ALLGBP.COM 2014 NFL DRAFT “FUBAR” Board (i.e. WOULD NOT DRAFT) All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Name Player Name & Position
“Jersey” Al Bracco Seantrel Henderson Miami
 I can’t imagine a bigger (pun intended) waste of football potential than this guy. Multiple suspensions, quit his Pro day and tested positive for Pot at the Combine. yeah…
Eric Ebron North Carolina
Ebron is one of the most over-rated prospects in this draft. Drops, penalties, ME, ME, ME attitude. No thanks. (BTW, Jace Amaro is a close second in over-rated TE prospects)
Colt Lyerla Oregon
I have to expect this guy makes almost everyone’s list. Well documented off field issues and a quitter. See ya!
Adam Czech  Jace Amaro Texas Tech
 A tight end in name only who played in a gimmicky offense. I don’t see Amaro’s college production transferring to the NFL.
Stephon Tuitt Notre Dame
 Not quick enough off the edge to rush the quarterback and too small to be a consistently good interior player. The Packers don’t need another tweener type on the front seven.
Seantral Henderson  Miami
Henderson went to high school a few blocks from my house and I covered a state tournament game where he completely manhandled anyone who came near him. However, I knew things could go south when his father appeared to view Henderson’s rising fame as an opportunity to advance his own rap career.
Jason Perone Johnny Manziel Texas A&M
Johnny “Football” is an easy target but I’m going there.  Talent aside, I have never been a fan of his lack of maturity.  Having watched the Packers for nearly 30 years, I have come to appreciate that they don’t tend to gravitate towards players with this type of personality.  I also don’t see his talent and game translating into a successful NFL career worth a high first-round pick.
 Jeremy Hill  LSU
“Arrested multiple times in the past few years”.  I’ve said it many times: where there’s smoke there’s fire. Whether Hill was actually charged or not is immaterial to me.  Trouble finds him easily and that’s not a fit in Green Bay.
 Colt Lyerla Oregon
OK, it’s official: I’m copying off of Jay’s paper (he wrote his before mine).  We just happen to agree on our three FUBAR guys.  Lyerla should probably be the first player listed for me.  Cocaine possession and left the team last year.  A quitter and a cheater should never be wearing green and gold.
Thomas Hobbes Seantrel Henderson Miami
 Failed drug tests and I’m not sure how you fail your own scripted pro day workout
Cryus  Kouandijo Alabama
 An arthritic knee at age 20 is a huge medical concern, especially for a position that teams expect a 10 year career out of
Colt Lyerla Oregon
The 2014 ultimate FUBAR player; his potential is almost as big as his legal troubles.  There’s nothing to like about a cocaine user and benefit of the doubt goes to Oregon on why Lyerla left the team.
Cory Jennerjohn  Johnny Manziel Texas A&M
He is one of the most dynamic players to watch but his style is not conducive to long-term NFL success.
 Stephen Tuitt  Notre Dame
His attitude definitely dwarfs his ability. The defensive tackle has been peppered with hernia surgery and recently left foot surgery. His lack of quickness will continue to plague him at the point of attack.
 Colt Lyerla Oregon
There’s a reason the majority of us have him listed here. In addition to quitting on his team, the tight end has also been called, “Overly emotional and prone to outbursts.” Unless you have a great crisis management team, this guy is not worth the risk.
Jay Hodgson  Johnny Manziel Texas A&M
Too immature, too much “all about me” mentality, and I’m uncomfortable with his gunslinger approach. Mental make up reminds me of Ryan Leaf.
 Colt Lyerla Oregon
Too many character issues. Quit his team last season. Seems like a ticking time bomb.
Jeremy Hill LSU
Propensity for violence. Arrested for alleged sexual assault and allegedly punching someone outside a bar.
Kris Burke  Johnny Manziel  Texas A&M
 A Tim Tebow type quarterback but now with some character issues? No thanks!
Austin Seferian-Jenkins  Washington
 Not necessarily because of his DUI but how he responded. Was projected as a top five pick until his letdown of a season in 2013. Has trouble with adversity and that won’t sit well in the NFL.
Colt Lyerla Oregon
 You don’t introduce an unstable element to a stable locker room.  Sometimes character has to trump talent or potential.

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17 thoughts on “ALLGBP.COM 2014 NFL DRAFT “FUBAR” Board (i.e. WOULD NOT DRAFT)

  1. The fact that we all had Henderson and/or Lyeria on our lists almost makes me wonder if they’re so undervalued due to off-field nonsense that it might be worth a shot for the Packers to take them late.

      1. It’s kind of like how everyone is yelling about how awful the Packers safeties and ILBs are. Since we’re all so worked up about it, some other position will probably turn out terrible and the safeties and ILBs will hold their own.

        I also like rap and “unstable elements” so Henderson and Lyeria would be great to have around!

  2. What is all the hate on Stephon Tuitt for? 6’5″ 304 and was playing through injury. He’s an ideal 3-4 DE. He’s a tweener foot a 4-3 team maybe…

  3. The guy that nobody talks about at pick 21, a guy that lots of Mocks have now being available is OLB Anthony Barr from UCLA. I can see Thompson picking him, can you have enough athletic 3-4 OLB’s or can you rely on the health of Clay Matthews or Nick Perry? Nobody I’ve seen has Barr mocked to GB but I wouldn’t be shocked.

      1. i kind of would be too but i went thru a ton of mocks today from all the usual suspects and he was available at pick 21 in more than half of them. but GB has all 3-4 teams picking in front of them, AZ,MIA,NJY,Bal,Pit he would fit any of them.

          1. One player each year falls unexpectedly (see AR and Bulaga). Jets are reported to be wanting a WR. If Manziel is still available at 19 Cleveland may trade up w/ MIA to pick before AZ (who may be looking for a QB) to placate the Browns owner. AZ may take Bortles if he’s available. That takes care of three 3-4 teams.

  4. I completely understand calling Lyerla a quitter, but what did he get caught cheating at?
    I’d take a very late round flyer on him, but with full knowledge that there is a 90% chance he doesn’t even make it out of camp. Sometimes it can be good for the team to see a talented guy get the ax – it reminds them that talent alone will not keep you on the team. Just a thought.

  5. Barr is falling now. Lewan was falling in earlier mocks. I’d take Barr, and if Pryor, Dix, Shazier and Mosley were gone, I would drive a harder bargain trading down if Lewan is on the board at #21. Forgot about Tuitt’s injuries. Not so keen on him anymore in 2nd rd.

  6. Until seeing this, I thought Merrill Hoge from ESPN was the only one besides me who wasn’t real high on Manziel. Some team will take a chance, then be thankful he signed a rookie wage-scale contract.

    Manziel’s maturity is a concern. My opinion of him is similar to my opinion of Jermichael Finley…he should have stayed in school another year.

    On the field, I think of Jeff Garcia when I see Manziel. Garcia was more mature but Manziel seems to have more ability. Manziel’s lack of maturity is his major shortcoming.

    1. Manziel to Vikings? They win more games with him at QB next year or Matt Cassell, I’d go Manziel, think he will have some good moments but doubt he will last and he is like Favre in that he takes crazy chances, Manziel supporters will argue that he had to take those chances as they had the worst defense in D1 football, I told my friend a few weeks ago to welcome Johnny football into the North division…spice things up even more

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