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The Past

Last time these two teams met was in the NFC wildcard game in 2010.  However, the Packers got to experience the beast that they themselves had created; during the season opener Clay Matthews III knocked out starting quarterback Kevin Kolb with a concussion, which paved the way for the resurgence of Michael Vick, who had been just released from jail after pleading guilty to operating a dog fighting ring.  With the more dynamic Vick leading the way with vertical receivers DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, the Eagles boasted one of the most dangerous offenses that head coach Andy Reid had ever fielded.

However, during the playoffs the Eagles failed to get much going on offense while the Packers watched as rookie James Starks, who had been hobbled by injuries all season, burst onto the scene with 123 yards rushing, a Packers record for a rookie running back in the playoffs and saw a little glimpse of what was to come in their stunning 2011 season when an unknown undrafted rookie blocking tight end named Tom Crabtree made his first touchdown reception by sneaking past a linebacker.

On special teams, the Packers didn’t make many mistakes, which couldn’t be said for the Eagles as kicker David Akers left 6 points off the board with two missed field goals.  The Packers also enjoyed several big plays on defense, notably Clay Matthews completely destroying tackle Winston Justice and a last minute end zone interception by Tramon Williams that pushed the Packers into the divisional round against the Atlanta Falcons.

The Present

A lot has changed for the Eagles since the 2010 playoff game.  13 year incumbent Andy Reid was replaced by college football phenomenon Chip Kelly, who had lead the Oregon Ducks to a 46-7 record with 4 bowl appearances with his fast-paced, spread offense.  While Kelly and his super speed offense sent shockwaves throughout the NFL after their opening game against the Redskins after calling 53 plays in the first half, the rest of the NFL adjusted and the Eagles have been the epitome of “up and down” with some thrilling victories and some crushing defeats which explains the 5-3 record.

While Michael Vick still holds the starting quarterback position in name, Nick Foles has made a case to remain under center after a record breaking 7 touchdown, 158.3 QB rating touchdown performance last week against the Oakland Raiders.  On the other side of the ball, the Eagles defense has been largely ineffective, sorting out much like the Green Bay Packers in terms of defensive efficiency.

Obviously an Aaron Rodger’s lead Packers team is markedly different from a “some guy named Dave” lead offense and the Eagles are now probably the favorites.  However, the Eagles will need to study extra tape as the Packers offense will look remarkably different with Seneca Wallace under center, naturally the Eagles will expect to see a lot of Eddie Lacy and James Starks but with a week to install some unscouted looks and cater the offense to Wallace they should also need to keep their disciplined.  Keep in mind the last time the Packers had a week to work with the backup quarterback, Matt Flynn destroyed the Detroit Lions with 6 touchdowns.

The Future

The Eagles are very much in the playoff race as they trail the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East while the Washington Redskins are only a game behind Philadelphia and a fully healed RGIII could make a push.  The Eagles are also only 1 game down in the division and the ulimate winner of the NFC East has definitely not been decided.  From a schematic point, Chip Kelly needs to prove that his offensive philosophy will be as effective in the pros as it was in college.

One of the biggest disadvantages is the amount of times the quarterback gets hit; Michael Vick has been battling an assortment of injuries including a hamstring injury that sideline him several games.  Nick Foles has already suffered a concussion and Matt Barkley was overwhelmed in his limited time in the Cowboys game.  Simply put, NFL defenders are quicker and stronger than in college and Kelly must prove that he can protect his quarterback while still producing points in order to become a truly successful offense.



Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


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  1. The Packer defense will carry this game and Eddie Lacy and company will roll over the Eagles. We will start by winning in the trenches and rest will follow. I would love to see both Matthews and Perry return and take the sting out of losing Rodgers

    1. Agreed and thanks Thomas. I can’t help but think that Wallace has a decent game. The Eagles are ranked last in total yards and pass defense. With a week to prepare M.M. will have him ready to play. My concern is the Packers defense. If they can effectively stop Shady McCoy and Matthews and Perry can play at least some, the Packers should win. I’d still like to see M.M. try to work Franklin into the game. Get him lined up in a position and get the ball to him in space. Wallace is going to have to show the Eagles early that he can complete a pass and move the ball through the air or else Lacy and Starks will see 8 in the box all game long. Be nice to see Jordy turn a few of those 10 yard crossing patterns into 70 yard TD’s.

