Packers vs. Bears – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 33 CHI 28 All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Chicago Bears v Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears:  2013 Game 15

Unfiltered game day blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.


Aaron Rodgers sitting out again is of course the top story line. The Packers seem to go out of their way to prove that injury decisions are not influenced by winning or losing.

Does Matt Flynn have another week of magic left in that feeble arm?

The Steelers are playing much better of late and are a team that won’t be affected by playing in snow and/or cold weather.

Today’s game is the first time the teams have met since Super Bowl XLV.


Today’s captains for the Packers will be C/G Evan Dietrich-Smith (offense), S Morgan Burnett (defense) and CB Micah Hyde (special teams).


Inactives for today’s game:

Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers
13 WR Chris Harper
20 CB Jumal Rolle
52 LB Clay Matthews
59 LB Brad Jones
65 G Lane Taylor
73 C/G JC Tretter
98 DE C.J. Wilson

Starting lineup changes: 57 LB Jamari Lattimore starts for Jones, 55 LB Andy Mulumba starts for Matthews, and 96 LB Mike Neal will start for 53 LB Nick Perry, who is active.

Chicago Bears
2 QB Jordan Palmer
76 T Joe Long
78 T/G James Brown
79 T Jonathan Scott
80 WR Earl Bennett
82 WR Chris Williams
94 DE Cornelius Washington

Chicago Bears



Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

One game:  Everything you do throughout the whole preseason, regular season, the ups and downs, all comes down to one game. Means our whole season.

Reprieve by Bears loss: : Obviously it was a lift – it was  microcosm of our season -it’s been so up and down.

Rodgers rust?: I can’t really worry about it. He’s practiced for 3 weeks. We have great faith in him as the leader of our offense. We feel they may try to be aggressive with us.

Cobb: We’re going to ge him in on some plays and see how it goes. Not practical for Randall to play 50 plays today.

Lacy: Eddie will start the game and we’ll see how he goes. We feel good about our one-two punch with he and Starks. Khalil Bell will also get some chances today.

Cutler. Very talented…can make all the throws.  The man’s played a lot of football…he gets better and better with each opportunity in this new offense.

Offense: Totally different…do a great job with Matt Forte running the football…a lot of underneath, controlled passing game…more of a traditional west coast offense.

GB Defense: Throw the statistics out. It’s a one game season. We”re gearing up to get stops, get takeaways and get after these guys.

Turnovers: Turnover ratio a huge factor in the outcome of football games. hasn’t been our best year, but we practice it every day and we’ve done better the last few weeks.

Special teams: Ball placement is at a premium today. Field position will be be a primary factor in the outcome of this game, due to the elements and conditions.

Conditions: We have a weather assessment plan. Process has already started. We’ll go through the pregame and assess and if we need to change the game plan, we will.




Packers vs. Bears – First Impressions – First Half:

Packers win the toss and defer. How do they win so many coin tosses?

Hester with a 39yd return to start the game plus 15 on a dumb penalty after the play. Chicago in Packers territory.

Tramon Williams jumps the slant to Jeffrey on third down and breaks up the pass. Three and out. Nice start.

So good to see #12 behind center again.

Rodgers gets his first pass to Boykin out of the way early…

Lacy looks like he’s being a little more careful with his steps today. And Pack will probably not overwork him either.

An almost eight minute Packers drive ends with a rare Rodgers interception in the end zone. Rodgers had Boykin, but probably never saw Chris Conte underneath.

Gotta give Conte credit there for anticipating where Rodgers was going and coming off Quarless to get into the throwing lane.

And then the Bears march down the field and get seven. Saw that coming, didn’t you?

Why does Shields not clock Forte at the goal line? Sure he still scores, but make him pay, no?


Score at end of 1st quarter:     CHI 7 GB 0

Randall Cobb in for the first time.

Jeez, ball behind Nelson, bounces off his hand. interception Chicago. Luckily, three and out.

Even though the Packers haven’t gotten to Cutler, when there has been pressure in his face, he has not made good throws…

Rodgers purposefully turning to fall on his healthier shoulder as McClellin approaches.

No doubt who Rodgers; favorite receiver is… Nelson five catches for 80 yds already.

I love the shotgun handoff on 2nd and 12. When the Bears do it.

Another three and out. Third one from the Bears, yet they lead 7-3.

Eddie Lacy… putting fear into the hearts of defensive backs everywhere…

Excellent vision by Starks on a cut back to the back side. Finds a big hole, 8 yds,.

