Packers vs. Eagles Week 10 Game Predictions from All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Week 10: Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 4-4 Philadelphia Eagles 28-14
Until proven otherwise, consider this a vote of no confidence in Seneca Wallace. I’d love to be wrong but things didn’t look too encouraging Monday night. Also, Dom Capers tends to struggle facing a new and unusual offensive scheme for the first time (see Colin Kaepernick in the playoffs). Packer Nation gets closer to the end of a bridge as the Packers lose their second straight.
“Jersey” Al Bracco 5-3 Green Bay Packers 23-20
I’m not sure how, but I think the Packers find a way to gain a home win that is desperately needed. Hopefully a clubbed CM3 is Pack and leads a spirited turnover-causing effort from the defense.
Adam Czech 6-2 Philadelphia Eagles 30-17
You know how the Packers have those games where they’re kind of plodding along, not necessarily playing poorly but not putting their opponent away, either? Then Aaron Rodgers makes a few amazing plays, the Packers pull away, and we’re all happy. Well, the Packers will plod along on Sunday, only Rodgers won’t be around to save the day.
Marques Eversoll 6-2 Green Bay Packers 23-20
The run game will carry the offense, Seneca Wallace will play better and the defense will step up. Most importantly, they’ll come up with some key takeaways that they’ve been lacking so far this season. It may not be pretty, but a win is a win. And I’m about 52% sure that’s what it will be.
Thomas Hobbes 5-3 Green Bay Packers 20-13
Expect a lot more open offense for Seneca Wallace and the Packers; last time Rodgers was hurt, Flynn was on a short leash against the Lions as well only to see the the playbook open up for the Patriots.  A steady does of Eddie Lacy and consistent defense will make this game winnable for the Packers.
Cory Jennerjohn 6-2 Philadelphia Eagles 27-17
Last week the deficiencies of Seneca Wallace displayed themselves. An average arm which makes him vulnerable to most throws. The Eagles come to Lambeau flying high after erupting for 49 points last week. Even with the return of Clay Matthews, the Packers will not have an answer for LeSean McCoy, will get behind early and with a backup quarterback starting, that’s not a good equation.
Jason Perone 6-2 Green Bay Packers 20-17
Earlier this week, I had the Eagles winning this one.  A Seneca Wallace-led offense put up 17 points against the Bears in emergency mode on Monday night.  With a full week to prepare, they should be able to equal that output against a less stellar defense.  Green Bay’s defense will come in with a personal mission to atone for their lack of playmaking last week.  Packers squeak by at home.
Chad Toporski 5-3 Philadelphia Eagles 31-17
I hate this pick, but I just have a bad feeling that this pass defense isn’t going to turn itself around in time. I also don’t have a lot of faith in Seneca Wallace. Let’s hope the Packers prove my gut wrong.

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


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  1. I’m with Jason and Thomas on this one.

    You can’t assess Wallace’s ability based on his struggling to make it through a game in panic/emergency mode when the Packers spent the last week preparing the leauge’s best QB to execute a game plan custom tailored to exploit his particular strengths.

    Seneca Wallace has a completely different skill set and talent level than Rodgers obviously. Let’s see how Seneca fares when he’s been given all the snaps and the gameplan is based around Seneca Wallace’s strengths (or steered around his weaknesses.)

  2. I hope our pass rush doesn’t get our cover guys gassed and burned.
    Hoping for a win…23-20.

  3. The offense will have its struggles, but hopefully put up more than 20pts. Wallace seems like he may throw at least 1int due to his weak arm and lack of playing time. This game will be up to the O converting 1st downs and not turning the ball over, and the D making stops, which im not overly confident in the D’s ability to stop the pass.

    The Pack is at home and should be fired up to erase that egg they laid last week. I hope this is enough to land a victory. Winning this game would be huge and would keep us in the playoff race. Damn, im going to be a ball of nerves watching this one

  4. The combined records of the Eagles opponents in their 4 victories, all on the road is 8-25. The Packers need to:
    1: Play solid defense – Tackle
    2: Control the ball
    3: force some turnovers
    4: no mistakes by Wallace
    5: eliminate stupid penalties

    Packers 24-13.

    Thanks, Since ’61

    1. You’re right Since 61. IF GB can do all that, they’ll win.

      I don’t think they do. I’d bet Wallace turns it over a couple times, the pass rush is negligible and Philly passes all over GB’s D.

      We’ll be able to run it on them, but I’d bet we lose 20-30.

      Hope I’m wrong.

    2. We seem to be expecting Wallace to chuck up half a dozen picks tomorrow, but recall that his one pick on Monday was a ball popped up at the line, not thrown into quintuple coverage. Wallace’s track record is not one of a careless QB (~58% completion, and over 1.5:1 TD:Int).

  5. Wallace played on some really bad teams and M.M. is supposed to be a QB guru. I guess we find out this week how bad the teams were and what kind of guru M.M. is. I haven’t saw if Perry is playing but would feel a lot better if he was. I don’t care who’s playing DB but if you can’t get pressure, guys like Foles can look like All Pros. I wouldn’t say Dallas is better defensively than Green Bay, and they made Foles look horrible. Put Sam on Jackson, House on Cooper, and Williams on the bench and stop the run. If Wallace turns in another performance like last week then Thompson, as good as he’s been in some areas, has failed to get the Packers a decent back up since the end of 2011, and a safety to replace Collins for 41 games and counting.

    1. One does not simply replace a guy like Collins.

      He was a special player, one of the top three safeties of the last decade I believe, sharing that distinction with Reed and Polamalu. Only Polamalu shared his athleticism at the position.

      I will agree about the back up QB position, but then, it’s not like he wasn’t trying. Brohm, Flynn, Harrell, Coleman. It just hasn’t worked out. And most NFL teams are still looking for a suitable STARTING QB, much less a competent back up.

      It’s a tough business and it’s not an exact science, and I think those considerations need to be taken into account when looking at the big picture, but I agree that the way they scrapped the project QB’s and shuffled through Young and now Wallace has been less than ideal. I guess it’s a matter of deciding they knew enough about the young guys to say they weren’t going to work out and it was time to be decisive and start moving in another direction, even if it is a temporary set back. Well, it might be biting us in the ass now, but it might also have been the best decision for the long term. We’ll have to see.

  6. I think MM is over-rated on his ‘QB guru’ status. Other than AR, packers have gone through a lot of material. Either he missed on the assessment (and they just didn’t have the basic skills), or he couldn’t develop a mediocre skill. So the track record doesn’t leave confidence that he will turn Seneca Wallace around in one week of reps. I’m like the doubters; prove me different…until then, I doubt based on what I saw. Sure, he’ll improve a bit. But that doesn’t actually matter much to the outcome of the game. I think that defensive unit is the key to the game. They have to simply dominate, and GB wins. But, I have more doubt on the defense dominating, than I doubt Seneca can play a reasonably decent game.

  7. This offense, with Wallace under center, will have to run several long, time-killing drives for touchdowns, not FGs. This says Lacy and Starks are critical to any success the offense has and Wallace has to connect on 4-5 passes of 15 yards or more.

    All this keeps our defense off the field as well as the Eagles’ offense. They can’t light up the scoreboard from the bench. If our defense spends too much time on the field, MM has failed to plan around Seneca Wallace and what he can do. A ball-control offense will win this game for the Packers.

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