      1. My concern with the defense is its inability to force TOs…-3 overall, and 28th in takeaways. This has to change, no matter who is under center.

        Speaking of under center, I think we see a lot of Wallace out of the gun this week.

        1. I’d say it’s a little bit situational as well, the defense has played a lot of keep away which naturally makes it hard to get takeaways and opposing offenses aren’t thinking they have to keep up with a high powered Packers offense (I would call the Packers offense efficient rather than high power this year) and thus can call more conservative plays, again leading to less turnover opportunities. I would rather have this defense than the 2011 defense which was great at turnovers but poor at just about everything else.

        2. Yup, remember the days when Aikman called the Packers a bunch of ball hawks? Maybe Casey Hayward will start it off but something needs to start happening there. 3 interceptions? That’s embarrassing! Especially when you consider the money they have invested in that defensive secondary. Williams IMO, shouldn’t see the field unless the Packers are in their dime package. 22 games without a interception for that kind of money? Funny how some players get paid and just like that, they stop doing what made them the money in the first place.

          1. Dude seriously. Lets not forget that Tramon had a very serious shoulder injury. He’s not playing to the level of ’10 when he earned that big contract, but even last year he said his shoulder would never be as strong as it used to be. He didn’t give up after he got paid. For Christ’s sake, he was getting paid and still CHOSE to play w/ a major injury that he could have taken the year off for.

            He’s not the same player mostly due to the shoulder injury and I have no problem releasing him after this year, but to suggest he took his money and has tanked since then is complete bullshit!!

            1. Wasn’t aware that shoulder injuries affected one’s ability to move their feet.

              Now I know better – he can’t run with WR’s because he hurt his shoulder.

              Whooda thunk it?

              1. Yup, well said Savage57. I’m sure in some kinda way it affected his shoulder affected his feet. We’ve all saw that it affected his heart and tackling ability.

              2. Like I said… He hasn’t played to he level of play of ’10, but that wasn’t the issue Perry brought up. He suggested Tramon tanked after getting paid. I completely argree his play hasn’t been the same. He isn’t nearly as aggressive tackling either!

                But he played w/ the injury instead of taking the year off. Which isn’t indicative of a guy tanking after a big payday!

            2. 5 thumbs down for this? Seriously, anyone who can’t recognize that Tramon’s shoulder injury hampered him is bordering on delusional.

              That’s not excusing him from poor play, but don’t make it sound like he wasn’t even trying.

              1. Thank you Chad… Its at 5 thumbs down now. Whatever tho. Never excused his play, just the supported the fact he played thru the injury instead of taking the money and a year off. The shoulder clearly is hampering Tramon still, he rarely plays in press coverage anymore where he would have to used the shoulder and he doesn’t tackle as aggressively as he used to either.

          2. Tramon Williams has just not been the same player since the injury he incurred against the Saints during the 2011 opener! I suspect he has some nerve damage to his shoulder!

      2. I think the natural inclination of the Packers coaching staff is to be uber conservative if Rodgers goes down. For instance in 2010, Matt Flynn definitely was on a short leash after Rodgers got concussed against the Lions. But with a week to prepare, they opened up the playbook for Flynn against the Patriots. I would expect to see something similar here. And honestly, who could blame them, the game was close and the running game was effective, you have a pretty good chance of squeaking by.

        1. We should add that Flynn had the advantage of working in the system a few years while Wallace came in w/o a camp and has had few reps with the ones until this week.

    2. I kinda think the defense deflated a bit when Rodgers went down and a lot of them had a fait accompli look on them that they were going to lose without Rodgers. Rodgers has been carrying the defense for a long time (see 2011) and the defense knew it that they could essentially blow a game and Rodgers would still outscore the other team. Hopefully with a week to process the fact that Rodgers will not be there to save them will make them a better defense.