I’m yelling at the TV, PICK IT UP!!!! PICK IT UP!!!! PICK IT UP!!!!   Rodgers fumble.  Boykin eventually picks it up and scores a touchdown.

Under 3 minutes left in the half. I’m feeling an INT here from Cutler.

Well, no INT, but a fumble recovery. That will do just fine.


Crosby splitting the uprights again, Another perfect-looking kick. That’s great news…

Weird game. Packers have thrown 2 interceptions, fumbled once and muffed a punt, yet lead 13-7.


 Score at end of 1st half:   GB 13 CHI 7

Packers vs. Bears – First Impressions – Second Half:

Third and one and the call is a slant pass? why? So much for my plan of a nice long tine-consuming drive to start the half.

And of course, Hester with a big return and the Bears ride Forte to seven points.

Another third and one. This time a handoff and Starks finds a big hole and rambles for 40+ yards.

Randall Cobb hits the stat sheet with his first reception – and it happened to be a TD.

Watching this game, there is no doubt to me who the much better team is. Doesn’t mean the Packers will win, however.

Is Morgan Burnett usually in on kickoff coverage? Becasue he just was. Wonder if that’s a reaction to Hester’s success today.

Jeez, I’m sitting here saying, they’re going to take a deep shot here…

And… 67yd completion to Alshon Jeffrey. Burnett MIA with the safety help Shields was handing Jeffrey off to. Forte scores on next play.

Why should this team do anything the easy way?

Lots of “Fire capers” rants on twitter. Look, I’m no Capers apologist, but when players do stupid things, or just suck on a play, blame the players first.


Score at end of 3rd quarter:   GB 20 CHI 14

Packers defense continues with mental mistakes.

Gotta laugh… Forte looking dog tired. He’s had kind of a busy day…

Mike McCarthy with the right decision not to challenge the spot (which was a bad spot)  and just go for it on fourth and inches.

Thought it was actually another bad spot on the next play, but it was good enough for the first on the famous Kuhn dive.

Packers living dangerously – another 4th down. This time a conversion on a very low pass to Nelson. Just barely kept it off the ground.

And now it’s fourth and eight. Packers not in field goal range. Bears bring the house, Rodgers escapes and finds Cobb all alone for the go ahead TD.  38 seconds to play, Packers by five.


Final Score:  GB 33 CHI 28


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77 thoughts on “Packers vs. Bears – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 33 CHI 28

  1. Can’t take many more games like that. Even if the packers lose next week maybe now we can hear less about Rodgers and fourth quarter comebacks.


      “Fire head coach mike McCarthy now. He can’t call correct plays he his stubborn and allows players to make stupid penalties. Also get rid of the coward known as Aaron Rodgers. Can’t come from behind just a front runner. Pouty little spoiled girl.”

      1. Say nothing, Al, but imagine the author of that nonsense is now standing in front of you.

        Now just wiggle your finger left and right in that annoying way DB’s do, when a pass is incomplete. Then point at the end-of-game scoreboard and smile.

  2. Yes!!!!!!!!!Yes!!!Yes!!! ok, dizzy, heart beating too fast…Yes! Just enjoy the experience, folks.

  3. Playoffs for 5th year straight – craziest Packer season in my memory and I watched the two first Super Bowls.

  4. Am I dead? Is this heaven?

    No matter what happens next week, given the extraordinary volume of injuries to key players, I have to consider this season a success. It’s A success if for nothing other then ruining duh bares season… Again… At their house… Again.

    The only thing that could make me feel better would’ve been if Rodgers could’ve proved he was clutch… Oh, wait, nope… Couldn’t feel any better.

    1. Seriously, guys, look at the stats. Aaron has been extremely successful at 4th quarter comebacks. Time and time again, however, the defense gives up the winning score.

  5. John Kuhn made the block of his career taking down Julius Peppers on the 48 yard TD throw to Cobb.

    If I’m a Bears fan I hate the Packers even more than I did.

    1. Yes, that was a great block. W/o it, we probably don’t win. Rodgers was rusty. Though Lacy was overplayed given injury/surface and Starks underplayed. Lots of bad play calls but they don’t look as bad with AROD at QB. Defense gave us everything they had. Key play by Lattimore early on but Bears scored on drive anyways. Hawk showed up once. CBs did OK but one more open WR deep and we probably lose. 55 had his best day. Burnett had one of his better days this year. My wallet is fat tonight. Another all-in double or nothing next week on 9rs to win regardless of spread. Today’s win dropped us 10 slots in the draft but hey, Thompson the ass-clown-in-chief is even more clueless when drafting high, see Hawk, Raji. Prediction: 9rs -10 @Lambeau. Score 38-24.

