New Life: Packers Practice Squad Signings – 2013 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Reserved for the Packers Practice Squad
Reserved for the Packers Practice Squad

Eight players will escape the grip of the Turk as the Packers form their 2013 Practice Squad.

The following players have been signed so far according to various reports and sources.  Any reported signings will not be listed here, however, if not reported by a verified member of the media.

2013 Packers Practice Squad:

QB Scott Tolzien: As reported last night by Bill Huber of, the Packers have added the former Univ of Wisconsin QB to their practice squad. Recently cut by the 49ers, one has to wonder if he’s here for a “brain-drain” on the Packers’ first opponent.

CB James Nixon: Pete Dougherty of the GB Press-Gazette reports Nixon is in the fold.

WR Charles Johnson: per Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post, Johnson cleared waivers and was added to the Packers’ practice squad.

WR Myles White: Wes Hodkiewicz of the GB Press-Gazette says the Packers have added the speedy white to the PS.

TE Jake Stoneburner: This one comes from Stoneburner himself, who tweeted, “The dream continues. Still a packer. #gopackgo

G Bryan Collins: Per Rob Demovsky of ESPN, via Twitter.  Collins was an undrafted rookie recently released by the Houston Texans.  With Patrick Lewis off to Cleveland, the Packers wanted to add another developmental body at O-line.

OT Aaron Adams: reports the 2013 UDFA cut by Cleveland has been added to the squad.

RB Michael Hill: says the Packers have filled out their practice squad by adding Missouri Western’s all-time rushing leader to their practice squad.

Check back here for more signings as they are reported…


While we’re waiting, several sources have confirmed that Green bay have brought  RB Joe McKnight, WR Sam McGuffie & guards Bryan Collins & Chandler Burden in for workouts.


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25 thoughts on “New Life: Packers Practice Squad Signings – 2013

  1. So, because we’re only getting practice squad updates, does that mean the Packers haven’t claimed anyone and BJ Coleman will actually be the backup QB??? If this is indeed the case, I strongly question McCarthy and TT on this decision! Coleman has shown nothing since he was drafted other than a strong and inaccurate arm.

    1. The tradeoff between last season and this season is “popgun with some accuracy” and “strong and inaccurate”.

  2. I’m not disappointed in the release of Green, Starks is the better of the two, but now we’re thin at rb as well as qb – deep at dl. Would like to see a trade – maybe Wilson or Pickett even? At very least we need to have someone serviceable on the practice squad. Don’t think that Tolzien is anyone to feel hopeful about.

    1. Very doubtful Walker will be signed to PS. They already have two WRs on it. Guessing the Packers decided he was too small/slow and so his upside was very limited. They tend to develop guys with higher upsides.

      The interesting thing to watch will be which OL they bring on the PS. They are very thin there.

      1. Walker’s agent said their were no inquires from the Packers about bringing him back for the PS.

  3. Just saw that Brandon Jackson was released by the browns. Is there any tread left on those tires? He was a good 3rd down pass catching back.

    1. Jackson was a terrific pass blocking RB and good receiver out of the backfield. He just doesn’t offer anything else of value. No real ST ability, nothing as a RB.

  4. Where did jordan miller end up? The kid was a beast in camp….i wanted the pack to find a way to keep him as well. To everyone complaining about the rb position being shallow….relax…..its a pass first league and rbs are easy to find. I want the pack to stay away from McKnight. ….hes a problem child!!!

  5. I like that we kept extra depth on the dline. Its not as sexy as wr or rb….but big guys for o and d line are harder to find. Good job tt!!

  6. I really hope that during the reshuffling over the next couple days that we dont move palmer off the active roster… him and mulumba!!!

  7. I hope they steer clear of Jackson, not much of a runner. I think given a chance Franklin can eventually do what Jackson did, but also be a factor running. Starks history is that he isn’t going to last the season without being MIA for extended times, its a worry with Lacy too. Would nice to have a running threat be
    sides lacy to take pressure off our young OTs and Rodgers.

  8. This kid Sam McGuffie looks like he could be the next Wes Welker. I hope he gets the chance to show his skills.

  9. Mcguffie had major concussion issues at michigan during his short stay there. I dont think hes going to amount to anything….i like the wrs we have on the roster and p-squad.

  10. Hopefully Jordan Miller makes it through the waiver wire and the pack puts him on PS. I think he would be a great addition there and can help out next year if Picket is done. GoPack!

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