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Colt Lyerla
The Packers signed troubled tight end Colt Lyerla following last week’s rookie mini camp.

The Green Bay Packers continue to raise eyebrows as they signed troubled and undrafted tight end Colt Lyerla to a contract, following last week’s rookie mini camp.  The news broke on Monday and Packer Report’s Bill Huber was one of the first to announce the signing.

Lyerla was on almost all of our FUBAR lists just prior to the draft and not many expected him to be in Green Bay under any circumstances.  He’s not typically the type of player the Packers bring in but his stature and potential were apparently enough for Packers general manger Ted Thompson to take a flier on the 6’4″ prospect out of Oregon.

Lyerla has had his issues with attitude problems as well as an arrest for cocaine possession within the last year.  Lyerla left the Oregon football team after he and the team reportedly mutually agreed that he should last season.  According to Lyerla’s twitter account, he seems to understand the opportunity that has been presented to him and hopefully can get his football career back on track.

Lyerla will go into the Packers’ offseason ready to compete with incumbents Andrew Quarless, Brandon Bostick, Ryan Taylor, Jake Stonburner and rookie draftee Richard Rodgers.  Colt is the type of low risk-high reward scenario that Thompson likes.  Should the team need to part ways with him, nothing is lost.  If Lyerla surprises and can somehow crack the practice squad or team roster, this could prove to be another big gem find for Thompson.



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73 thoughts on “Packers Sign TE Colt Lyerla

  1. As I just posted on the sunday article, Gary Ellerson was just saying this morning that the coaches had to ride Lyeria the entire rookie camp because he wasn’t hustling, but Gary also said when he ran, he looked great, and made Rodgers look like he was stuck in mud out there.

    I wasn’t sure that the Packers would sign Lyeria after that testimony, with all the other red flags. I guess his athletic talent is just too great to let slip by.

    1. That he was not hustling during his first audition with the staff is a bad bad sign. Not a first good impression. I have a feeling he doesn’t make the 53.

      And R Rodgers looking like he was stuck in mud. Another bad sign.

      1. One could assume that Teddy isn’t to thrilled with his Rodgers pick. He goes out and gets Lyeria from the ghetto and he makes his 3rd round pick look like a biatch.

  2. Awesome, he’ll need work but between Lyeria and Hubburd Ted got 2 very good football players without spending a draft pick. Ted wasn’t kidding when he said he was just getting started!

    1. If the Packers didn’t make mandatory psychiatric counseling a condition of his contract and engagement with the team, they made a colossal mistake.

      Lyerla manifests textbook self-defeating behaviors that are typically associated with a damaged sense of self-esteem that rides attendant to what from all reports was a pretty jacked up childhood.

      A lot of really simplistic ‘he needs to clean up his act’ sentiment and posts, but the real, long-term answer for this kid is to confront and if not vanquish, at least make peace with his demons.

      Expecting this kid to ‘get his head straight’ or ‘fly right’ is like telling a dude with a heart condition that he just needs to run more.

      1. I agree with what you are saying. I wonder to what extent a team can dictate physciatric treatment.

        Either way I am hoping for the best for both Colt and the Packers on this. Alot, of people are making A. Hernandez comparisons, which is rediculous. I think Colt may have some possible mental health isuues as you suggest, or some very poor decision making, but he is young, and young people do stupid stuff sometimes.

        I think a second chance for Colt is a good thing. If you doesnt make it, it was still a good thing to do.

  3. I couldn’t understand why the Packers would take a slow TE in the 3rd rd. Total desperation. Rodgers should have been selected in the 6th or 7th, and if some other team reached for him and he wasn’t there, oh well. So let’s hope head case Colt can get hit $hit together and make theteam.

  4. Stoked to see him compete in a green and gold uniform. Another reason the pre season should be super exciting and competitive. Anyone know the average number of TE’s they have kept over last years. Gonna be some battles at WR and TE this year!!!

  5. Very happy for Colt and proud of the Packers for this signing. So many people are down on this young man. For all we know, he could be a good person who was overcome by bad circumstances. The Packers should be commended for giving him a chance, even if it is just a pure football move on their part

    1. He caused his own bad circumstances WKU. He made his bed – and if he screws up one more time he’s going to have to sit in it.

      1. In what way is being born into poverty and a dysfunctional family “making his own bed?’

        In what way was having the one effective father figure in his life, the then Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly, leave for a job on the other side of the continent Lyerla’s decision?

        Not justifying the way the kid reacted, but your post made it seem like no one else was involved at all.

        1. So he’s not responsible for his actions/decisions becuz he had an impoverished, dysfunctional childhood? Or becuz his college coach took a better job?

