Packers vs. Bengals Week 3 Game Predictions from All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Week 3: Green Bay Packers vs. Cincinnati Bengals
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 1-1 Green Bay Packers 28-17
I still don’t trust the Green Bay secondary, especially with Burnett likely still out. The Bengals also have a strong front four so this won’t be the cakewalk the Washington game was. The Packers offense is still a juggernaut however and Green Bay is 2-1 going into the bye
“Jersey” Al Bracco 1-1 Green Bay Packers 31-19
Most everyone is expecting a close game, but I think it will be easier than that. The much improved Packers defense will force the Bengals to kick field goals and the offense is primed for another big day.
Adam Czech 2-0 Green Bay Packers 30-22
I don’t like this matchup for the Packers. The Bengals remind me of a poorman’s version of the 49ers: Physical d-line, good running game, a lot of athleticism. The Packers almost beat the 49ers, though, and I think they will beat the Bengals. Aaron Rodgers is too good to lose to a poorman’s version of San Francisco.
Marques Eversoll 2-0 Green Bay Packers 24-23
There are some very interesting matchups in this game. The Packers’ defense is weak in the middle of the field, and the Bengals have two talented tight ends (Gresham, Eifert) and a speedy air back in Gio Bernard, whereas Bengals’ defense is weak at safety, and the Packers are really, really good at wide receiver. It’s going to come down to the wire, but I think the Packers win, all thanks to Mason “Money” Crosby.
Thomas Hobbes 1-1 Green Bay Packers 24-21
I said it on the podcast and I will say it again: if the Chicago Bears can beat the Bengals so can the Packers.  Chicago has a long storied tradition of fielding poor offensive lines and while that has improved this year, I don’t think anyone would claim they are way better than the Packers line.  Also while the Bengals have many offensive weapons, the Packers have even more.
Cory Jennerjohn 2-0 Green Bay Packers 23-21
This game has all the makings of not being too pretty. The Packers are starting James Starks for the first time since Nov. 25, 2012 and just his fifth start overall. To make matters worse, this is the second-best defensive line the Packers will see all year. Aaron Rodgers will stay upright long enough to cut through the secondary and Mason Crosby will hit a late game-winning field goal as the Packers head to the bye 2-1.
Jason Perone 2-0 Cincinnati Bengals 24-23
This one is purely a gut feeling.  I just see the Packers having too many problems containing all of Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton’s options.  With the bye week looming the team will likely hold out some of those who are dinged up and the Packers will be too short handed on the road in this one.
Chad Toporski 2-0 Green Bay Packers 27-24
The Bengals didn’t exactly light up an ailing Pittsburgh Steelers team last weekend, so don’t let that win fool you. Dom Capers will bring some more blitzes and pressure against Dalton, though A.J. Green will still be a problem. But look for the offense to stay hot in a close affair.

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


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  1. The Bengals have a good defense, but that shouldn’t stop Arod from putting enough points on the scoreboard. Andy Dalton is no where near being an elite QB.And although the Packers are missing some playmakers in their Defensive Secondary The red headed QB will not exploit it…He makes a lot of bone headed decisions and his accuracy is just plain bad. I agree with Mr Hobbes “If The Bears Can Beat the Bengals So Can The Packers” Packers steal one on the road!

    1. Let’s not forget that the Bears played that game at home.

      Bottom line: if the Packers can hang 28 on the Niners, they should be able to hang 28 on Cinci. The question is, will that be enough?

      1. Tradtional gambling thought is that home field is worth 3 points, so you can say that the Bears would have scored 21 points in a hostile environment. I totally think the Packers can score more than 21 points on the Bengals, as you mentioned they scored 28 on the 49ers. While I think it’s possible for them to score quite a bit, the real question becomes can they actually pull it off.

    2. This game scares the hell out of me because with the Packers missing Hayward and Burnett, and the TE and RB’s the Bengals have they could make a living in the middle of the field. The good news is the Bengals are really banged up in their secondary. Their missing their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and maybe 5th best cover corners. I think Jones, Cobb and Nelson all have big games because of that. Starks will run well for second week in row. Maybe not 100 yards but will benefit from fast pace of Packers offense and Packers passing game. Lastly this is the game where we see the Packers pass rush come to life. Matthews is going to wreak havoc as long as Capers moves him around a bit. Matthews, Neal, Perry and Jones all get sacks, and Johnny Jolly helps stuff the run. It will be interesting to see how Capers plays AJ Green. That guy scares the hell out of me.

