Packers vs. Chiefs – 2014 Preseason Game Four – First Impressions

Packers vs. Chiefs 2014 preseason

Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs – 2014 Preseason Game Three – GB 34 KC 14


Corey Linsley makes his Packers debut as the starting center snapping the ball to Aaron Rodgers.

Letroy Guion also debuts – his first time on the field for the Packers.

Last opportunity for Matt Flynn or Scott Tolzien to lock up the backup QB job. Or will they both stay?



Packers vs. Chiefs – First Impressions – First Half:

A recurring theme all preseason has been Mike Neal getting pressure and coming within a foot or two of the quarterback, but just not quite being able to finish the job. Just happened again.

Janis with a questionable decision fielding a punt inside the ten yard line, but makes the most of it, handling it cleanly and picking up 7 yards on the return. He looks comfortable back there, which will probably solidify his earning the last WR spot on the roster.

Derek Sherrod drawing the hot-shot rookie OLBs.  Khalil Mack last week and Dee Ford this week. Speed rushers are what he needs the reps against, so this is good.

So far, Ford has walked Sherrod back to the QB a few time. Sherrod too upright – poor pad level.

I guess the Packers want to see if Flynn can complete a downfield pass. O-3 so far.

Tolzein shows he can – drops a pretty pass into Jeff Janis’ hands – TD.

Jarret Bush – you’ve come a long way, baby…

I’ve always liked this kid Vujnovich, we just never got to see that much of him. Getting a long look at LT with Aaron Adams out of the game and doing well. Very agile, mirrors well.

Quality of the Packers offensive line scrubs is much higher than previous years.


Score at end of 1st half:   GB 20 KC 7


Packers vs. Chiefs – First Impressions – Second Half:

Chris Banjo’s stellar ST play is making for a tough decision – can they keep 5 safeties?

Every time I see the number 43 on a Packers uniform, I cringe a bit…

Garth Gerhart getting all the snaps at center since the second quarter – Packers taking no chances with Linsley.

Jeff Janis with a big hit on kickoff coverage team. He’s now a lock for a roster spot.

Adrian Hubbard flashing with a sack and then a roughing the passer. Of course, it’s against a bunch of guys who won’t be playing football next week.

Perhaps Hubbard won’t be either – just helped off the field and being looked at by the doctors on the sideline.

Excellent man coverage by Rolle as he stays with the receiver step for step down the sideline and picks off the pass. But… called back for a penalty on Malumba.

Another fine coverage play by Rolle nullified by a penalty. This kid is a playmaker (and a keeper).

Mike McCarthy with a very satisfied, “Damn, I finally have a competent kick returner that isn’t a starter” look after a 62 yard kickoff return by Jeff Janis.

Final Score:   GB 34 KC 14


Final Thoughts:

Was really hoping the Packers would draft Deone Bucannon this past draft, but I’ve been delighted with Clinton-Dix’s willingness to stuff the run in the box. Did not expect that part of his game.

Can’t ever remember watching the second half of a preseason game four where the Packers scrubs looked this competent.

Jumal Rolle looks like a tougher Sam Shields.

Come on, Tolzein actually had to tell the Packers fans to shut up and stop a “Go Pack Go when the offense was about to run a play? Really?

Packers special teams looking very good – a sure indicator of better quality at bottom of the roster.

For me, the backup QB controversy was over two weeks ago, but I feel even stronger about it now – Tolzien it is.



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40 thoughts on “Packers vs. Chiefs – 2014 Preseason Game Four – First Impressions

  1. They’ve got to keep both Flynn and Tolzein. OLB, S and CB depth make this tough – but Flynn is the experienced one. Tolzein is Rodgers future backup.

    1. I would take Tolzein over Flynn every day of the week and 10 times over on Sundays. Do you see how much faster Tolzein unloads the ball? He is always finding/hitting the open receiver. What more could you ask of this guy? Not even close call.

      1. Tolzien had better stats, yards, completion %, QB rating, but Flynn holds the edge in scoring drives. Each QB had 16 drives not including a kneel down to end a half or game. Flynn had a total of 7 scoring drives, 4 TD drives and 3 drives result in FG’s. Tolzien had a total of 5 scoring drives, 4 TD’s and 1 FG. I trust Flynn to come in a win a regular season game if needed. I’m not there with Tolzien yet.

