Cory’s Corner: Davante Adams has top Packers grade on Day 2 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Davante Adams had an NCAA-leading 24 touchdowns last year for Fresno State.
Davante Adams had an NCAA-leading 24 touchdowns last year for Fresno State.

The Packers have one of the best receiving tandems in the league in Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb.

However, after that is a big question mark.

Which is why the Packers went with Fresno State wideout Davante Adams with the 53rd overall pick. But Adams isn’t just going to push Jarrett Boykin for the No. 3 job. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 6-foot-1 wideout, who led the NCAA with 24 TDs last year, win the third receiver job — which is pretty important in the Packers offense.

Even though Randall Cobb went down with a broken leg and only played in six regular season games last year, James Jones still racked up 93 targets.

Adams comes from a pass-happy Fresno State offense that was led by the strong arm and quick release of Derek Carr — two qualities that Aaron Rodgers has. And he also proved that he can stretch the field with 18 plays of 25 yards or more and 37 plays of 15 yards or more.

The reason I like Adams is because he was also a star basketball player growing up. He understands not only how to get open but how to stay open. That box-out mentality is something that Rodgers is really going to love when those two get on the same page.

Davante Adams: B+


Khyri Thornton (grabbing jersey) only had a 1/2 sack for Southern Mississippi last year.
Khyri Thornton (No. 98 grabbing jersey) only had a 1/2 sack for Southern Mississippi last year.

Seeing as how the Packers signed B.J. Raji to a one-year $4 million prove-it contract, after turning down a long-term deal for $8 million per year, the defensive front is a question mark.

If Raji has a big year, how motivated will he be to come back to Green Bay? Will he come back to the Packers on a hometown discount?

Just to protect themselves, the Packers made a nice insurance move and picked the very versatile Southern Missippi defensive tackle Khyri Thornton with the 85th overall pick. I say very versatile because he can play anywhere on the defensive line, which is great for a guy that “Flies all over the field,” according to NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock.

What’s disconcerting is that Thornton was tied for 11th on a Southern Miss defense that played no ranked opponents by totaling 39 total tackles and he was last with only a ½ sack last season. The reason for those poor numbers is because he has a short wingspan and small hands to boot.

In order for Thornton to not only succeed but earn playing time with the Packers, he will need to develop more moves to shed blocks and make himself more of a factor as a pass rusher.

Khyri Thornton: C+


Richard Rogers may be a former wide receiver, but he knows how to break tackles. He has a huge upside.
Richard Rodgers may be a former wide receiver, but he knows how to break tackles. He has a huge upside.

Even if Jermichael Finley’s doctor clears him from the horrifying spinal cord contusion, the Packers medical staff must do the same and history tells us that is not likely to happen.

Which means, the Packers are looking for the next dynamic tight end that can not only eat up the middle of the field but also run through linebackers and get past secondaries.

The 6-foot-4, 257-pound California standout can be that guy. Richard Rodgers was taken 98th overall and is a former wide receiver, which will come in handy when Aaron Rodgers starts throwing missiles.

The problem lies in his explosion. He will not beat many defenders off the line of scrimmage, which puts even more pressure on his route running, ball placement by the quarterback and catching ability.

But he has the soft hands of a second baseman. He can dig out just about any ball and quickly turn upfield.

However, that’s not even highlighting his biggest quality, which is his inner fire. As a sophomore at Cal, he ballooned to 275 because of a torn labrum and a torn foot ligament. But, as a junior, he trimmed 30 pounds as a way to impress new coach Sonny Dykes.

It paid off because he was third on the team in receptions and even had 13 plays of 15 yards or more.

Because he was a former wideout, the sky is the limit for Rodgers. He has shown how bad he wants to play this game, now he has to showcase what he can do as a true pass-catching tight end for a team that is in search of its next franchise tight end.

Richard Rodgers: B


Cory Jennerjohn is from Wisconsin and has been in sports media for over 10 years. To contact Cory e-mail him at jeobs -at- or follow him on Twitter: Cory Jennerjohn


24 thoughts on “Cory’s Corner: Davante Adams has top Packers grade on Day 2

  1. A receiver in the second round? Where have we heard this before? Jennings, Jones, Nelson, and Cobb. All second round receivers picked by Thompson. Adams looks like a solid pick. Regardless of competition or QB he made 133 receptions last year, which is very impressive.

