Packers Camp: The Natives Are Restless

Packers Training camp fights

Maybe the number 13 really is unlucky.  Today’s practice showcased several Green Bay Packers teammates. . and coaches, getting into fights and scrums.  So many that media members covering the session said they lost count.

It is often heard during training camp that teams get tired of hitting each other and they want to start hitting someone else and playing real games.  If today’s practice was any indication, the Packers are ready for another opponent.  Hopefully the team brings the intensity from today into the regular season, sans the ill-advised penalties, of course.

Past Packers camps have featured some pushing and shoving as well, that’s nothing new.  But today’s scuffles weren’t your garden variety shoving matches.  According to Ty Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, these were full-blown fisticuffs.

Setting the tone was the biggest fight of the day that started between linebacker Jamari Lattimore and offensive lineman Josh Sitton.  Soon after those two locked horns, the entire team seemed to be involved.

Soon after, linebackers coach Winston Moss and offensive line coach James Campen were in each other’s faces.  It’s one thing for players who are in heated physical battles to lose their cool, but even Dunne remarked that he’s never seen coaches go at it before.

Later in the day, offensive lineman T.J. Lang and defensive back Jarrett Bush, both longtime veterans of the team, pushed and shoved a bit.

On the one hand, it’s good to see some fire in these players.  It shows that they’re getting into their battlefield mindset as the regular season is just weeks away.  On the other, you also just hope that there is no loss of camaraderie among both players and coaches alike.

Head coach Mike McCarthy has always done a good job of keeping his locker room a cohesive place during his nine season in Green Bay.  There’s no reason to think it won’t continue.  I chalk it up to a new attitude among the players that they expect success and won’t be pushed around.

Many times, a healthy argument can lead to a tighter bond in a relationship.  A mutual respect usually emerges as well as a better understanding of the other side.  If you look at most teams that have had a lot of success and won deep into the playoffs, one common thread is a tightness throughout the organization.

The Packers are just 22 days from their regular season opener against the Seattle Seahawks, one of the most physical teams in the NFL.  Green Bay will get a good, early test of their strength and bond for this 2014 season.


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5 thoughts on “Packers Camp: The Natives Are Restless

  1. I’ve never played sports, so I don’t know what it’s like to practice with that kind of intensity. But choosing your attitude to be positive no matter the circumstances is what separates us from the animals.

    I love that scene from the movie MIRACLE ( Pretty much says it all.

  2. I am happy to hear about the intensity but I hope our guys don’t go too far. We usually have enough injuries on this team without our own guys trying to hurt each other. It’s a good sign, but save most of it for Seattle guys. Go Pack! Thanks, Since ’61

  3. This is what Daniels promised we would get. Intensity!!
    I believe that conflict often breeds resolution and better relationships. The coaches getting into it is a bit of a surprise, but generally see this as sign of this teams growing character.

    I have a good feeling about the Seahawks game. It is looming and setting a very intense tone to the preseason. I think it sets a very real goal early on. The team is getting ready to go into a hostile environment against world champions with the twelfth man that will be as intense and pumped up as they can be after last seasons Super Bowl win.

    I expect greatness from this team this year!

  4. I want to see TT and MM go at it. I bet it would be a bitch slap fest. Now that would get the guys fired up.

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