          His decisions did create his own situation. You don’t get a pass for being from a dysfunctional family.

          Each of us has to make our own decisions and our actions reflect those decisions. And he has to accept the consequences that result from his decisions. That’s life… That’s called being held accountable.

          1. Please read my whole post including “Not justifying the kid’s reaction.”

            What I am pointing out is that people’s reactions, good or bad, are influenced by their circumstances, and the circumstances can *explain* (not justify) what they do.

            As far as not being held accountable, the guy was kicked off his college team, lost a chance for a pretty good signing bonus as a potential first round pick, and came to GB on a tryout basis. So far the Packers have spent a little lunch money and a few hours of their coaches’ time. If the contract signed includes more than a $1000 bonus that the kind will have to use on his air fare I would be surprised.

            So I don’t see how he is getting away with his poor decisions without already suffering the consequences.

            1. We all have our family issues, insecurities and tragedies. You can’t let them make decisions for you. And if you do you have to live w/ the consequences.

              BTW I wasn’t implying that he got away w/ anything.

        2. Lyerla is another interesting case study on a kid who dealt with some tough circumstances growing up and is now facing the consequences of how he reacts.

          I’m firmly with Stroh on this one in that he’s an adult, and he has to decide to do the right things. In his moments of clarity, Lyerla seems to understand this. Therefore to me, if he messes up again, he’s 100% culpable.

          At some point, everyone has to decide to rise above some of the hardships and become a better person because of it. Whether that’s getting help for anger issues, drugs, addiction, the choice starts with the individual.

          That said, these are 20, 21, 22 year old’s and I can attest, my head wasn’t completely straight back then. Hopefully the Packers have some good resources to help guide him along. Still, the onus is on Lyerla to reach his potential and use his talents.

          1. Jason – excellent points! The packers have given him the opportunity, it’s up to him to make something of it.
            Go Pack! Thanks, Since ’61

      2. His mistakes have cost him. Somebody tossed him a preserver before he went under. Why not root for him. Sounds like he had a rough childhood, andbmade some really bad choices. But I would rather seem him come back from it, than to cast doubt.

    2. Agreed but he needs to be kept on a short leash. The fact he dogged it in his first practice would have been the final straw for me – I would not have signed him because of that.

  6. If this guy can get passed his issues he could be the answer at TE for years. This move cost the Packers basically nothing. Time will tell but best of luck to Colt and Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

    1. Exactly. It costs nothing. The first time he screws up he’s gone. If he finally figured things out, we’ve got a potential All Pro. The only tough thing is if he gets arrested again and makes GB look bad. But really, outside of Jolly, when’s the last arrest we had? A LOOONG time ago.

      So it’s low risk, high reward.

  7. This is a very un Thompson like offseason. First Peppers, then this. Colt Lyerla has all the athletic tools in the world (he made Eric Ebron, the #10 overall pick and the 1st TE taken this year) look like a chump at the combine. And he’s got plenty of college production to boot.

    I just don’t know how I feel about a Packer that has been thrown off his college team, busted for cocaine use and questioned the validity of the news reports about the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

    Yeah, GB can just cut him if he messes up one more time. And he didn’t cost them anything… it’s just…. I don’t know. It makes me feel like my team is skeevy.

    Is this how you feel all the time Vikings fans?

    1. No skeevier tha I might have felt in the early 60’s when Nitschke couldn’t control his temper or his drinking.

      Nor any skeevier than I might have felt with a convicted drug dealer (Jolly) on the team last year.

      If you believe people can turn things around, you need to face up to the fact that someone, somewhere needs to give them a chance to do that. The Packers are giving this kid his chance. Its not like they are going to ignore his current behavior when deciding if he makes the team or not.

      1. I agree- someone, somewhere needs to give them a chance to turn it around.

        I just don’t think that chance is necessarily owed to a kid who has done wrong by a professional football team.

        This especially goes for players who have made numerous mistakes which include violence or drunk driving. Do I believe they should have a chance to turn it around and make themselves respectable? You bet your butt I do.

        Do I think that chance at redemption always needs to come from an employer who will make them super-wealthy like the NFL? Hell no! Let some of these guys- the ones who are nasty and bad law breakers, not just immature- let them make up for it while they wash dishes in a greasy spoon off the side of hwy 45.

  8. Actually exactly how TT operates these days. All to gain and nothing to lose. Will look like a genius although chances are this kid’s not dedicated enough or focused to work hard enough to clange. Ted’s ego is such he refuses to go out and sign someone else’s FA….wants to show the world he can take that lump of coal and turn them into diamonds. Problem is, usually doesn’t work and you’re stuck with guys like Quarless, Hawk, B Jones and Raji.