        1. But no INTs, and Matt has one! That will cover 3 FG, all together that Matt was playing more often than Scott with 2nd team. Scott was playing with the rest of the players at the bottom of the roster…
          Look the truth, Matt is nice and capable back up QB, but he lost the battle…

    2. If we had room, I’d say both, but we simply don’t. Too many talented players we have to keep. If Jayrone Elliot gets picked up and has six sacks with another team wouldn’t you want to kick yourself?

      1. I think there will be several Packer cuts that get snatched up immediately. Hopefully they keep better than they let go. It’s just the way it goes.

  2. I would say keep both backup QB’s yet I’m bothered when others suggest we do. Why I ask myself? After some long thought, I realized that I like both of them but there just simply isn’t room this year. It’s a good problem to have, but we simply can’t keep every linebacker and safety that made a play in the preseason if we want two backup QB’s. Rolle, Banjo, Hubbard, it seems like the list of new players who made big plays grows exponentially with every game.

    So with there being room for only one, I have to say we should go with Tolzien.

    1. because he’s younger, and has the stronger arm. He develops more and more, whereas Flynn has peaked. 2. Flynn can still sign else where, but there’s a chance he may not. If somehow Rodgers and Tolzien go down, Flynn might be one phone call away. It will NOT be the other way around.

  3. Perhaps all the injuries will cause TT to keep 3 QB and save Flynn’s job but I doubt it.

    Guys who easily won a job tonight:

    Banjo = S5
    Rolle = CB5
    Janis = WR5

    Guys who maybe won a job tonight:

    Bush = CB6
    Bradford = ILB5
    Palmer – ILB6
    Gillett = WR6
    R Taylor = TE4

    I agree with those who say talent on this team is deepest in several years. ST show it too. RB are 5 or 6 deep. Scrub OL even looks decent. Both back-up Qbs highly functional. DL may lack a stud but as a group they are playing hard. Good depth at LB as well as secondary.

    Linsley held up well at C tonight. Rodgers (TE) was smooth catching the ball.
    Dix is a tackler. Davante Adams continues his upward trend. Janis had big game. I think Bradford saved his job tonight. Thornton injury may open way for Robinson/Gray.

    It looks like we are as ready as we can be for SEA next week. Can we stop their run with our weak NT/ILB triangle? The story of the game will be Boyd/Hawk/Jones vs. Lynch & Co. and the Packer pass rush vs a very mobile QB. SEA will sideline Packer offense by controlling TOP and by taking away the long ball. GB may attack deep to get penalty calls. SEA will win the game and total score will be under 50 points. Not sure if SEA will cover spread.

    1. I think you are completely right. Man – you were not usually reasonable last year. Now I’m finding myself liking your comments a lot. Much better than the ass-clown bit Archie.


    2. I wouldn’t be surprised if TT isn’t working the phones pretty hard trying to see if he can find something in trade for some of these guys who are victims of the numbers game at some of the deeper roster positions…

      1. Specifically, if I were TT I would be thinking about trading for depth on both the O-line and D-line, and the guys I would be shopping are…

        1) Quarless, and keep Stoneburner in his place
        2) One of the CB’s (House?) and keep Rolle on the 53 in his place
        3) And…. (don’t shoot me)…. either Starks or Harris, and keep Perkins as the third RB

        Not saying I would actually DO any of these, but if the offer was right….

        1. We need all three RBs and there is no way TT lets go of House. I’d bet House gets a contract extension mid year and takes Tramon’s spot.

          You could be right about Quarless. NYG need a TE – and we could use another wide body…

          1. For sure I’d be PLENTY nervous about pulling the trigger on these trades, but in the case of the RBs 1) the coaching staff has been talking about how they need to keep Lacy on the field, and 2) Perkins looks “adequate, with upside” and 3) how many touches does a third RB get in a game anyway? If we could get a solid rotational DT for example, I’d have to consider it.

            With the DBs, yeah I like House too, but you have to trade someone who is good enough (and well-known enough) that other teams will actually trade for him. If Rolle DOESN’T make the roster, there’s a decent chance that he doesn’t make it to the PS either. So keeping House might mean losing Rolle.

            Again, I’m just saying that I’d have to THINK about it. But I’d need to get something pretty good in return.

    3. I feel like you are overlooking the Packers run game in this contest against Seattle, though other wise, I agree that it will be hard to control their run game and that Wilson seems to be getting better all the time.