      1. If you look at the fumble in the second quarter, to me it appeared that hawk knocked that ball loose, even though Troy and there fore the NFL gave credit to Tramon. Williams is a real favorite of mine, but i think the fumble credit goes to Hawk.

        Archie, go back and rewatch the game and see if i am correct.

  6. Unbelievable. That’s all I can say. I was about to have a heart attack after that 2nd down shotgun draw to Lacy on the final drive. Nice to see that we can win one when Rodgers clearly shows how rusty he was. He played average at best but they made enough plays. Sorry to see Burnett being the weak link in the secondary. Regardless, it’s a home playoff game and those are beautiful no matter what else happens. Great win against a bitter rival in their house. Loving’ it. GoPack!

      1. He already made it clear on Twitter that he is not giving Rodgers any credit for that magnificent drive, saying “what was baaaad was Chris Conte just letting Cobb run past him on 4th-8 for winning TD. Merry belated Christmas, ARodg.”

        Seriously, Bayless is not worth my time or yours anymore. He is an ESPN cock-sucker who will do anything for his boss if it means more ratings. He resents Rodgers because Bayless gambled on him losing in the playoffs and LOST.

        Seriously, FUCK Skip Bayless! He will never admit it.

          1. Bayless isn’t an anchor, an analyst, or even a sports journalist. He’s just an attention grabbing media whore that represents everything that is wrong with the sports media and the media in general today.

            Journalism would be better if First Take was boycotted as a message to ESPN and the rest of the sports media to cut this line of crap!

            Skip Brainless. That’s all there is to it.

        1. For those who don’t know, Skip Bayless has a history of being biased against the Packers going back to his days as a Cowboys beat writer for the Dallas Morning News in the 90’s during the Jimmy Johnson Era. Back then he used to constantly bash Favre and the Packers and I can see that nothing has changed with him. Personally, I can’t stand the guy, he comes off as an arrogant jerk, and I cheered when Richard Sherman put him in his place a few months back. (look up the video on YouTube, it’s hilarious!)

      2. Because there are people that want to hear Skip Bayless, he continues to draw a paycheck. Once you conclude he only says what he does for a check, it is easy to push him to his proper level of irrelevance and completely ignore him.

        Because ESPN puts on so many guys like Bayless–guys that will spew any brainless bile just to rile up the masses– I have not turned on that network for anything but NASCAR races and football games for 5 years now.

  7. Great game, great win. Won despite terrible D and MM and his BS play calling. Stop with the pitch wide on short yardage. And not going for the two point conversion, are you kidding me?

    How many times are the outside linebackers going to loose contain. Just horrible.

    Live to play another week but how are the Packers going to stop the 49’s with that D?

      1. ThePackers just brought aprox 14 million dollars in local revenue to Green Bay. There is so much to celebrate in this win, i am amazed that any fan could enter this day looking at the negative.

        Follow Al’s advice, “enjoy the moment!”

  8. That was one of the most exciting 4th quarter game winning drives in Packers history. 3 4th down conversations and the game winning TD was incredible

  9. They’re not. Today was their Super Bowl. They get their ass kicked next week and then they lick their wounds till next year. I don’t expect any coaching changes by McFatty. I also think Raji and Shields walk. Neither one wants to be in GB. That will solve any salary cap concerns. Watch for DL/S/ILB FAs. We lost all chance for CJ Mosely and Eric Ebron and Amaco with today’s win. Maybe we will get a WR at 22.

    1. Archie no matter what happens the rest of the year, can’t you just enjoy the moment? Ebron will still be there, trust me. If you’re truly a Packers fan, F’ing enjoy it! I’ve already replayed that game winning drive 3 times on my DVR! I’d rather win that game, make the playoffs, and have a chance than pick at 16 or 17.

  10. Why does SP want to punt or Kickoff to Hester??? Without a few returns, not sure Da Bums are scoring so much.

    Also, The cover 2 was horrible. Fire Dom. Where was Datone?

      1. I have yet to see Datone all year! Ted has failed in trying to find a guy to give us that outside edge with Matthews. I love Ted’s picks after round 1, but you have to question his first round picks both OL and DE convert to OLB. Maybe we do have to find our guy FA. But this Perry, Jones, DE convert to OLB is getting old. I was thinking Raji was a great pick but that is becoming a big question also.

