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Marques, Jason, and Kris of are joined by Jason Hirschhorn of AcmePackingCompany to break down the Packers Monday Night loss to the Bears.

You’ll also get updates on the Packers’ walking wounded including quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

They’ll also be handing out “game balls and lame calls” as well as reviewing the weekly Stock Report, where they examine who’s trending and in what direction.

Finally, they look ahead to the Packers’ next opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles

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3 thoughts on “No Huddle Radio: Packers Bears with Guest Jason Hirschhorn

  1. The Packers plan to bring Flynn in for a workout, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.That indicates some level of interest in Flynn from the Packers’ brass, but the reality is if they thought he could step in immediately and play better than Seneca Wallace, Flynn would already be a Packer. Flynn passed through waivers unclaimed on Tuesday, the day after Rodgers broke his collarbone, so the Packers (and 31 other teams) have already passed on the opportunity to bring him in.There have been reports that the Packers think Flynn may have some injury to his throwing arm, and it’s possible that they’ll sign him if he can show in a workout that there are no injury concerns. Still, the Packers say they have confidence in Wallace as the starter and Scott Tolzien as the backup until Rodgers can return. A workout is probably all Flynn is going to get in Green Bay.

    And the back up QB saga continues!

  2. Flynn is damaged goods and the fact that he’s not been courted by at least one of the many qb-hungry teams is a big red flag. Scotty T. may be the long-term solution if #12 is out longer than 3-4 weeks….

  3. I hate when Rodger’s comes out with that brimming(don’t hit me) smile on his face while coming onto the field. Looking for his buddy Urlacher to chum it up with him. Old 4 eyes Trestman had a plan to avoid the 40 pt beat down he was staring at going into MNF.- Take Rodgers out – at all costs
    Rodgers/McCarthy didn’t see it coming and appeared unprepared. Ended up taken by surprise and taken down.
    Any team that tolerates cheese heads as contemporary need to hire an East Coast consultant to clue them in on what’s going on
    The Bears are dirty and proved it. Packers were unsuspecting overconfident and suckered.Do we really need Rodgers running the ball(at risk) with the #2 Running offense in the league ???
    Please give this to Rodger & McCarthy
    Rodgers needs a acquire a different game face and to toughen up.

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