Packers Running Back Eddie Lacy Suffered Second Concussion.

Eddie Lacy concussion

It has been officially confirmed that Green Bay Packers star running back, Eddie Lacy was injured with a concussion in Thursday night’s game against the Seahawks.

Lacy stayed in for another play after he suffered the concussion, and it was clear there was something wrong.

Lacy suffered a concussion in week two against the Redskins in 2013 on his first run play on a hit by Brandon Meriweather. The concussion caused him to miss the next game against the Bengals.

Since this is a long week, Lacy may be able to play against the Jets on September 14th. But because he’s had a previous concussion, it might be smart just to take it slow and keep him out of the week 2 matchup.

In coach McCarthy’s press conference on Friday, he said, “Eddie has completed step one of the concussion process.” That’s a good sign for Lacy to play in week 2.


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5 thoughts on “Packers Running Back Eddie Lacy Suffered Second Concussion.

  1. More smashing news!! What’s even worse is I read some where that Eddie was wearing a new specially made helmet that was supposed to help prevent concussions. Back to the drawing board I guess.

    In my opinion the only way to prevent concussions is to take away the helmets all together like in the old days and nobody would be shooting for these kill shots to the head. Either that or we eventually go back to touch football.

    The bigger these players get I can see this happening 20 years from now. Tackle football will become a thing of the past. As the males become more and more feminized, this game will eventually become against the law. Enjoy it while you can is what I say. If they can take away a name like Redskins they can take away tackle football.

  2. Another concussion for Lacy is bad news. If he has another concussion after this he may have a very short career. Not sure what can be done but with all the other issues this team has they can’t afford to lose Lacy for the long term. Hoefully he gets back soon. Thanks, Since ’61

  3. Dude needs to know when to drop the hammer and when to get down. Bettis learned it. If Eddie wants half the career Bettis had, he’d better start learning it too.

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