  2. I got a little crazy this week and reviewed the Bengals games from earlier this year and all of last year. And based on what I saw, and the Bengals banged up secondary I expect Rodgers and Co. will be able to move the ball, and if green bay is on their game it could be impressive.

    I think the Defense is way better than most people consider. Their Stats tell a story that is different than what we saw on Sunday, but when the game is over all we see and hear any more is stats.

    An example of this is Sam Shields. He played great against the red skins, and earned a game ball for it, But PFF gave him a negative grade on the day. I have rewatched the game and I saw great play, but stats tell another story.

    I think the Packers should win this game handily, but you never know until it happens.

    1. One thing I wish PFF would do was log their grades based on situation. Shields made a ton of great plays, and then made a bunch of “bad” plays near the end of the game where he’s playing off coverage and letting receivers catch the ball in order to kill the clock. Yes, he’s letting recievers catch balls on him, but that’s insignificant in the context of the game at that point in time.

  3. Hey Jason, with that “gut feeling”, don’t venture far from your throne! What about Rodgers and his options? The packers being “short handed” due to the bye week? Wake up! Give MM some credit as a professional! It’s about winning the game at hand as it’s too late to lament a loss due to withholding those who would ordinarily be cleared to play; ESPECIALLY with the bye week following!

      1. “tude dude”? why dont you ask J.Perone?
        I dont mind his picking the Bengals win if he was to have an meaningful argument to back it up! Dalton’s options? … I’d take Rodger’s options in a heartbeat! And losing the game due to being shorthanded because of wanting to rest players? … there is no “do over”! It’s admirable that you felt compelled to back one of your own. but C’mon “DUDE” … that “gut feeling” explanation was lame and unprofessonal. It’s obvious that his comments were of the controversial “attention getter” variety, which was all that was achieved. What’s next? Flip a coin?

          1. I wasn’t a jerk, Chad. Yet you’re the “dude” questioning my attitude? If you read my comments, all I pointed out was that it’s fine to project a Cincy victory, but at least deviver a valid reason in support of that gut feeling. He was giving the win to the Bengals due to Dalton’s weapons and that the Packers would be short handed cuz they would not play banged up players? You know this would never happen to the point of being the reason for a loss. It’s always and ONLY about winning! So now I’m a jerk because I disagree? At least I pointed out how hollow his support was and why. Per the numbers, it appears that other faithful followers have had their say in this “hot debate”. Love this site and articles! I didn’t intend to to upset you Chad nor Jason. Please accept my apology if you feel otherwise. Go Packers!

            1. I’ll weigh in here. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say you were being a jerk, you were being aggressive in your response. The throne and wake up remarks could be construed as being confrontational. If it was unintended, then no worries. I appreciate that you read our stuff!

        1. “that “gut feeling” explanation was lame and unprofessonal”

          How much are you getting paid to do this, Jason?

    1. A gut feeling need no explanation. The only thing I’m sorry about is that you can’t accept the fact that not everyone wears green n’ gold goggles all the time.

  4. Looking forward to finding out if the Packers lack of sacks the first two games was because they have a poor pass rush, or if they were just playing conservatively to contain mobile quarterbacks. There’s no reason to worry about Dalton taking off. It should be fun to watch. I’d love to see Perry or Datone get sacks!

    1. I saw Mathews nail Kapernick in the back field at least two times in the 49ers game yet he only was awarded 1 sack. in both cases I though CK was dropping back. I don’t get it.

      1. I’d guess one time they called Kaepernick a runner and you can only sack the passer, so the other “sack” was probably a tackle behind the line of scrimmage.

  5. Their are questions to be answered in this game. Was the running game last week a fluke? Can the Oline protect Rodgers against Cincinnati’s D front? Do we have a pass rush? Can our D stop the Bengals weapons?

    The Pack needs to beat a good team on the road. This will be a big win if they can. 2-1, heading into the bye, will be awesome. Then we can come out of the bye healthy and ready for a run.

  6. Green Bay will win 34-23 as Rogers throws four touchdowns and Green Bay adds two Crosby field goals. Rogers is at the top of his game right now.