  2. The packers I think need a veteran Seneca Wallace to not lose the game which means no interception or fumbles. If he can do that I think the run game and defense are strong enough to beat the eagles in Green Bay.

        1. It’s a Bears fan that knows come week 17, Rogers, Matthews, Perry, Cobb, and the rest of the Packers will go to Chicago and beat them making it 3 years in a row the Bears have FAILED to make the Playoffs.

      1. …Only you Razer!…

        In any event, unless the Packers can mount a semblence of a downfield passing game, we will get smoked by the Eagles. The Bears pointed an easy way at success:
        1. Stack the box on defense on downs one and two, begging Wallace to pass.
        2. On obvious passing downs, pin their ears back and send the kitchen sink.
        3. Continue to run at the inexperienced Packers OLB, and throw dump-offs on 3rd-and-7 or less.
        4. On other passing plays, target the man who likes to play ten to twelve yards off the receiver, Tramon Williams.

        I truly hope I’m wrong, if we get behind early, this could get ugly…

        1. I think having your backup quarterback step during a game is a big difference from having your backup quarterback start and have a week to prepare. If anything McCarthy’s ultra-conservativism with Wallace was likely the right call; McCarthy doesn’t know the full extent of the injury to Rodgers and as far as I remember it was only around half time that Rodgers was officially ruled out. If you were in McCarthy’s shoes and you thought Rodgers might come back, do you have Wallace start slinging the ball all over the place and get intercepted or do you play turtle with a running game that’s been working and hope Rodgers comes back soon enough to win the game for you?
          Now that McCarthy knows Rodgers isn’t going to play, he can design an offense that Wallace can run and more importantly will give Wallace the full range of options; you saw a similar situation when Rodgers was concussed in Detroit; Matt Flynn did get to do anything against the Lions but got way more control against the Patriots.

          1. He won’t even have to design an offense for Wallace. More a matter of selecting plays that allow Wallace to be successful and have a good chance to be successful vs the Iggles D.

            I’m not going into the game w/ a great deal of optimism for a win, but not pessimistic either. Kinda a healthy mix of each. Really curious to see how Wallace functions w/ a week of practice. If he fails to be effective, bring on Matt Flynn assuming he’s healthy!

  3. I like the idea of getting Franklin the ball in space, passes, misdirection & running wide, screens….etc. It would be a good time for him to put a charge into the offense. Seneca can use all the tools they’ve got. You’re right, the Eagles problably will be packing it in close to the line of scrimmage.

    1. I would like to see Franklin show us something but I think that Lacy/Starks will be the one-two punch. Still, MM should throw him into the mix so that future opponents have more to consider – especially with Rodgers on the sidelines

    2. From my perspective it looks like the Packers are looking at it like a redshirt year for Franklin. He’s been a disaster on special teams, which is the way you see the field on as a 4th round rookie. I’d actually like to see him more in a backwards Randall Cobb mold i.e. have him in the backfield and then flex him out to the slot. Of course, this requires Rodgers to pull off so you probably won’t see that happen in the next couple weeks.

      1. That’s what I meant Thomas, kinda like Sproles of the Saints. They line that guy up all over the place. We saw during the Bengals game the kid can make people miss. I’m just surprised M.M. hasn’t devised something yet.

        1. He also can’t hold onto the ball! When he learns to do that he’ll earn playing time again. Not until then… Franklin could be good but he’s no Sproles!

          1. I didn’t say he was Sproles. Where do you see I even compared him to Sproles? I said like the Saints USE Sproles. Franklin has had fumbling issues his entire career, except his last year at UCLA. Obviously he has to hang onto the ball, that just goes without saying.

            1. I don’t see Franklin being able to split out wide like Sproles does. He also doesn’t return kicks, which Sproles does on both punts and KO. So Franklin won’t be used in any way like Sproles is. Either way he has to earn his playing time by NOT putting the ball on the turf!

