Jerel Worthy a Blemish on Packers’ Stellar 2nd Round Track Record

Packers DL Jerel Worthy

Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Nick Collins, Greg Jennings, Eddie Lacy: These are some of the Packers’ second-round draft picks who have turned into big-time players during the Ted Thompson era.

Players like Casey Hayward, Mike Neal and Daryn Colledge — solid contributors, not big-time players (at least not yet in Hayward’s case) — were also second-round picks.

Thompson has mostly mastered round two of the draft, especially when taking a receiver. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had a few round-two whiffs.

The 2008 draft class was a second-round disaster. Thompson snatched up Brian Brohm as insurance in case Aaron Rodgers flopped following in the footsteps of Brett Favre. Rodgers has done just fine, Brohm was cut a year later.

Pat Lee was also taken in the second round in 2008. Lee’s most memorable play was once fumbling a kickoff near the goal line, then downing the ball for a near-safety. He’s long gone.

And then there’s Jerel Worthy, whom the Packers traded up to select in the second round in 2012, the draft where Thompson’s first six selections were all on defense.

Worthy joined the ranks of Brohm and Lee as Packers’ second round busts on Tuesday when he was traded to the Patriots for a conditional late-round draft pick. Essentially, the Packers were going to cut Worthy, but managed to find a team to dump him on and maybe get a little something in return.

Worthy looked ineffective his rookie season before blowing out his knee late in the year. He came back late last year and didn’t do anything. He hurt his back and hadn’t yet this training camp.

I’d probably put Worthy right behind Brohm and slightly ahead of Lee in the worst Packers’ second-round draft picks under Ted Thompson standings. It’s unfortunate because I would have liked to see Worthy get a chance to develop in his second year instead of battle back from an injury. Defensive lineman usually take a year or two of seasoning before they get going.

The 2012 draft class is one Thompson would like to mostly forget. First-rounder Nick Perry has, like Worthy, been injured and ineffective. Safety Jerron McMillian was a disaster last season and Thompson’s four selections from rounds 4-7 are no longer on the team.

That’s not good for an organization that relies on the draft instead of free agency to re-stock the talent cupboard every offseason.

We’ll soon find out if Davante Adams, this year’s second-rounder, will fall into the Nelson/Cobb/Collins category or the Brohm/Lee/Worthy category.


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6 thoughts on “Jerel Worthy a Blemish on Packers’ Stellar 2nd Round Track Record

  1. Just proves that the draft is just one big crap shoot. The Pats must need DL help pretty bad if they are willing to trade for Worthy who may not be able to pas the physical. Go Pack! Thanks, Since ’61

  2. Worthy had moments when he should,some promise, and then he was injured. We didn’t cut him, the Patriots are compensating the Packers to get Worthy with a yet to be determined draft pick. If that pick is a fourth round or higher, I would not put Worthy in the category of Lee or Brohm.

    Worthy shows promise and potential, but the Packers are so deep at his position there is no reason invest in developing him further when the Patriots are willing to pay.

    I am pumped that the Packers got value for him.

    1. Come on, they’re MAYBE getting a 7th for a trade-up 2nd. “Pumped” is way overdoing it.

  3. Lets start looking at the late round and undrafteds Ted picked up who got injured early and or often. Remember Zombo. How about Aberderus, Lyerla, Barclay.
    The reason the Packers have way more serious injuries than any other team: Ted is drafting guys who played in second rank teams or were not considered tough enough for the NFL.

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