Who’s Next for the Packers? Looking Ahead at NFL Draft Rounds 4 – 7

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Carl Bradford
Arizona State LB Carl Bradford is one of the top defensive players still on the board heading into day three

The Packers came into the draft’s day two having addressed one of their biggest needs at safety with the addition of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.  Rumblings were that the Packers would be looking hard at the wide receiver position and with their first pick in round two, they chose Davante Adams out of Fresno State.  

In round three, the Packers stayed put with both of their picks.  The first was defensive lineman Khyri Thornton from Southern Miss and the last pick of day two was tight end Richard Rodgers out of Cal Berkeley.  The Packers struck gold with one Rodgers out of Cal.  Can lightning strike twice?  Here’s a look at some of the top names that could intrigue the Packers on the last day of the 2014 NFL draft.

Utah CB Keith McGill:  Originally projected in rounds two or three, McGill has now fallen into a position of value in round four or later.  He’s a taller corner at 6’3″ but only had one interception in two seasons at Utah.  McGill is also 25 years old.  It is often said that a team can’t have too many good cornerbacks and McGill could be an enticing choice when Green Bay is on the clock on Saturday.

Arizona State LB Carl Bradford: CBS Sports had Bradford ranked as the fourth-best outside linebacker coming into the draft. The three guys ahead of him: Khalil Mack, Anthony Barr and Ryan Shazier, all were drafted within the top 18 picks of the first round.  Bradford brings a lot of fire and enthusiasm to his game.  He had 27 sacks in three seasons with the Sun Devils.  He has the versatility to get after the passer or stop the run.  He can play in space too.  With many pegging linebacker C.J. Mosley as a possibility for the Packers in round one, one has to wonder if they want to address that position sooner than later on day three.  Bradford could certainly be an option.

Wisconsin WR Jared Abbrederis: Abby, as he’s often called, is right where CBS Sports had him ranked coming in:  third to fourth round.  The New England Patriots are one team rumored to be looking at the receiver.  The Packers took Adams in round two and may feel that they can fill a potential fifth spot later in the draft or in undrafted free agency.  Abbrederis would be a long shot to the Packers at this point, as they have some other areas to address (OL, LB), but if the Packers are enamored, he’s there for the taking.

Baylor OL Cyril Richardson: 6’4″, 333 lbs, 30 bench reps.  The Packers need some depth on the offensive line with the status of tackles Bryan Bulaga and Derek Sherrod unknown.  Questions still loom about J.C. Tretter’s effectiveness now that he’s fully healthy.  While Richardson lists as a guard, he could also be a project at tackle.  The Packers love versatile offensive linemen and Richardson could poke at them if he drops down the board and into the late rounds.  He’s a projected third to fourth round pick.

Stanford S  Ed Reynolds: Are the Packers done adding defensive backs?  If Ted Thompson truly values the best player available strategy, Reynolds may be too good to pass up.  He lists as a free safety set to go in rounds four or five.  Last year, the Packers took defensive back Micah Hyde in the fifth round and that worked out well.  But if Hyde is truly going to spend some time at safety and with Clinton-Dix chosen in round one, the Packers may opt to address other areas.

Florida State LB Christian Jones: Jones should probably be higher on my list here but this list also isn’t meant to be in any specific order.  6’3″ 240 lbs and lists as an outside linebacker.  Sound like anyone you know?  He at least fits the bill at the position and the Packers will still use the outside linebacker role in 2014.  Jones projected as a third round pick and now offers value to the team that selects him.  He faced good competition in the ACC and played on a championship team last season.

Alabama QB A.J. McCarron: Let’s assume that McCarron’s reality show won’t interfere with a little thing called his football career.  He will likely be an early day three pick and that seems a bit too soon for the Packers to add a quarterback to the mix of guys that already figure to be on the roster.  But with Ted Thompson, one never knows.  He surprised us on day two with his two third round selections so we could be in store for some more twists and turns.

Pittsburgh QB Tom Savage:  I’m surprised that Savage is still on the board and that’s why I’m adding him to this list.  Much like McCarron, I expect Savage to be a earlier day three pick.  He has exceptional arm strength and could turn into a later-round gem.  If Ted loves this quarterback, he won’t hesitate to pull the trigger and pair him up with Mike McCarthy, who has done some good things with the quarterbacks he has had in Green Bay.

Georgia QB Aaron Murray:  Of the three quarterbacks here, Murray seems like the most realistic to end up in Green Bay if he falls out of the fourth round.  It’s possible that the Packers take a quarterback sooner, but I don’t see it happening until the sixth or seventh round (or during street free agency).  I do think they’ll add a passer and do so before the draft ends.  Murray is the kind of guy they could add and stash on the practice squad.  Mike McCarthy said he would ideally like to enter the offseason with four quarterbacks and I would assume that they continue to be in the running for a developmental type with good potential and high character.  That’s Murray.



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26 thoughts on “Who’s Next for the Packers? Looking Ahead at NFL Draft Rounds 4 – 7

  1. After last night’s 3rd round picks, I’m not all that enthused about projecting who TT should pick. Although I don’t know anything about him, I’m intrigued enough with Thornton’s raw talent to trust TT and watch what happens. However, I watched enough film on Richard Rodgers to know that he isn’t any better than Quarless. Why TT would pick him in the 3rd round doesn’t seem to me to be logical.