              1. I guess that shows he’s not like Sproles, nor is he gonna be used in anyway like Sproles. Guess that effectively ends this discussion doesn’t it?!!

  4. Philly is hard to figure out. They’re 0-4 at home (KC, SD, Dal, NYG) and 4-1 (beating Was, NYG, TB, Oak) on the road…which goes well against NFL norms. None of those road wins are against any of the NFL elite, of course, but we have no idea what the Packers will bring on Sunday on the offensive side of the ball.

    No word on whether Lang plays this week, and I think that’s a big part of anything the Packers might do offensively (aside from the obvious issues at QB). I wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers come out throwing to establish Wallace and then run Lacy/Starks against Eagle nickel and dime sets. Packers must sustain drives, and can’t let McCoy do what Forte did on Monday. Foles is no threat to run, which takes the option out of their repertoire.

    I think the defense plays with a chip on its shoulder: Packers 24, Eagles 17.

    1. I agree, even without Rodgers the Packers can win, but it really depends on which Eagles team shows up.

  5. If Lang can’t go, I’d bench Newhouse’s azz and start Sherrod at RT.

    Yes, the Eagle defense has struggled despite having some talented players. They were unable to slow Peyton down early in the season i.e., every DEN offensive play worked. The question is can we spread them out w Wallace at QB. I don’t think so. Short passes and a heavy dose of Lacy should mean 8 in the box (at least). So I don’t see GB putting a lot of points on the board, maybe 17 to 20 tops.

    On offense, Foles is great w/o pressure (see OAK game last Sunday). Not so great w pressure. He’s not a statue but he’s a far cry from Vick in that department. Their RB, Shady McCoy, is quick. He should do well against our 3 HIPPO base defense. If DC is smart, he will not play much base in this game. Get smaller quicker faster guys on the field. Get after Foles. Use man coverage. Don’t let Jackson beat you deep (than means double coverage Dom). If we do all that and do it well, we have a prayer of keeping this offense under 21 points. My prediction: 31-17 Eagles.

    1. “If Lang can’t go, I’d bench Newhouse’s azz and start Sherrod at RT.”

      I don’t know why Lane Taylor is even active on a weekly basis if the Packers feel that moving Barclay inside and inserting Newhouse is better than leaving Barclay outside and inserting Taylor. Maybe he can only play on the left side…still, frustrating. I don’t like the idea of seeing Newhouse out there on the right side again.

      McCoy is much more Barry Sanders than Adrian Peterson or even Reggie Bush. He’ll have a bunch of no gains, then rip a 30-yarder, and he catches the ball well. Keeping him between the tackles is a must. I think the Packer secondary matches up better with Philly than Chicago. The key will be (as you said) pressure: the Packers were mostly content to try to rush McCown up the gut and that didn’t work. Philly’s OL isn’t as good (when was the last time we said that about any OL in comparison to the Bears?), but hopefully the Packers will be a little more creative, or have the advantage of CMIII.

      1. Keep in mind Barclay had not been playing all that well at RT, so maybe they felt that Newhouse and Barclay’s experience was better put than sticking Taylor out there. The Packers have been known to keep players who they feel will develop into something special on the 53-man roster if they don’t think they’ll land on the practice squad, so just because he’s not an asset right now doesn’t mean that he’s useless.

    2. I’d have my reservations about Sherrod, it’s likely that he’s still not game ready as he’s really only practiced in full for 3 weeks after being out for almost 2 years at this point. Not saying that he can’t fully recover and become a good player, but I’m sure the Packers want to be conservative after waiting so long on Sherrod.

      1. I agree. I think its pretty unlikely Sherrod plays this year. You don’t knock that much rust off in a month or 2. Unless theres’ an injury or 2 this year, Sherrod isn’t going to see the field. IMO its enough that he’s getting some practice reps and getting used to being on the field. Hopefully they don’t need him this year and can give him some quality reps and get him going full speed in the offseason.

    3. Well they must think Newhouse is the best option since he does have experience, (even if some of it was bad experience).

