Brady period. Rodgers is clearly the best qb in football and he knows it but is still in denial and still pissed about MM and TT choosing Rodgers over him in 2008.

            I know there’s articles about Favre the past couple days. Sorry, I’m not buying the crocodile tears/feel sorry for me act which he’s so famously known for. He’s an asshole for not supporting Rodgers. He wants to supposedly come back and be a member of the Packers family and supports another guy from another team. Wrong effing answer Brett!! You douchebag!!

            1. You’re a Packer fan. Most Packer fans will tell you that Rodgers is the best.

              But Favre is not a fan. He’s a ex pro football qb who played for four teams in his pro career. It’s a different perspective.

              On top of that, he was pushed out the door to make way for Rodgers. You want him to submit, to say, yeah, the Packers were right, Rodgers is better. That’s not going to happen. If he were that kind of guy, he would have never won a super bowl.

              1. Ok, now I see why you responded. “He was pushed out the door to make way for Rodgers”?

                That was all I needed to know. Not going to argue with someone who doesn’t understand he voluntarily retired. I know because I watched it live on TV that day. I saw him crying and telling me he was retiring for good. Like Obama the first time, I believed him.

                The fact you and I disagree on such a basic issue is the reason why I felt he should not have said what he did because he still doesn’t get it what he did to Rodgers.
                Sorry but I won’t ever forget half the effin fans here treating Rodgers like absolute dirt before he even took a snap. Favre put him in that position and laughed away from afar.

                What pisses me off the most is I doubt Favre ever apologized to him for putting him thru that. He was an asshole for doing that to Rodgers. Just an absolute asshole and I’ll never forget that.

    1. Wonder if Favre knows something about Rodgers we don’t know. Maybe they just don’t like each other. Otherwise I wonder why Favre would say that?

      1. The only thing Favre knows about Rodgers that matters is he knows Rodgers is the better quarterback than he was. He will never accept that fact though so his way of coping with that is to downplay/deny/ Rodgers by saying Brady is the best qb.

        Again, when I read the article headline I thought for sure he would say Rodgers was the best. Why? Because he would get more and more fan support just for supporting Rodgers. He wants to be a member of the “Packer family” again so why not go with Rodgers. He would get 100% brownie points with every Packers fan for saying Rodgers is but he didn’t. He said Brady. Unbelievable!!

        1. I like the fact that always has and continues to speak his mind and call it like he sees it. So what if he calls Brady over Rodgers? Man’s entitled to his opinions, regardless of what others think he should say.

          If you’d have been paying attention, earning ‘brownie points’ ranks somewhere on Favre’s list of important things in life right below paying attention to what his critics have to say.

          Let’s see. Play out of your mind for the franchise for 16 years and earn the right to an opinion or be a sycophant? I’ll go with #1.

          1. I get what you and others are saying about his right to his opinion. That is fine but in this guy’s case he has an entire state in WI that he pissed off 5 years ago for saying and doing stupid things that went against the team.

            You would think this guy would learn a little humility at this stage of his life and just be a “team player” and say Rodgers is the best. No different than hearing all players from all teams say how they have the best fans in the world etc. It’s just common sense but as we know Brett never had much of that and still doesn’t.

            The guy’s no. 1 fear is being booed for things he said and did in the past when he comes back in less than a year to have his jersey retired and he threw yet another int with the game on the line by not giving props to Aaron Rodgers.
            I couldn’t imagine Paul Horning, Forrest Gregg, Nitschke etc not naming Bart Starr when asked who they thought was the best qb.

            He had a perfect opportunity to win back a lot of people and like his career blew it in the end. Same shit with this guy. He’s either being purposely obtuse or he really is that stupid.

      2. Lots of people outside Wisconsin would tell you Brady is best. They’d say he’s got the rings, that he’s bested the best (see his record vs. Peyton Manning). And so on. It’s not like Favre said Cutler or Ponder was best.

  4. Moving Clay Matthews to ILB.
    Another reason this is effective is because the Offense used to key on Matthews no matter where he lined up. Now with Julius Peppers, the offenses don’t have that luxury anymore. Peppers had a great game too. Offenses can’t double team both of them and that is exactly why, I am guessing TT picked him up. Kind of like Ron Wolf picking up Reggie White.

  5. Watching the Bears’ WRs not being on the same page with Cutler gives me pause – maybe I should cool my jets about wanting Janis on the field until Janis is on the same page as Rodgers. Ditto for Bostick.

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