Packers OT Bulaga Tears MCL

Bryan Bulaga

Green Bay Packers offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga has a torn MCL, per’s Adam Schefter.  Bulaga was injured during the second quarter of the regular season opener against the Seattle Seahawks.  Bulaga got tangled up with teammate tight end Richard Rodgers and was clutching his left knee afterward.  It’s the same knee where Bulaga tore his ACL last year during training camp. It’s also the fourth injury to that same knee in four years.

The exact timetable for Bulaga’s return is unknown, but the average length of time for a MCL tear to heal is about four weeks.  Derek Sherrod filled in at right tackle when Bulaga went out.  Sherrod was shaky at best in his first substantial outing in nearly three years.  He missed a block on a fourth down play that saw Aaron Rodgers sacked and fumble the ball into the endzone for a safety.  Sherrod did, however, fall on the ball to prevent a touchdown.

The Packers are spread very thin on the offensive line now with injuries to Bulaga and J.C. Tretter.  Corey Linsley filled in at center against the Seahawks and the Packers promoted Garth Gerhart to the active roster to back up Linsley.  Lane Taylor is the eight lineman and has very little NFL experience over two seasons.

In his Press Conference this afternoon, McCarthy indicated there was “a gap” in Bulaga’s opinion and the doctors’ opinions on the injury. Bulaga thinks he can practice next week. McCarthy thinks they’ll know more on Wednesday.

UPDATE: According to Brian Carriveau of Cheesehead TV, whdo cited a league source, the Packers have reached out to free agent veteran offensive lineman Eric Winston as a possible addition to the team’s roster.  Winston currently serves as the NFL Players Association player’s rep, the same role that former Packers center Jeff Saturday held when he was with the team.  Let’s hope if they do turn to Winston, that he can offer the team more than Saturday did!


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20 thoughts on “Packers OT Bulaga Tears MCL

    1. Which means “I’m sick of MM lying about injuries. I’m sick of injuries. I’m sick of stupid Bears and Vikings fans thinking they are finally going to win the NFCN. I’m sick of our defense. I’m sick of our high draft picks doing poorly.”

      There… wheeze…gasp….. rant….over….

      1. Why do you say that MM is lying about injuries?

        If you’re talking about the “gap” in opinion, the exact same thing happened when Bulaga blew his ACL in pre-season, and then made noise that he actually wanted to play out the year with no ACL.

      2. You should be sick of Ted T’s picks: Datone who? Nick who? James Worthy? Brian -crystal glass knee Beluga, Derek Sherrod, Zombo, Bishop, Raji, Jolly, Barclay. Injury prone o maniacs.

    1. We are so very experienced with TT and MM’s lies about injuries. Four weeks becomes six weeks, becomes eight weeks becomes done for the season.

      1. Please Arthur try not to lump TT with MM when it comes to these injury timetables. It’s not fair to our legendary G.M. It’s usually MM dishing out misinformation. Ted stays away from that sort of thing. Why MM does it I don’t know.

        If MM is sincere and getting his wrong info constantly from the medical staff than we need to look at them as the problem. I personally think we need to can the entire medical staff and maybe bring some holistic people in.

        Whatever they are doing it’s still wrong. Now we are actually getting multiple injuries on a single play. The Packers won’t have enough players to field a team at this rate.

  1. Where’s Marshall Newhouse now that we need him? I know, I know. He signed with the Bengals. But. . . just think about it . . . for a high enough draft choice perhaps TT could get him back!

  2. Bulaga is glass. I watched the play and it looked like nothing even happened. in 2012 he put himself out for the year by screwing up his hip with nobody even hitting him, he was just jogging! Last year out the whole year. And your right about MM miss leading, earlier today he said it was minor and wouldn’t miss much time, now it’s a tear! Losing Barclay was huge like most of us knew. This team is snakebit with injuries. I think we should sign Pickett or Jolly to help plug the middle. The guys we have playing NT are notggetting it done

  3. Very frustrating to deal with these injuries week after week and season after season. Tough to play consistently with this revolving door of players, especially on the OL week after week. So far we’ve lost Barclay, Tretter and Bulaga. Pack will need to bring in at least one O lineman to build up some depth. Sherrod does not look like he can get the job done. Thanks, Since ’61

      1. Absolutely not! I have heard of Cheesehead TV but I know nothing about it and I have never heard of Las Vegas Tom. I am a long time, long distance Packers fan, grew up in NY City and now live in NJ. Sorry. Why would you ask me about this Las Vegas Tom character? What makes you think that I could be him or her or whatever? Thanks, Since ’61

        1. Fear not, Since ’61. I am surprised that anyone who reads your comments and LVT’s on Cheesehead could confuse or conflate you with LVT. That is not in any way to belittle LVT, I only mean that the style, substance, and general philosophies are very different.

          1. Thanks Greatreynoldo. I am not really concerned, I just didn’t understand where it was coming from. It’s not a big deal. Enjoy your weekend. Since ’61

        2. The only reason I asked was LVT always signs his name on the bottom just as you do. That’s all. You obviously are not. I am new here so I do not know anyone. I came from CheeseheadTV but that place absolutely blows. I couldn’t take it anymore because of people like Stroh were hogging up all the threads and a person could never get an opinion in. I got fed up and left. Just glad to be here where I don’t have to see that idiots name.
          Sorry to have bothered you Since 61′.
          Ted Tomsin

          1. Ted – thank you for replying. I don’t mind that you asked about LVT I just didn’t understand what made you think I could be him. I’m glad you explained, it’s no bother at all. I sign at the end of my posts in appreciation to Jersey Al and the writers who contribute the articles and to my fellow bloggers. Being a long distance fan I have not had many Packers fans to share thoughts and ideas with. Now that I have this blog I don’t want to take this opportunity for granted so I express my appreciation. I glad you found us and joined ALLGBP. Welcome aboard. BTW, Stroh posted to this blog quite frequently up to about 2 months ago. I didn’t know what became of him. Now I know. I hope that you stay with us. Thanks, Since ’61

            1. Since 61, so that idiot Stroh was posting here as well? God, I hope Jersey Al banned the SOB. I went to Cheesehead TV again and tried to find Stroh and sure enough he is/was there as of a few days ago. The reason I say was is because it sounds like Aaron Nagler banned him from posting for not being able to shut his mouth just a few days ago believe it or not.
              Sounds like he got into a fight with another guy and pissed off the entire forum for his inability to not respond to another person. Nagler banned him. lol God I hope he stays away from here. If I were a betting man I am guessing he’s already got into arguments/disagreements with Jersey Al over Lord knows what but that’s his schtick. He loves to argue and he’s always right.
              Just glad to see he’s banned there but I hope and pray he doesn’t come back here. He’s a troublemaker and big mouth and one of the biggest trolls on the planet from what I understand. No wonder why I left there.
              Anyway Since 61, thank you for the nice words and looking forward to talking some Packers football with you.

  4. On Defense, the players who looked the worst to me were: 3. Guion. Not impressed. Didn’t see him plug or penetrate. 2. Brad Jones: Awful game. Arm tackling, missing, 2 holding penalties in coverage, where he was beaten badly. I thought that was supposed to be his strength. And the Worst performance on defense was 1. Morgan Burnette. Didn’t even see him in the frame on some of his responsibilities. I also noticed what I truly believe was him turning down hitting Lynch near the goal line. He doesn’t look like he knows what he’s doing. I would actually change the starters to HHCDix and Hyde. Dix was not afraid to put his helmet in the action, and looked pretty good in coverage also. Looked aggressive which I was pleased to see.

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