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Is the boredom of no football on Sundays and endless conjecture about free agents, pro days, and draft picks getting on your nerves? Is the empty hole that is filled with fantasy football normally slowly eating away at your soul? Well my friend, this isn’t gonna help any of that, but the All Green Bay Packers staff would like to invite you to play Play The Draft instead!

For those of you that don’t know, every year we host a fantasy football league where we pit the writers, including our dear leader Jersey Al, with readers of the website.  We’re hoping to do something similar during the offseason with Play The Draft and myself, Jersey Al, Adam and Cory will take part. (It’s FREE to play)

Essentially the game works somewhat like stock trading (which might become real soon) but instead of stocks of companies you trade stocks of rookies looking to be drafted.  Everyone who plays will be given a same amount of money and then allowed to buy stocks of players they think will be drafted well and after the draft, each player will be “sold” at a value based on their draft selection.  For instance, last year I bought EJ Manuel stock at a middle second round value and when Manuel was drafted in the middle of the first, I made a huge profit.  You can also buy and sell players at any time, so again for instance I bought Geno Smith stock early on and sold off his stock for a profit before his reputation went down the tanks.  The value of a player’s stock will rise and fall based on real world news; so if a player has a great pro day his stock will rise or if he gets arrested, his value will fall (though he might become good value if it doesn’t effect his draft status).

Anyways, Play The Draft is a rather new game with last year being its first season, so at the end of the year we’d like to get some feedback from all the participants about whether or not the game was worth playing and whether we should set up a league next year.

There are 10 open spots for you readers. If you’d like to play with us, please comment below and be sure to enter your email address in the appropriate field.

James Lofton Autographed photo
Win this James Lofton Autographed photo

But wait,  that’s not all; not only will you get bragging rights as the resident Draftnik, but we’ll also throw in a $75 gift card to the NFL Pro Shop and an autographed 8×10 photo of Packers great and hall of Famer, James Lofton – courtesy of Waukesha Sports Cards.


Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


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  1. Brilliant idea! I don’t know the players well enough to play, but right now, I wish I did.

  2. You already have my e-mail address (you say ” will not be published”.) I’m not going to display it for all of the Viking Trolls!

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