NFL Draft Prospect Profile: S Calvin Pryor, Louisville All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Calvin Pryor
Safety Calvin Pryor

Packers prospect profile: S  Calvin Pryor

Player Information:

Calvin Pryor,  S  Louisville, 5-11, 207 pounds Hometown: Port St. Joe, FL


NFL Combine:

40 time: 4.58

Vertical jump: 34.5″

225 lb. bench: 18 reps

Broad jump: 9’08”


News and Notes:

First team all AAC selection in 2013. . .did miss one game due to a suspension for violation of an unspecified team rule. . 75 tackles last season . . . 2012 Pryor logged over 100 tackles and forced five fumbles while starting 13 games. . .also played running back in high school.

 What they’re saying about him: 

  • Prototype body type with good anticipation and explosive closing speed. Reliable open-field tackler and intimidating presence. Lowers his shoulder on impact to create collisions in run support and when protecting the middle of the field in coverage. Good vision and spatial awareness to slip amongst the mass of humanity near the line of scrimmage to locate the ball. Shows no desire for self-preservation when taking on blockers, dropping to take them out at the knees and often is able to take out the ballcarrier. Very good ball skills. Can extend and pluck outside of his frame and shows excellent awareness to get his feet inbounds. Almost too physical in an era in which heavy hitters often draw penalty flags. Drops his shoulder into defenders but some of his hits could be interpreted as leading with the crown of his helmet. Wasn’t asked to cover slot receivers in Louisville’s scheme. A bit stiff when changing direction, allowing some separation by receivers, especially on double-moves.
  •  Very good instincts. Physical, lights-out hitter. Very aggressive running the alley and seeks to make his presence felt in the run game. Sacrifices his body. Defensive tempo-setter. Good pre-snap recognition — makes adjustments. Explosive tackler. Can leverage the field off the hash and cover ground. Good zone recognition. Rangy enough to play center field. Carries a swagger and plays with confidence. Plays with too much reckless abandon and lacks discipline playing the cutback. Takes some bad angles and can be outflanked to the perimeter. Average production on the ball. Not asked to play a lot of man coverage.


Video Analysis:

  • This is a highlight reel so don’t forget, it doesn’t show the plays he missed
  • Very disruptive when around the ball, makes his presence felt
  • Appears to have good closing skills, has quickness
  • Ruthless when tackling with the play in front of him.  Will need to refine his game to NFL rules
  • Lined up near line of scrimmage and was good in run support
  • Can see how he will miss tackles when coming after the ball carrier with reckless abandon at times
  • Does have good ball skills and gets after the interception, takes a good angle
  • Plays with a lot of emotion and looks to establish that early and often

If drafted by the Packers:

Much like Clinton-Dix, this is another solid option for the Packers in round one.  Pryor has been mocked to Green Bay in a number of drafts and has to garner serious consideration if he is still on the board when the Packers pick.  He won’t last beyond round one.  Pryor has been described as the most complete safety in this year’s draft.  While Clinton-Dix has good size and physicality, Pryor looks to be able to get up near the line and be disruptive on both the front and the back end.  Green Bay’s safeties do blitz and Pryor would be able to offer that element right away.  Covering receivers in college isn’t the same as it is in the NFL and Pryor is a question mark in deep coverage.  With the play in front of him, it’s hard to find a better safety.  In a cover-2 shell or as the single high option, he could struggle early in his career.  His style could garner the wrong kind of attention from the officials and with the new rules on player safety.  He will need to refine his game so as not to cost his team on a potential big play.  If Clinton-Dix is off the board, the Packers would be wise to snatch up this top-flight prospect and solidify the back end of their secondary.


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11 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: S Calvin Pryor, Louisville

  1. Feel like a blog-hog today. I think I am developing carpal tunnel at the keyboard. Not sure why, but my feelings about Pryor have wavered over time. 3 weeks ago I thought he was the best S in the draft and now I am not so sure I would draft him at 21. His “recklessness” frightens me. The big hits are fine but will he get away with some of those in the pro’s. Not enough wrapping up, especially for a team that already misses too many tackles. GoPack!

  2. Reckless is an accurate description and yes, I don’t think this translates well in the pro game. I just can’t see this being a first round pick.

  3. There are great free agent safeties. I would prefer TT to break the cob webs out of our wallet and grab one of the two good free agents. I think the Tight End at North Carolina would look good in the green and gold. Who knows, maybe TT will surprise us again on draft day like he did with Raji and Mathews.

  4. I think TT will go after him. He doesn’t wrap when he tackles, just like the rest of our db’s. However he does hit hard and TT may not like that. TT seems to be more comfortable with the softies.

  5. One of my favorite players in this year’s draft. I like his attitude and it’s something the Packer defense needs more of.

    That said, I agree with grizzlymitch: the Packer D will improve more rapidly if TT signs a quality veteran safety to QB the defense…and it doesn’t need to be Byrd or Ward to make a difference in the play of the D.

  6. I was listening to Cheesebread Radio and the guy they had on called Pryor a gambler.

    I like gambler more than I like “play 2-deep yet constantly be out of position”.

    Tell Merrill to swing away.

  7. Why take Pryor or Dix when you can get Jason Verrett, CB? (I assume Gilbert will be long gone). There will be good S available in R2 and R3 if we don’t get one in FA. With Shields gone and Williams entering final year and on downside of career, it is time to add a stud CB. Alternatives at DL would be Hageman (questionable motor) or Dernigan (4-3 DT). Aaron Donald will be long gone. On offense, there’s Ebron (TE) and probably the 3rd WR = Cooks, Benjamin, Lee or Robinson. Given the depth at WR in this draft, I’d probably go Ebron or Verrett in R1. Would not surprise me to see TT trade down in this draft.

    1. Those are some good points Archie. If they were to add a CB, they could still potentially look to move Hyde to S. Has Verrett been rated that highly? GoPack!

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