    IMO, if logic is not being used to make our selections, than I really can’t speculate on what TT will or should do. We have no choice other than to “Trust in Ted.”

    1. I think the biggest problem is that fans don’t actually know what the Packers are looking for and they also don’t know how highly rated the players selected were. For instance, maybe the Packers really wanted a tight end who can block and catch passes but all their higher rated tight ends were off the board by the time they made their pick. I’d also say that Rodgers didn’t exactly have what you would call a stable quarterback play and going from a Tedford to Dykes offense also will cause your production to naturally fall.

  2. With no trade-downs early, TT doesn’t have the bulk of picks we’re used to seeing in the later rounds…means he’ll have to be on his game today.

  3. Poor TT, hope he takes his meds today, that senile dementia is really setting in.

  4. I’m still dizzy from trying to figure out what happened in round 3 yesterday. After waiting TT work rd 3, I have no enthusiasm for today. We’ll probably just pick guys that aren’t even listed in my draft magazines

  5. There’s alot of talent left, lets hope TT can put round 3 behind him and clear the cobwebs. I can accept TT’s first 2 rounds but that 3rd round was downright nasty. He would’ve been better off to just trade out of the third all together. Here’s to hoping he can redeem himself. Good luck TT…

    1. I agree, R3 looks like toilet-ville. Would have been better to use both picks to trade up in R1 and R2 and land Shazier and Niklas. I had no idea he would piss away those R3 picks in deep draft like this. This draft was his last chance to improve his defense before his contract runs out. Would GB re-hire a GM that has had a bad defense in 9 of 10 years? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure this draft stamps TT’s ticket into retirement.

      1. I’ve posted on other sites that I thought TT totally tanked the 3rd round. Then I went back through some of the rankings for players on Scout.com (Subscription Required). For example in 2011 they had Devon House as a 4 star CB and Richard Sherman NR (Not Ranked). In 2005 they had Nick Collins as a CB and had him NR. In 2008 they had Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly ranked numbers 1 and 2 at WR, ahead of Desean Jackson and a guy named Jordy Nelson. These so called “Experts” know as much as us, SQUAT. Keep them coming Ted, you’ve won the most games in the NFC since 2009 for a reason, and it’s not because you listened to us.

  6. Ted has GOT to take a freakin’ LB today!! Personally, I would not have taken a WR in the 2nd rd given this deep draft class of WRs, but given TT’s super track record of taking WRs in the 2nd rd, I’ll defer to him.

    Yes, the 3rd rd picks….are head scratchers. I’m wondering if the Packers will also take Kenny Ladler, a safety from Vanderbilt. Only reason would be to provide depth if/when Clinton-Dix gets hurt, or if they’re losing trust in Morgan Burnett.

  7. The huge problem i have with TTs 3rd round selections is that Thornton could have been had in the 6th or 7th rounds and Rodgers in the 5th or 6th. Ted was not sharp yesterday. He also had the ammunition to move up and get some quality players, but didn’t. I give TT an A- for rds 1-2 and a D- for round 3

    1. I have to disagree — a lot of ‘pundits’ who don’t run teams thought he would be available in the 6th and 7th, because the program at So Miss was unsuccessful.

      Watch. his. film.

      Then factor in that it was a all-star game (not some random blowout) and that one of the reasons So. Miss was 1-11 was because the played non-conference opponents like Arkansas, Nebraska, and Boise State.

      He is a perfect scheme fit for the 3-4 and a 3-technique with run-stop capability for everyone else. I really, really doubt he would have been available when the Packers picked in the 4th.

    2. On some sites Thornton had jumped up as many as 16 spots to a projected 3rd round grade. Go look at the NFL.Com draft gardes for the tams through 3 rounds. Look, I’d rather have seen Thompson take Crockett Gillmore at TE instead of Rodgers, but I like the first 3 picks. Adams is going to be a very good receiver and Thornton will be ready if Raji is gone next year.

  8. R3 yesterday may have been TT’s greatest debacle since he drafted both Brian Brohm and Pat Lee in R2 not too long ago. A slow footed oversized WR to learn the TE position and a short armed, small handed DL who can’t rush the passer. This is insane. TT keeps making the same mistakes and you keep expecting a different outcome.

    1. Wanted: New GM. Must look good in Green and Gold, smile periodically, and cater to public opinion. “A” grades in Divination and Transfiguration at Hogwarts, only.

  9. Whether or not the R3 picks become the best thing since sliced bread, No one here can tell me they were the best available at that round. Therefore the theory of BPA must be B.S. for TT…

    1. The correct conclusion is that TT does not select the player *Big T* (or anyone else including me) thinks is the BPA.

      Which of us has the best W-L record in the conference and a Superbowl ring?

  10. Are we convinced that Ted actually drafted those players in Round 3 and not the Lizard People?


  11. I love the draft thus far! We’re going to have a versatile TE group next year. Thornton is gonna be plugged right in, provide much needed depth at DL and hopefully will eventually be a starter. The first two picks were no-brainers but Ted is a shrewd man, he knows what he’s doing.

  12. While I think all the TT bashing and “worst 3rd round ever” comments are ridiculous, I do have to agree that the shots of TT in the war room were hilarious. Whoever said he looked senile hit the nail on the head. JerseyAl, you have to put up a few video’s of it. It’s classic. GoPack!

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