Where They’ve Landed: Cut Packers Signed by Other Teams

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Former Packers making a safe landing
Former Packers making a safe landing

This isn’t an easy weekend for anyone, not the players nor team personnel (See Andrew Brandt’s story on that).

Some players get to ride the roller coaster of emotions by being cut one day and then signed by another team the next. To these Ex-Packers, we simply say, Good Luck (unless you’re playing the Packers).

Here are the guys who have come in for a safe landing (at least for now):

Graham Harrell: NY Jets (signed after the Packers’ cut to 75 and still on the Jets roster)

Gilbert Pena: New England Patriots (signed after the Packers’ cut to 75 and just cut by the Patriots)

Alex Green: NY Jets

D.J. Williams: Jacksonville Jaguars

Patrick Lewis: Cleveland Browns

Terrell Manning: San Diego Chargers

Dezman Moses: Kansas City Chiefs

Matthew Mulligan: New England Patriots

Tyrone Walker: Seattle Practice Squad


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13 thoughts on “Where They’ve Landed: Cut Packers Signed by Other Teams

  1. Is the Vikings GM asleep? How come he didn’t pick up any former Packers this time?
    If the Jets cut Sanchez he would be a good backup to Rodgers. After all, when the Jets had a decent team he did get them to two AFC title games.

    1. Viqueens only pick up our over used, mostly washed up players. They wouldn’t have interest in any guys that might need a little time to develop. Even their drafts are like that. If they don’t perform as starters in the 1st year they don’t last long in Minn. Their a draft and play right away team, and the same in FA.

  2. Bummed that Manning was released. Still think he can develop into a very good ILB. I’ll be keeping an eye on him in SD. I trust McCarthy and Thompson kept players (Barrington and Lattimore) that have more potential and ST value.

  3. Seven castoffs picked up by the competition (so far). TT’s “trash” is obviously in demand. I wonder how this compares to the rest of the NFL?

  4. Stroh – I was also disappointed about Manning but I think TT and MM believe that Barrington and Latimore are better fits for the 3-4. Barrington made some good penetration plays during the preseason. Time will tell. Thanks, Since’ 61

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