    1. I agree about Ted’s ego- the feeling that if He didn’t draft them, they’re not worth anything- but I like the Peppers signing. Maybe this pony has learned a new trick.

    2. I keep telling myself to ignore you but then you make such a moronic statement, I just can’t help myself.

      1.) The Packers have won as many SB’s and the most games in the NFC since 2009, you don’t do that with a “Bad GM”.

      2.) Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, Denver, Minnesota, Detroit, Chicago, all these teams are “Big Spenders” in FA. You know, signing players that their own team that drafted them don’t want. How many SB’s have these teams won? ZERO!

      3.) The positions you mentioned, the FA’s this year were pretty weak, or should have Thompson broke the bank on Dansby who is entering his 11th year or Spikes, a 2 down LB that can’t play on 3rd down? Or perhaps Pettigrew who drops as many as he catches or Daniels who has a body that’s breaking down.

      Lyerla costs the Packers nothing but upside. If his little punk attitude, stupid remarks begin to surface again, the Packers can cut him with no cost to them. If he plays like he’s capable, the Packers have signed a 1st or 2nd round talent as a tryout player! Peppers was a good signing. Even if it’s a one or 2 year rental, the Packers are a better team because of it.

      Lastly after the offseason, signing Peppers, Guion, Raji, Neal, Quarless, Starks, Kuhn, in other words the players the Packers needed to sign, TT still has $15 million in cap space to get try and get Cobb and Nelson signed, at least one of them for sure. I don’t know many but you that wouldn’t think that’s pretty damn impressive.

      1. re: your 1) – Actually yes, if you have a great QB like AROD. Pack just proved it.

      2. No matter what Thompson does, some guys critize him and his ego. I think they will not except being wrong, as it would hurt their egos. This is ironic, but very funny.

  9. I was rooting for the guy until I read about the Sandy Hook comment. Youthful mistakes are one thing, but crazy and moronic are forever.

  10. I hope the Packers are in it for the long haul w/ Lyerla. If they were going to sign him they need to be all in and get Lyerla to be all it, to make this work. I don’t like it if they intend to just dump him at the first sign of trouble. If that’s the case I would rather they didn’t sign him at all.

    Both parties need to be all in.

    1. You might have a point. In fact, he already screwed up and they still signed him so maybe they are all in on the kid.

  11. Desperate times require desperate measures. We’ve been going downhill since winning the superbowl and if this trend continues, we might not make the playoffs. It’s tough to reverse the trend with low picks each round. So we need to pick up first round talents with red flags like Lyerla and Hubbard. We need diamonds in the rough and we got them. TT is on his way to build a very deep bench to counter injuries. Then let A Rodgers take over and win us another SB. Go Pack!

    1. “….We’ve been going downhill since winning the superbowl and if this trend continues…”

      I agree but how can that be true when we have the best GM ever?! Can both sentiments be true at the same time? I think not.

  12. Can we please give the school shooting tweet thing a rest? There were 1000s of invalid news reports about the Sandy Hook situation, or perhaps people don’t remember the first few days of coverage. Then the politicians of all stripes swooped in to shamelessly advance their agendas on the backs of innocent children. That’s what you should be outraged about, not some 21 year old who may believe it was a conspiracy.

  13. We saw Marshawn Lynch turn it around going from Buffalo to Seattle. I do believe we can turn this character around as well. Environment makes a huge difference. Let’s hope he’s more like Lynch and not T.O. or Moss. T.O. and Moss were Prima Donas an never learned to be humble. Lyerla looks like he ate his fill of humble pie early enough so he can turn it around.

  14. I trust coaching and GM depart in one area, that they seem to have good feel for when a player is ready to be put on the field, and when not ready. I suppose a year of mentoring and spot duty would be good first year for just such an ultra-talent. A slow course of hard work to earn the playing time will be the right schoolin’ if and when he does become key contributor. High expectations, hype and instant stardom would probably not be healthy scenario.

  15. The risk to the Packers is so low but the potential reward could be huge.

    If the off-field stuff rears its head again then get rid, but if he has changed and puts the effort in then he could be a quality player.

    I think with the level of risk involved it’s worth a gamble.

  16. Hey Nick Perry…..does the phrase “you sound like a broken record” mean anything to you? Again with the most wins! Remove your head from the clouds (bring kind) and put on the tapes from the 8 game stretch last year. It’s the AR show. Two other things….there was affordable S talent. If you can say after last year a rookie, an untested Hyde and Burnett is a better option than Ward or Mitchell, you’re hopeless! And…..signing the guys we needed to sign? Raji, 34 yr old Peppers, Quarless, Guion, Kuhn, Starks? Really?? And who’s moronic?

