Time for the Turk: A Running List of Green Bay Packers Roster Cuts

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The Turk pays the Packers a Visit
The Turk pays the Packers a Visit

The Green Bay Packers have started making moves to cut down their roster to the 53 man mark to open the regular season.

The following players have been released so far according to various reports and sources.  Any reported cuts will not show up here, however, if not reported by a verified member of the media following the Green Bay Packers:

QB Vince Young – Per his Twitter account, Young confirms that he has been released by the Packers. Who’s going to be the Packers backup QB? B.J. Coleman? Trent Edwards? Tim Tebow? Brett Favre? (LOL on the last two…I think.)

CB Loyce Means – Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports he has been released, but told he has a good chance of returning to the practice squad.

FB Jonathan Amosa – Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post reports a league source confirms Amosa has been cut. Also a PS candidate.

T Kevin Hughes – Via Wes Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press Gazette, Hughes has been cut.

S Chaz Powell – Silverstein reports that Powell has been cut. Does this mean the Packers are keeping the Banjo as a backup safety?

C/G Garth Garhart – Hodkiewicz chimes in again and says Garhart is gone.

S David Fulton – Silverstein reports that Fulton is gone. Things are looking even better for the Banjo.

WR Charles Johnson – Bill Huber of Packer Report tweets.  Silverstein reports team will try to sign him to their practice squad if he clears waivers.

WR Tyrone Walker – Bill Huber reported.  Silverstein reports Packers will attempt to sign Walker to their practice squad if he clears waivers.

OLB Donte Savage – Silverstein reports that a team source has confirmed.

T Andrew Datko – Rob Demovsky at ESPN says Datko is gone. Does he come back for a second year on the practice squad? We shall see.

 OL Patrick Lewis – Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports he has been released.

WR Myles White – Silverstein reports White is gone, tweeting: “That leaves them with Jones, Cobb, Nelson, Boykin and Ross at WR.”

TE D.J. Williams – Per Williams’ Twitter account, he is not longer a Packer.

TE Jake Stoneburner – Ty Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports he has been released, but told he has a good chance of returning to the practice squad.

RB Alex Green – Jason Wilde of ESPN Milwaukee reports that the running back corps just got a bit smaller. Any connection to the McKnight story?

TE Matthew Mulligan – Getting cut according to Silverstein. Only TE left are Finley, Quarless, Taylor, and Bostick.

CB James Nixon – Bill Huber says Nixon has been cut and that the Packers want him back for the practice squad.

LB Dezman Moses – The darling of last season’s training camp has been cut according to Ty Dunne. Does that mean Andy Mulumba made the team?

CB Brandon Smith – Silverstein reported the final list with Smith, Manning, and Miller as the final three cuts. There was little chance of Smith cracking the CB group.

LB Terrell Manning – This could be a mild surprise, as Manning was a 2012 draft pick and missed a year of development. They’ve given guys with lower potential more time to shine.

DT Jordan Miller – This one was almost a given, though it will be interesting to see if he makes the practice squad as a developmental NT.

Be sure to check back here as more roster transactions are announced…


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59 thoughts on “Time for the Turk: A Running List of Green Bay Packers Roster Cuts

    1. Hate to pick nits here PatMc, but a CHI QB (Ed Brown) ran one in and was the first to score a TD at Lambeau Field on Sept. 29, 1957. Packers won the game 21-17 after Bart Starr was benched following the 1st quarter.

  1. Shocked that Young was cut. Coleman is a million miles from being ready from what i’ve seen.

    I would look at Jimmy Clausen, has WCO experience and could be a good fit.

  2. Young must have shown some old/bad habits that stick in MM craw.
    Okay…somebody convince me that B.J. will look decent with the starting O. I trust in TT and MM…but…Please Aaron stay healthy!

    1. Agree.

      And let’s face it, unless another team expels a starting-caliber QB from their roster, it’s not going to matter much.

      Either way, they’d be starting from scratch teaching a new QB the verbage much less the scheme..

      BJ Coleman is your back up QB for 2013. If Rodgers gets knocked out of a game, he’s going to be asked to game manage. If Rodgers gets knocked out of multiple games, it probably doesn’t matter who the QB is at this point.

        1. If TT had a plan they’d never have bought in Vince Young. That move reeked of desperation.

          1. disagree on reeking of desperation. I believe as soon as they knew Harrell wasn’t the answer, they brought in someone they wanted to look at.

            Under TT, the Packers have NEVER been afraid of keeping a back up QB who is still a project.