  11. Hey, No doubt we might loose next week. BUT, get a DC who can actually call a game, and we are in contention.

    Lovie & Wade will be available

    1. Lovie will get a HC job I believe. Wade would be better with the Packers personnel. Actually I’d love to see Capers for another year in exchange for a SB win!

      1. If there’s a bad thing that happened tonight it’s that Capers bought another year. MM won’t fire him after they’ve won 3 straight divisional crowns.

        I, too, would prefer Wade or Rex. Staying in the 34 of course. The Tampa 2 scheme is toast.

        1. I think the Packers current Defensive personnel is much more suited to a 4-3. Their LBs stink on ice. Their inside guys are too slow and don’t make impact plays. For a 3-4 to work, you must have a strong LB group with playmakers on the inside.

          They have a pretty solid DL rotation, especially if you consider that Mike Neal and Nick Perry would be DEs in a 4-3. Pickett, Boyd, Raji, Daniels, Neal, Perry, Wilson, Worthy and Jolly would make a seriously nice 4-3 DL rotation, even if one or two walks this offseason.

          The only serious flaw in the theory is that Matthews is too small to play DL and wouldn’t be rushing the passer every down as a 4-3 LB. But I think that guy could flourish as a LB in any system. I’d stick him in the middle and let him wreck havoc sideline to sideline.

          Sadly, I agree that making the playoffs means Capers will be back, thus eliminating the possibility the Packers make such a switch.

          1. I actually like the thought of CMIII being an Urlacher type MLB. He could certainly get deep in coverage and roam sideline to sideline.

          2. I’m not sure how I feel about them switching to 43, but if they did, Clay could be an OLB similar to Vonn Miller.

  12. First congratulations to my fellow Packer fans on a great win and our 5th straight year in the playoffs with 3rd consecutive division title. Our offense played well for most of the game. Early turnovers probably cost us 10 points. But AR and Cobb made the play of the season. Great final drive with 4th down conversions. Our OLBs were a mess today. Also little pass rush. Secondary made some plays but on others they looked like a circus out there. In any case a great win and on to the playoffs. Archie, you would rather have a higher draft pick than make the playoffs!? Isn’t the point of draft picks to build a team that makes the playoffs, which we have done 6 of the last 7 years. Why would rather take a crap shoot with the draft than have a chance at the Super Bowl? Do you even know how senseless your comments are? I am just enjoying the moment. This has been one of the craziest if not the craziest season in my 52 years as a Packer fan. BTW, in addition to rooting for the Packers we now need to root for the Saints as well for the first 2 playoff rounds. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

    1. Always appreciate your comments. I recommend not reading Archie’s writings – and certainly don’t bother to respond. Anyone who would rather move up a few spots in the draft than make the playoffs (at the cost of the Bears making the playoffs, on top of that!) is not a fan of the team but a fair weather fan posing as a die hard. I think he cares more about his gambling than a successful Packers season.

      Great great win today! Go Packers!

        1. Hadn’t noticed. By the time I got here his comments had already been hidden due to low comment ratings. Quite a while back I realized it wasn’t worth it to click on them and bother to read.

  13. Olb play was terrible again and again lost contained coach green plese teach this gay 0r 49 are going to run wild.

      1. My pleasure Nick I hate that prick! I was watching the Lions Viking game and I would have to concur with Josh Sitton’s comments regarding how dirty the Lions are. One of the Vikings receivers was almost decapitated by a Lions defensive back.Great to see them fold like a card table after the ThanksGiving Game.The Lions are a Mickey Mouse Operation.

  14. I hope we have some starters back on defence next week, or they’re going to have to pass out the heart meds in dbl doses around here!!tonite was one of the games I’ll remember a LONG TIME!! Go Pack!!!

  15. I consider this season a success after today. Knocking the Bears out in week 17 equals a successful season, even if we enter the game winless. Beautiful.

    We still have a lot of decisions to make this offseason and I hope we’re not too complacent (nor too eager to make changes), but we also overcame a lot of inquiries to high-level players.

  16. No matter what happens the rest of this season, congrats to the Green Bay Packers. The 2013 season has been a hell of a roller coaster and that was one of the most incredible games I’ve seen in a long time. Well at least since the Dallas game! Someone please tell me HOW is Jordy Nelson not a All-Pro? Jordy was amazing today, Lacy amazing all year.

    1. Hard to believe that the Packers only won 8 games this year and still won the division. Talk about playing with one hand tied behind your back.And winning this game and the Dallas game If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it,truly amazing!

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