    1. It’s called the draft. Ha Ha Dix is going to be a excellent safety and no, I wouldn’t want Ward or Mitchell at the risk of losing Nelson or Cobb. The contacts of those I mentioned were excellent contracts for the Packers. Either Raji plays close to 2010 or he’ll be paid $450,000 and will be gone. I’ll bet on 2010 this year. Look at the year Starks had last year. Look at his YPC. Peppers played on a broken down, old, injured defense. He’ll have double digit sacks this year and be worth every dime. I may sound like a broken record, but at least I play one with facts. You, well your comments say it all.

      1. Nick, disagree with you on Peppers. Clay plays on a broken down injured defense and still looks pretty good. Now will Peppers look better this year? Yes he will because Clay will take the double and triple teams. It is all speculation at this point. I don’t understand where the “facts” are to your statement.

        1. In case you didn’t notice Peppers isn’t being paid to be a one man team. He’s getting paid a lot less than Matthews since you… He’s not as good as Matthews anymore. There’s a huge difference between Matthews 13M per year salary and the possible one year 8+M Peppers is being paid. If Peppers were considered good enough to be a one man team anymore he would have gotten 13M per. He’s being paid to be a very good compliment to Matthews, not a one man show.

      2. You and your handle says it all….named yourself after one of Ted’s may round 1 busts! You are just one of the herd pal! And your safety “logic” also clearly indicates you’re beyond help.

        1. Anyone w/ any common football sense knows it takes a few yrs sometimes more to become a good 34 OLB. Perry has also had injuries that have affected his performance and playing time to gain the experience he needs (James Harrison took 4+yrs). Its also obvious that Perry should be playing on the Right side. In his limited playing time on the right side and even his college tape, its clear he is a much different player on the right side than the left.

          Its too early to say that Perry is a bust! He has a TOTAL of 17 games played and 11 starts to date due to injuries! Basically he just finished his rookie year.

          Try using some common sense and being a little rational for a change.

  17. As long as you can keep the cancer contained we will be ok. If it spreads to the locker room we in trouble. Should start chemo on the whole team right now as a preventative measure.

  18. “If you can say after last year a rookie, an untested Hyde and Burnett [are] better option[s] than Ward or Mitchell, you’re hopeless!”

    I’ll say it, so I must be hopeless along with Nick. However, before I lose all hope, I’ll accept your explanation of how you would fit Ward or Mitchell into the salary cap equation, and your 100% assurance that Ward or Mitchell would seamlessly transition to GB’s defense.

  19. Lyerla quit on Ducks because he was in dog house with coach. He was lazy and immature. He was spoiled coming in as a star to the program. Now he’s going to mature by coming in as a bum off the street. Humility can do wonders.

  20. I know it’s being reported that Lyerla was lazy at minicamp, but I’d be money those reports are overblown.

    It’s not like the Packers brought him in to test his athletic ability. They brought him in to see if he was coachable. Since they signed him, they must feel his is. He still has a long way to go, but I really hope this kid makes it.

    1. Actually, I think the reports were that the coaches were ‘on him’ for the whole camp, and the reason why is a bit of an assumption.

      If I had a kid with Lyerla’s reputation, I might spend some of his ‘try out’ time seeing how he reacted to what the Marines call “good training’ just to see how he took it.

      1. For what it’s worth, Ed, Gary Ellerson distinctly said the coaches had to continually ride Lyerla because he was not hustling in drills.

  21. It appears to me that the thing that bugs most people about Lyerla is the Sandy Hook comments(including me).

    But, what if Lyerla really did believe that he the Sandy Hook shootings were some staged government conspiracy. What if in his mind those children weren’t killed and the parents were in on the staging.

    If that’s the case then his comments, as idiotic as they were, should be taken not as mean spirited, but incredibly naive. Now that could be a different type of problem…

    1. He was watching too much Fox news while on substances….it could happen to anyone…lol

  22. The more weapons on offense the better for Aaron Rodgers, lets all be honest here, if GB is going to return to the SuperBowl its going to be because the offense is putting up 30+ points a game. So Lyerla offers something to the offense they don’t have without Finley. I don’t see Dom Capers and the defense really fixing their issues sorry to say.

  23. This just in off the news-wire…..

    AJ Hawk was able to cover new Packer TE Richard Rodgers like a blanket…..

    Oh boy….

    1. Hey leave AJ alone, he can’t run, cover or tackle (6 yds down field count?), but he’s a great communicator. Plus, he’s gotta be good. Not only was he the #5 pick in the draft, but Ted signed him to a big extension (before realizing it was a big mistake & being an Indian giver) Same goes for old BJ.

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