      I think 5 receivers is warranted. There are too many other good players in other positions to keep 6.

      1. Teams that could make Seattle respect the run had some success against them a year ago. It’s a whole new season, but I’m a little more optimistic than most. I think the Packers more than make a game of this one…win? Hmm.

      1. Certainly not through the draft on defense. (I don’t think i have complained about the offense other than all the credit for the PAck’s W-L record belongs to AROD which was borne out last T-Giving and several other times w AROD out.) Other than CMIII no other high TT draft pick is starting on this team other than AJ Hawk and he sucks. In fact, the achilles heel of this team looks to be the NT-ILB triangle. So nothing inconsistent in my comments. I was negative on the addition of Peppers but am now open to the possibility that I may have been wrong but he that remains open to question. A few games into the regular season we can have this discussion again.

        1. “Now open to the possibility that I may have been wrong…”

          Since I am never wrong, I guess I don’t know what that feels like. Either way, I find myself struck by your amazing humility. 😉

  4. Tolzein any day…Flynn can’t throw downfield, sucks throwing the corner fade, couldn’t do it last year, can’t do it this year…he’s had his many shots at starter, let him go….Tolzein has a better future and upside, Flynn has flatlined…either way if Rodgers goes down again Packers are doomed…

  5. I know everyone’s excited about Janis, but both his TD catches were on pretty simple routes. Used his speed on the first one (a two yard pass) to bring it home. On the second, Tolzien threw a perfect pass. I don’t mean this a knock on Janis, but I’ll contain my enthusiasm until he makes the tough catches that Jordy routinely makes. He’s a great prospect though and I’m certain he’ll end up on the 53.
    I feel really good about the depth on this roster. I would have no problem saying otherwise if I thought that was the case, but this team just looks good to me. Only downers this preseason was losing Raji and Barclay. The o-line is good now, but having a sub like Barclay would have put me at ease. And the interior D-line is still a question mark, ILB’s = yawn. Yet everything else is a go. Especially strong at RB and CB.

    1. Realistically, I don’t think any of us expect Janis to contribute this year on much of anything but routes like this. He’s going to make his greatest contributions based on his athleticism, whether it’s on ST or running a go. If he’s doing more than that, it either means he’s turned out to be a prodigy or that the receiver position has been completely decimated by injury ahead of him.

      Take heart in the fact that he’s converting these opportunities that he has the ability to make something out of rather than dropping balls or misreading an adjustment leading to a pick.

  6. Not sure about the status of any Packer injury but the result may be room to keep the 3 QBs. Tolzien looks good but remember he looks good against 2nd and 3rd stringers. He has yet to play and win against an opponents #1s in a real NFL game. Therefore GB should keep both Flynn and Tolzien. The Packers are set on offense for the season. OL and depth looks strong. WRs strong with good depth. RBs at least 3 good backs one of whom is an all-pro. TE’s need Bostick back but overall position looks good and improved over 2013. QBs, strongest position on the team, as usual with Rodgers. Defense: DL looks improved, NT is a question mark with the loss of Raji. Appears to be good depth. ILBs, remains a weak spot. Not sure who will be starting there. OLBs, solid with good depth. CBs are strong with good depth. Safeties, have improved with plenty of depth. Run defense up the middle may be the issue for this defense this year. We’re going to find out right away against Seattle and M. Lynch. The seattle game may be won or lost right there. If Packers can generate a consistent pass rush this year our secondary will be tough and should make some big plays. It will be interesting to see who final ILBs are. But the Packers run so many situational packages that it may not matter. Also remember that during the pre season we don’t see everything so expect some packages and plays against Seattle that we did not see at all so far. The same goes for Seattle against us. Well the annual injury factory (pre season) is done for this season and I’m sticking with my original call of a 12-4 season for the Pack and a deep playoff run. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

    1. But do not forget that Scott was playing with Packers 3rd and 4th stringers… This is the fact also…

      1. Yes, that is true, except for last night. Either way pre season results mean nothing, just like the preseason games. Thanks, Since ’61

        1. I do not want to sound disrespectful, but if those pre season results means nothing, how coaches can decide which guy they will keep and which not? I thought they play that pre season games to establish who deserves to be in what place on the team? Am I wrong?

