Packers vs. Lions Week 13 Game Predictions from All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Week 13: Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 6-5 Detroit Lions 27-20
Matt Flynn gets the start but Sam Shields is really the one everyone needs to see start.  If he can’t go, the Packers stand no chance of shutting down Calvin Johnson.  Even if Shields does play, I lack confidence in the Green Bay defense to stop the Lions
“Jersey” Al Bracco 5-6 Green Bay Packers 20-17
Can the beleaguered Packers defense play a decent game? Well, they get their best coverage guy, Sam Shields back as well as an emotional leader Johnny Jolly. Will it be enough? Probably not. But I’m betting on the longshot here.  
Adam Czech 8-3 Detroit Lions 31-20
Too many injuries. Too many missed tackles. Too many blown coverages. Too much nonsense. The Packers lose on turkey day.
Marques Eversoll 7-4 Detroit Lions 27-21
Fans across America will surely be at the edge of their seat Thursday, as Matt Flynn leads the low-scoring Packers offense against the pass-happy Lions. But. There’s just no way.
Thomas Hobbes 5-6 Green Bay Packers 16-14
In terms on talent on the field, there’s no way that the Packers should win this game.  However, the Lions are incredibly inconsistent and if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can beat them, so can a injury riddled Packers squad.  Matt Flynn keeps the defense honest and gives Eddie Lacy some more room to run, and the Packers play keep away and squeak out a win.
Cory Jennerjohn 8-3 Detroit Lions 31-23
The Lions are giving just 88 yards rushing a game, which means the biggest matchup of the day will be Matt Flynn vs. the nasty Lions’ front four that has 16 sacks as a group. The Lions already smell chum in the water with the way right guard T.J. Lang and right tackle Marshall Newhouse are playing. Reggie Bush will have a big game because no linebacker will be able to stay with him.
Jason Perone 7-4 Detroit Lions 21-20
Short week, no Aaron Rodgers and nowhere near enough time for an underwhelming defense to shake off whatever is ailing them.  The Lions offense is too much for what is left of this Packers team.  Green Bay has to hope nine wins is enough to win the North.
Chad Toporski 6-5 Detroit Lions 30-17
My heart really wants the Packers to win this one, but my head keeps getting in the way. While the Lions are the epitome of inconsistency, the Packers have been consistently bad. Dom Capers’ defense just won’t be able to stop Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and their spread offense.

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


23 thoughts on “Packers vs. Lions Week 13 Game Predictions from

  1. Lions will easily cover 6 point spread.

    SHOCK SCENARIO: Tolzein replaces ineffective Flynn and fires 3 TD passes to rally Pack to last second win.

    Tolzein matches up better with the Lions inability to cover vertical passing game. Flynn doesn’t make sense. But, of course, just another mental mistake by MM. And if MM were to start Tolzein, he wouldn’t call the down field passes anyway. Run-run-pass sideways. B_O_R_I_N_G, P-R-E-D-I-C-T-A-B-L-E and W-R-O-N-G = MM.

    AROD for MVP!

      1. Stroh, there you are with the name calling again.

        Man, you are a smart fan. I enjoy reading what you have to say.

        Except when you denigrate other people. Please try to remember there is another human being on the other end of your keyboard.

    1. Archie, you were right on-the-money.
      Who were the ‘rocket scientists criticizing your comments last week?

  2. Hmmm…it doesn’t bode well the two guys w/ the worst records (Al and Thomas) are picking the Pack. But being the optimist I’ll be able to give Thanks as all three phases finally put together a good game…Pack 27 Lions 19.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    1. I said in the very beginning of the season I would pick the Packers to win every game, and by god I will follow through.

  3. Had the Packers won just one game in the last 4, this game wouldn’t be as much of must win. The bears without briggs and melton, the Eagles crappy D, the crappy Giants and the terrible viks. Not 1 win! Thanks TT for having the packers ready at back up QB in case rodgers miss 5 games. Harrell, Colman, young, Wallace, Tolzen. ..way to think things out Ted. Now our season is over if we lose tomorrow with our 7th QB since training camp

    1. While I agree with you – the defense has been the real reason the team has “lost” 4 straight. if the defense had even a mediocre effort against Philly and Minnesota, we win both games.

      Tolzein’s picks cost the NYG game. And the teams’ shell-shock cost the Bears game.

  4. With Flynn at quarterback, I think the Pack has a shot at winning this game. His noodle arm limits him, but he’s a good decision maker and the whole offense looked much more confident with him in the game last week. Lacy’s gonna be a beast in the run game, so hopefully the passing game compliments it enough to get the win.

    My wishful thinking tells me the Pack will win 27-24. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. The packers need to pass when they should and run when they should pass. Keep the Lions off balance. I would pass on every play on our opening series, including some passes to Lacy. They are expecting us to run Lacy. Forget that until we have a lead. Then pound them with Lacy to run out the clock. Let them self destruct with stupid penalties and force stafford into turnovers. Get a big special teams play. Find a way to win no excuses. Pack 26-17.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Since ’61

    1. Cow42, they-the Lions, would have scored over fifty, if not for the four turnovers. Worst game I have seen the Packers play in my lifetime…They are burnt toast!

  6. Cow – if you think this is the worst Thanksgiving ever then you were not around for 1962 when Pack lost for the only time that year to the Lions 26-14. Or 1963 when JFK was assassinated. Or for that matter last year when we here on the East coast were recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Keep it real, we haven’t even played the game yet. If the Packers thought like you they would forfeit now. Enjoy the game and be thankful we can watch the Packers win or lose, rather than looking for a meal or a home. No matter what happens tomorrow the sun will come up on Friday and Rodgers will be back soon. Thanks, Since ’61

    1. Rodgers will be back eventually but it’s already too late now.

      I actually do think they should forfeit now.

      No joke.

      They’d save a lot of money (airline fuel, lodging, transportation, meals, etc).

      No reason to play any of the games that Rodgers isn’t ready for.

      All playing the games is gonna do is get more guys hurt.

      The way things are going, I’m going to consider us lucky if Finley is the only player that we lose forever.

      1. I hope for your sake that you are not as pessimistic about your whole life as you are about the Packers. If so, you are one unhappy dude…

        How can your mom stand still keeping her roof over your head?


    2. Since ’61-that game was NOT as bad as this one, even as many sacks as Lions had on Starr, Packers were still in the game. This game was over before halftime-350 YARDS offense by Lions at the break? Lombardi and even Mike Holmgren would be carried off the field with a stroke at halftime if their defenses played this bad. Since ’61–PACKERS might as well FORFEITED–McCarthy as good as sabotaged his offense with his pathetic strategy–it was so obvious what plays were being called-he might as well have announced them over the stadium loudspeakers before the team lined up for snaps.

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