    Pretty happy with yesterday’s group. Thornton was clearly not a media darling. Let’s hope that he plays upto and beyond his draft position.

    1. Jones was a third-rounder, no?

      It’s easy to beat on Thornton when he played on such awful teams and with little supporting cast. Hopefully he’ll flourish with a little more balance around him.

  2. Cory, Thanks for making me feel better about Rodgers at TE.

    I made myself feel better about Thornton by watching his highlight tape. I am amazed that he got even 39 tackles last year the way he was being consistently double teamed *at his all star game.* I can’t imagine how much his opponents schemed to take him out of the game in his regular season.

    And in spite of the double teams he was never moved more than a yard or so on running plays, plus being able to disengage and wind up at least in the picture on downfield tackles.

    Granted it is a *highlight* reel, but in spite of his lower grade from “pundits” it is hard to see how teams like the Steelers and Ravens let him fall to Green Bay in the 4th. Plus the fact that all of the 4-3 teams would be evaluating him as a 3-technique who can also stop the run.

    I wonder which Packer scout was going to a lot of Southern Miss games 🙂

    1. “….it is hard to see how teams like the Steelers and Ravens let him fall to Green Bay in the 4th.”

      Maybe that’s because they didn’t. Packers took him in R3. R4 begins later today.

      1. That is my point, Archie.

        The other teams can’t do that because TT beat them to the punch.

        But if TT takes someone else, Thornton would be gone by the time we picked again.


  3. I am surprised as many people don’t like the Adams pick in round 2. I love that pick. Watch the video’s of him. Strong, great hands, great vertical. You can’t catch over a hundred balls and 24 TD’s if you have the dropsies…. I think he is going to be a great fit in our offense. There were a few bigger names available, but names don’t catch passes. Watch the tape, don’t fall into the “40 time” trap. GoPack

    1. Personally, I would have preferred Moncrief because of what a deep threat he is, but then again, I complain a lot when MM/AR take long shots downfield in short yardage situations. I’m a “move the chains” guy, so perhaps I would be defeating my own purpose? Now I’m confused…

      1. I too think the Pack needs a guy who is a constant threat to take the top off the defense. We need to take advantage of AROD’s deep ball accuracy. That said, Adams has incredible hands. Maybe he will a Chris Carter type i.e., all he does is catch TDs. Tough to criticize TT on a WR pick given his track record. I’d say Adams will an upgrade over Jones and that is quite a compliment.

        1. Agree with you here, Archie. Moncrief may be a bigger threat now, but I think Adams is the better ball catcher now and will be the better all round receiver in 2-3 years.

  4. Oh boy, R3 picks are scary. I surely don’t know much about either but the consensus of those who purport to know such things is not real good. Both appear to be major reaches. Thornton is another Raji type in that he has dinosaur length arms and very small hands. And Rodgers in R3 over Niklas in R2? TT seemed way too passive in not maneuvering to get Niklas. I knew the risk was high AZ would take him at 52. The TV announcers even predicted it. Maybe TT had his mind already set on Adams but Rodgers in R3 over Niklas in R2 is a killer for me. And the Crockett guy was still there when TT took Rodgers. He went on the next pick.

    Big picture – we acquired a S with ordinary speed and hitting ability. We acquired a good sized WR w/o speed but who can catch a be-bee in the dark. Then a versatile DL who is strong enough to hold the point but has short arms and no real pass rush to him. And a slow-footed TE who has been masquerading as an oversized WR at Cal. From where I sit, R3 has a high risk of being a bust round for us. And we have not added any speed to this team. Yes we needed a S, and we needed a replacement for JJ, and we needed a replacement for a DL run-stopper, and we needed a replacement for Finley but is it really a good idea to draft for need? I think I like about SEA is they always draft for speed. TT doesn’t. Unless somebody surprises big-time I am underwhelmed by these selections overall. AZ got us in R3 too. One pick before we tale Thornton, they draft Kareem Martin at the same position. Ouch!