          1. You are correct to a degree but not completely. For example, if Tolzien played better than Aaron Rodgers in the pre-season would we replace Rodgers with Tolzien? I don’t think so. You are looking at this incorrectly. The point is not to say that one player is better than another but to create the strongest and best group of players at each position on the team. QB is the most important position on the team, therefore this should be the strongest position group on the team. The Packers currently have achieved this with A. Rodgers as an all-time all universe QB. Plus Flynn with actual experience winning NFL games and knowing the offense and Tolzien who I hope becomes the long term backup, once he has developed further and gains more experience. It’s a good problem for the Packers to have. If Tolzien is #2 and Flynn #3, that’s OK also. But the point is why weaken the position group to keep what will probably be a marginal contributor at another position group? If we had a choice between Flynn and a blue chip CB or a blue chip WR then I agree keep 2 QBs, but the Packers are not in that position. Keep the QB position group and the offensive team as intact as possible. Case closed! Go Pack! Thanks, Since ’61

            1. Well, it is interesting arguments you put in this discussion. With great respect I would like to point out that there is not statistic evaluation, but also some other important thing. Like how fast QB is reading the game, how fast he release the ball, how accurate he is, especially on long throws… There is the points where Aaorin is very strong and this pre season shows to us that Scott is better in every category than Matt… Also, I think you were very disapointed with Scotts performance last year, but it is fair to say that he was young QB who just started to learn offense of Green Bay and at the moment he had to take over the game he was not introduced in Packers playbook, maybe few %. I just wondering what will happen to Matt in similar situation? How he will be able to handle that request. And as I remember correctly he lost his first game after several years he was with Packers team as 2nd QB, didn’t he? Not 2 months on PS, but several years on the roster. What says that to you? So, in the latest pre season everybody can see that there are lot of points ibn which Scott performed better tham Matt. Just, many Packers fans want to say thanks to Matt by keeping him on the job he is not the best choice at the moment. Problem is, if something happens and Matt show that he can’t win, I knoew lot of Packers fans (fans?) will start to spit on him. Why we can not understand that football is the game of replacement. Old succeses means nothing for the future. Do not forgot Detroit game last year. That was the real face of Matt Flynn. If defense is fast he is to slow to react!

              1. All I am saying is that the Packers should keep both Flynn and Tolzien for this season. I believe that Tolzien will be better for the future but not yet. As of now it doesn’t matter because the Packers will be keeping both Flynn and Tolzien. I just received an update of the players the Packers are releasing and neither Flynn or Tolzien have been released. So the Packers appear to be keeping both for this season, which is what I have been saying they should do. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

              2. I thought our discussion was not who will Packers keep, because on that you and me have little if any influence. I believe Packers team, coaches and management, as my football knowledge is poor. But I see what I see. I wrote that Scott is No. 2 by my opinion and you disagree. It is OK. And I feel we have good discussion on the matter. I have no doubts that both of us wants the best for the team!

  7. If getting man handled and being pushed back into the qb is a good thing, Sherrod is our guy.

      1. I know your love for Newhouse will never die. These are just the facts. Sherrod got pushed around and that is a fact. I know TT will be blind to that fact, but I expected us fans to accept it.

  8. Hubbard made some plays, and seems to have a very high ceiling. He is young and body is still maturing. I hope he can be stashed as I expect he may turn out to be a diamond in the rough given a year to develop.

    1. Agreed. We’ve had a great receiving corp for years but no one that could really blow the top off like Janis can. He adds another element to our already deep group of receivers.

  9. I’m probably in the minority, but I’ll take Flynn as the backup. Tolzien was so up and down last season that, to me, he had to separate himself from Flynn by a wide margin to win the backup spot.

    I realize Tolzien’s upside is higher, but I still don’t trust him in a gameday situation against a number one defense. It seemed for every good throw he made last year, he voided it out with an interception, and I don’t see a great improvement from him in the preseason. Flynn has proven that he’s a capable backup, even with his noodle arm. He’s a bit limited but doesn’t make dumb throws and has won us games in the past. And, with the improved run game, I think he can game manage and get us a win against most teams.

    Play it safe and go with Flynn. Plus, regardless of what some people think, I highly doubt other teams are lining up to sign Tolzien.

    1. Several teams are waiting, 9ers are on top of them (they lost their back up QB according to Bob McGinn)…

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