  7. Unless Rodgers has an off game you’re going to see one of the AFC’s best, and must how awful the AFC is compared to the top of the NFC. This game feels like last years Texans tilt. Packers +2 on tipped or errant passes, win by 2 possessions.

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    2. One thing I can check is the HTML tags for the table. If they’re set to specific pixel widths, changing them to percentage widths might help with the problem. Unfortunately, some tables are just going to be too large to adequately view on a mobile device regardless.

      Thanks for giving us a heads up about the issue.

      1. My assumption is that the mobile site reduces the html tags to “fit” mobile devices. I’m not sure we have the ability to change that (Al would know better). Maybe making the table smaller on the website would help, but that makes the website less readable, so you’re kinda in a lose-lose situation

        1. Mobile sites mostly use style sheets (CSS) to manage the look of the content. They can’t change the sizes of pixel-specific elements. That’s why I think changing from pixel to percentage units would help.

  8. I think its Packers by 10. I agree that Cincy will kick a couple too many FG’s and the Pack has enough explosion to drop 27-31 on them. Cincy won’t be able to keep up. I sense a good game from Perry, whether that is sacks or just collapsing the pocket, I think Dalton is in for a rough outing. I think the pass rush has been tentative because of the fear of the running QB’s. Containment won’t be an issue with Dalton. 31-20Pack!Ok, I guess I think its Pack by 11!GoPack

  9. If the Packers come out with the same intensity they had against SF (and Wash), the Pack will win. But, need to win the turnover battle (of course) and the DBs need to improve. I have high hopes for Banjo

  10. Let’s see, good (not elite) young QB with super-elite WR. All-Pro defensive line. How are the Bengals any better than the Lions?

    1. Well I think the Bengals are more disciplined at this point than the Lions. Running game may be a bit better. I like the Packers, but I like Marvin Lewis’ Bengals

    2. Oops, I meant to also say I tend to agree, with the Bengals being better than Lions because of that reason!

  11. Going into a bye week,this team needs a validation win which doesn’t include Rodgers but the other areas in question.

  12. To beat the Packers, I don’t care who you are, you have to score in the 30’s. Probably mid-30’s. I watched the Bengals pedestrian offense against the suddenly hapless Steelers and I just don’t see it. 34-24, Packers.

  13. I like the Pack 31-14. The D gets some pressure against immobile Dalton and forces some turnovers. Rodgers and offense roll. The D does need to watch Cincy speed on offense, but should be OK. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

  14. Just when you think you might have this team figured out, you look up at the end of the game, see a 13-10 score and ask yourself WTF just happened?

    I feel one of those brewing.

    1. exactly! MM’s Pack always manages to keep games close against a lesser team, esp on the road. Hope I am wrong on this one, but I see a 3-4 point game.

  15. I think the packers will be building momentum to the bye. Rodgers and company can handle the bengals D better than they handle ours. We can manage a few turnovers from them. I wouldn’t bet on Rodgers turning it over. Me thinks Packers Win!!! Not even that close.

  16. The Bungles are supposedly among the elite in the AFC. Well, Sunday is going to be further evidence of the gap between the two conferences.

    31-17 GBP

    The Power poles will understand that the demise of the GBP has been a media creation. This is a team that will be heard from. Regularly.

    1. The demise of the Pack isn’t so much anything to do w/ the Packers or the media coverage of the Packers. It has everything to do w/ over glorification of the 9ers and Seattle. Its not a demise of the Packers, in reality most of the media still has the Packers among the top 5-7 teams all of which probably have similar odds of winning the SB.

  17. Still waiting for a pass rush from GB, Can’t keep giving up huge chunks of grass & expect goal line stands.We have a lot of top draft picks either not playing, or not playing up to #1 or 2 potential on defense. Would be a real waste of a great offense to not “outscore” the other team which is what we’re built to do.

  18. Yes our secondary gives up way too much passing yards, but we still win games. Stopping the run and running the ball are the fundamentals of winning football going back to forever. We are starting to finally do that. As predominant as the passing game has become, winning still comes down to those 2 fundamentals. Also the Bengals
    secondary is down to 3 healthy corners. Rodgers and co. could possibly put up back to back 400 yd. passing days. Pack rolls 38-17.

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