  6. The Eagles are flying and the Packers are dying. Senaca has interception written all over him. The loss of Rodgers would not mean there was no chance but taking in the rest of the problem, no pass rush, poor defensive secondary, one decent line backer, p poor special team play, poor play selection…you have a receipt for failure.

    1. Perhaps, but I wouldn’t say the Eagles have been blowing teams out either. To me the Eagles are like CJ2K; they’ll straight out destroy a team if things go their way or they’ll get destroyed if things don’t. They aren’t a consistent team but they have the talent to be really good.

      1. Without AR, CM, Cobb, Nick Perry, TJ Lang and Seneca Wallace at starting QB, we are a mediocre NFL team, who has major problems scoring and no major playmakers on defense.
        Will we generate ANY turnovers on ‘D’? I doubt it.
        Sorry for sounding so melancholy, but, right now we are not very good…Also, with the key injuries on defense, no one is making any big plays. That my friends, is a recipe for disaster.
        I predict, after we score 20 points or less, again, Wallace gets released and we sign another QB.

        1. The Packers could conceivably score 20 point until Rodgers gets back and win, the schedule actually turned out to be pretty weak so keep that in mind.

          Also I highly doubt Wallace would get released after 1 game, who would replace Wallace? The only guys with some experience with the Packers offense would be Graham Harrell, Vince Young (even then not really), Scott Tolzein and maybe Matt Flynn (though I would say at this point he’s been gone for too long to know the offense or have any real rapport with the current players). Those options don’t sound all that much better than Wallace IMO.

    2. LMAO!! Clearly you missed the Eagles vs Dallas game. There wasn’t a single Eagle flying and talk about a poor secondary. LAST in the NFL in pass defense and total defense.

  7. Thomas: At the time I’m making this comment, there are 26 others to this post, mine is the 27th. Of the 26 responses to your post, you have made 11 of them. I’ve noticed this tendency with your past posts as well. You are the one who replies the most to yourself. Do you like talking to yourself, or do you receive a commission for each response to your posts?

    Just wondering.

    1. P.S. Just kidding. You must enjoy the exchange of ideas with the fans who have taken the time to comment to your articles. And you do it in a nice, non-adversarial, non-contentious way — unlike several of your colleagues who will remain anonymous.

      Keep-up the good work.

  8. Lang will play it looks like, which will be a big help by getting Newhouse off the field. The offence will play better this week and should score more then 20 (I hope). The key is can this D hold the Eagles attacking offense from scoring more than 20. The eagles have talent at the skill positions, including 2 productive TEs.

  9. Seneca Wallace couldn’t compete at the High School level right now. He is flat out horrendous. Anyone that thinks he should be playing in the NFL is smoking crack very heavily. He is 5ft. nothing and throws like a girl. We would have a better chance of winning if we just punt on every 1st down and hope the defense can score. Putting the ball in Wallace’s hands is a score for the other team…

  10. Big T, thats a heavy load of negative analysis you just dumped on Wallace. However, I feel your frustration. I think we’re in trouble with Wallace at the helm, but, I’m going to wait and see if he can fill in this Sunday without disastrous results. Only time will tell

  11. The Eagles have won 4 games on the road this year. The combined records of the teams that they have defeated is 8-25 including the redskins loss to Minnesota on Thursday evening. They played at Denver and were destroyed(which would probably be the case here if Rodgers were healthy). They have lost all of their home games. This cannot be a very good team. They have a lot of speed on offense and will try to use their quick offense to run the Packers out of Lambeau. The packers need to hit their receivers at the LOS and throw off their timing. They also need to create some tornovers. With CM3 back they need to create some pressure and above all, tackle! On offense, it will be up to the O-line (as usual) to sustain drives and keep the Eagles offense off the field.
    We are no longer in “Next Man Up” mode, we are now in “Every Man Up” mode.
    Good defense
    Control the ball
    Take advantage of turnovers by the Eagles
    A big okay or 2 by special teams
    No mistakes by Seneca
    We may win ugly but we should win.
    Thanks, Since ’61
    P. S. No more injuries would be nice as well.

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