    Troy Niklas TE and Kareem Martin DE/DT vs Kyri Thornton DE/DT and Richard Rodgers TE. Ouch some more! Two studs vs two reaches.

    1. You’re nuts if you dont think Clinton-dix and Davante Adams were “Best Player Available” picks. TT said he tried to trade back numerous times but didnt like what they were getting back. We could have gotten a “3rd-4th on the depth chart” wideout EASILY in the later rounds (Brandon Coleman is still on my radar). Look, minus the 40 and the immaturity, this kid is a DEZ BRYANT clone.

      Wait til Seattle, this was a good pick.

  5. Adams might be good pick at 2 but Thornton at 3 will be another bust DT picked by TT. When an ILB and center are needed the Thornton pick makes little sense. Look at the bright side he did have 1/2 sack last year.

  6. Now that the dust has settled on these 3rd round picks, it is apparent that
    the Pack COVETED these 2 in a big way!

    If you read the profiles, these 2 look like late round / FA development type guys. The fact they were chosen in the 3rd in a supposedly “deep” draft can only mean that the Pack not willing to risk losing either player to another team. The success / failure of these picks will be a reflection of the state of our scouting dept.

  7. I think we had some really good picks at positions where we needed solid back-ups.
    Thornton will become a really good player. Being in Packerland, he will mature lot. The cast of other veterans will make him a welcomed edition.Adams will excel because of who’s throwing to him. I would hope the Jermichael returns but wouldn’t lay money down on that.

  8. Hi- Sorry I do not agree with you. Latimer,Moncrief,Abbrederis,bryant, were all taller and Faster than Adams. The true value was Wrs, and should have been taken over a Te. Ted gave up star potential and over-reached! Thornton or rodgers, will never be “play makers,” and if you want “need”, a center should have been considered first to develope. ESPN Radio called Rodgers another Head scratcher! The pack will have to address these same needs next year and if rodgers gets hurt They’ll pick in the top 10. Same Needs!

    1. I went back through some of the rankings for players on For example in 2011 they had Devon House as a 4 star CB and Richard Sherman NR. In 2005 they had Nick Collins as a CB and had him NR. In 2008 they had Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly ranked numbers 1 and 2 at WR, ahead of Desean Jackson and a guy named Jordy Nelson. These so called “Experts” know as much as us, SQUAT. 55 wins since 2009, that’s the most in the NFC and a SB ring. What is you have? I’m a stockholder too, doesn’t mean I REALLY know who and what a football team needs and neither do you I’d guess.

      1. I do not have the title of Gm. History is History. (Also Luck!) I am not questioning a Wr taken. Past or present. There was better alternatives! Experts stay Experts making the Right Pick. The NFL today shows you don’t give your opponent a better player. If they don’t work who do you blame?

  9. None of these players are “studs” or “busts” yet. None of them, our picks or anyone else’s picks have played a down or even made a team yet. I can’t believe some of you are making all of these doomsday claims as if they are facts! If we win the Super Bowl and these players contribute, will you feel good? Or will you still bash TT for getting worked in the draft? If they turn out to be busts, I will be happy to eat crow. Let’s give them a shot to make the team before we anoint them or trash them. GoPack!

  10. TT and Co. are looking at Thornton as another Daniels motor guy and for R. Rodgers to outplay Ebron in a few years.
    We’ll see.

  11. From an article at jsonline:

    “Adams was a player whose preparation was rare. He calls him “so smart, so mature.” On a weekly basis, he researched each cornerback.”

    I love him already. Seems to have the right attitude, maturity and desire along with the physical talent to be great.

  12. Too much PR on a lot of players makes them choices before you know if they’d fit your team. In the end a lot of their production will depend on what team they get on & how they fit in that teams scheme. Seattle sort came out of no where because the pieces of the puzzle all came together with the players they picked. They weren’t all individual stars. It’s hard to know if the perfect body (hand size, arm length, etc.)will fit in as a teammate. Most teams all have good players (the draft equalizes)but unless they play as a team they’re not going to win consistently. Our problem right now is that some good draft picks (via their PR) haven’t turned out to be that good. Let the buyer beware!!

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