Fantasy Football League: Week 12 Update & Power Rankings All Green Bay Packers All the Time Fantasy Football LeagueWelcome to our weekly update for the Fantasy Football League! For those that are unaware, the staff has continued their competitive league this year to pit writers against readers. Please continue to check back each week as the drama unfolds, and don’t at all hesitate to throw around the smack talk! Who knows . . . maybe you could be throwing down the gauntlet with us next season.

Week 12 Summary

The Jolly Rodgers destroyed The Hoshmazodes this week to claim first place in AllGBP Official, knocking out Optimal Butt Height. Five teams secured their spot in the playoffs, including The Jolly Rodgers, Heisenberg, and Pigskin Perfection. The Jolly Rodgers gained the most ground, exploding from fourth place to first. Optimal Butt Height was the big loser, plummeting from first to fourth. The Jolly Rodgers has won four consecutive matchups.

Matchup Results

TouchedbyTedThompson 91.32, VanellopeDevoGorilla 89.46

  • Facing a 1.74-point deficit on Monday night, TouchedbyTedThompson (8-4, 1,362.70) scored 3.60 points to come back and slip by VanellopeDevoGorilla (6-6, 1,298.20), 91.32 – 89.46. The 91.32 points put up by TouchedbyTedThompson was the team’s lowest winning score of the season.

Heisenberg 132.10, Team blow goats 75.88

  • Colin Kaepernick scored 23.40 points to help Heisenberg (9-3, 1,292.42) pound Team blow goats (2-10, 1,020.60), 132.10 – 75.88. It was the biggest margin of victory of the season for Heisenberg.

Smoking Jay Cutlers 118.68, Optimal Butt Height 101.48

  • Smoking Jay Cutlers (7-5, 1,250.84) got 24.80 points from Julian Edelman on Sunday night to defeat Optimal Butt Height (8-4, 1,365.64), 118.68 – 101.48. Smoking Jay Cutlers scored 20.0% more points than projected (98.94), the highest percentage in the league this week.

SuperYooper 104.40, Pigskin Perfection 90.38

  • SuperYooper (5-7, 1,125.70) took down Pigskin Perfection (8-4, 1,388.00), 104.40 – 90.38, thanks to Anquan Boldin, who scored 22.40 points on Monday night.

St. Cecilia’s HS 88.92, Lost in Minnesota 73.76

  • On Sunday night, Knowshon Moreno scored 29.20 points to help St. Cecilia’s HS (4-8, 1,223.84) defeat Lost in Minnesota (2-10, 908.92), 88.92 – 73.76.

The Jolly Rodgers 122.48, The Hoshmazodes 71.80

  • The Jolly Rodgers (9-3, 1,296.06) blew out The Hoshmazodes (6-6, 1,109.18), 122.48 – 71.80, behind 27.78 points from Philip Rivers. The Jolly Rodgers scored 10.8% more points than projected (110.58) and has now beaten expectations for five straight weeks.

Breesus Christ 71.12, Team Brainwash 69.16

  • Breesus Christ (6-6, 1,123.42) can thank their lucky stars for their win this week, beating Team Brainwash (4-8, 1,161.92), 71.12 – 69.16, despite scoring just the 13th-highest point total in the league this week. The 1.96-point margin was the smallest of the season for Breesus Christ and the loss was the third straight for Team Brainwash.

Tuesday Morning Quarterback

SuperYooper snagged a tremendous pickup this week, with Ryan Fitzpatrick scoring 23.40 points. Team blow goats had the worst drop of the week, letting go of Alex Smith, who put up 22.46.

Weekly Power Rankings

  1. The Jolly Rodgers (Chad), 9-3, 1296.06
  2. Heisenberg (Marcos), 8-4, 1292.42
  3. Pigskin Perfection (Basil), 8-4, 1388.00
  4. Optimal Butt Height (Thomas), 8-4, 1365.64
  5. TouchedbyTedThompson (Ian), 8-4, 1362.70
  6. Smoking Jay Cutlers (Adam), 7-5, 1250.84
  7. VanellopeDevoGorilla (Cow), 6-6, 1298.20
  8. Breesus Christ (Jeremey), 6-6, 1123.42
  9. The Hoshmazodes (Jason), 6-6, 1109.18
  10. SuperYooper (Bmorerasta), 5-7, 1125.70
  11. St. Cecilia’s HS (“Jersey” Al), 4-8, 1223.84
  12. Team Brainwash (Marques), 4-8, 1161.92
  13. Team Blow Goats (Jesse), 2-10, 1020.60
  14. Lost in Minnesota (Kris), 1-10, 908.92

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


9 thoughts on “ Fantasy Football League: Week 12 Update & Power Rankings

        1. Yup.

          My team was a lot like the Packers (injuries)

          -Roddy White
          -James Jones
          -Darren McFadden
          -Jermicheal Finley
          -Micheal Vick
          -Reggie Wayne
          -Owen Daniels

          1. At least your team started well. My team has sucked from week 1. I picked (in order)

            1. Spiller
            2. D. Wilson
            3. Fitzgerald
            4. Bowe
            5. Gronk
            6. R. Wilson
            7. V. Brown.

            I was very happy with this draft immediately afterwards. And most of them turned out to be a bust, including my first 4 picks….

            You just never know when it comes to the NF of L.

            1. Play in a 2 QB league. Lost Rodgers, Finley and have Matt Ryan for my other starting QB. No RB of note, CK2K is my #1 RB, but I’ve clinched a playoff spot already. Who you draft in the mid/late rounds determine if you make playoffs in Fantasy.

              I’ve never not made a fantasy playoff in 12 yrs.

    1. I was thinking about hiring Eric Sugarman. According to the Lavender Larry fans west of God’s Country he’s “the best in the business.”

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