            I don’t think there was any desperation at all. I think that TT is realistic about the situation- If we lose AR for any length of time, the Packers are not a contender. So they don’t worry about having a ‘win now’ QB in the wings; they look for a long-term project who can plug a short-term hole if need be and who they can one day potentially deal away if/when they become fully developed, or who will one day take the reigns if need be.

            The packers must have had very good scouting reports on VY coming out of college, they decided to get a first hand assessment and see if he was salvageable. Apparently, they decided he wasn’t.

    2. Hope so, but i’m thinking that they won’t.

      Tebow got cut, too. He’s a terrible QB, but at least he can feed the RB the ball without falling on his face. He could also double as a reserve tight end & free up a roster spot.

      1. yes and no, if the Packers traded for Flynn without altering his contract, then yes the Packers would be taking on his full contract. If the Packers request that Flynn renegotiates his contract then it can as low as the veteran minimum. Of course I’m not convinced McKenzie is going to give up on Flynn so quickly. Nor do we really know that the Packers still like Flynn, maybe the Packers have been scared off by Flynn as well, he’s taken a beating in Oakland and now has some arm injury.

    3. I think McCarthy and Thompson are comfortable w/ Coleman as Rodgers backup. I HIGHLY doubt they bring in another QB. They’ve always shown the willingness to go w/ young players even at QB. Flynn and Brohm didn’t have a vet in front of them. McCarthy is fully aware of Coleman’s abilities and has been working w/ him to get him up to speed. He didn’t do a lot that we saw in games, but I’m sure they’ve seen a lot more of him in practice.

      Surprised Green was released, personally would have kept him over Starks. Watch for McKnight pickup now!

  3. With the Young move I hope there is another move being made in next day or so cuz from what I’ve seen he was the best option. He didn’t show that much but he was the best option I thought.

  4. Even tho it probably will have no bearing on how the season turns out, I’m probably most interested to see what happens at backup QB. There must be a player TT likes that is available or I don’t think he releases Young. Very interested to see who the packers have their sights set on because I think a trade, player for player, might be in the works.

  5. surprised I haven’t seen Brandon Smith yet. thought that was the easiest cut to make.

  6. the scout who told me the Packers liked BJ Coleman in that draft also told me they liked Austin Davis. later on, he told me they would have grabbed Davis if Coleman hadn’t “fallen” to them. Davis was cut today and from what I’ve seen, he looks better than Coleman.

    1. I find myself thinking that passing on one developmental passer for another isn’t in the cards.

      I’ll parrot the sentiment that there’s a QB out there who has seen meaningful snaps that TT has targeted. At least, I hope that’s the case or this merry-go-round this summer doesn’t mean anything.

    2. It must be a tough sell to convince a QB to come to GB considering there’s no chance of being a starter unless QB1 goes down.

      1. Easier to convince developmental guys who know they’re not current NFL starter material, but who could have the opportunity to learn from both McCarthy and Rodgers.

      2. Honestly, when you are a QB on the streets, any job is better than no job. Also, teams with good QBs are typically stable and productive teams, which should you get the opportunity means better production from you. In other words, would you rather be a backup with Green Bay or a backup in Oakland?

    3. Can a player “fall” to you in the seventh round? I mean if a player falls that far, hasn’t he hit the bottom?

      1. I don’t think it’s that hard to understand. If a guy was expected to go in the fifth round and he’s there in the 7th, he “fell” to you.

  7. The Green cut surprised me with the TEs cut. Does this mean Boyd made the team, along with Taylor? I know those aren’t related positions, but they were players I questioned.

  8. I doubt that there is anyone more surprised at this point (not to mention more happy!) than BJ Coleman…. EVERY prediction I had read thus far had Young as the #2….

    1. I’m not convinced Coleman will be the #2 season start at the moment, I think we may be surprised with some pickup

  9. I was wrong picking DJ Williams to make the team. I’m hoping this means Quarless grabs the last TE spot. He is one of my favorite prospects and the best blocker/receiver combo skill TE on the team. Give him more time to shake rust off…. We did win a Super Bowl with him as our starter. The Tyler Dunne JS article on DJ Williams was the worst article I’ve read since his Lacey column. Dunne’s lack of football knowledge must be the reason he resorts to crappy athlete profile stories focused on their childhoods. Thank god this site and the writers exist to discuss actual football ability rather than puff piece Katrina and father/son reunite stories.

  10. Lot of offense getting cut so far. It bodes well for those of us hoping they keep 8 DL. GoPack!

    1. Yup, the D is well represented. A little surprised with Green, D.J. Williams & Mulligan. I like it though if the intent is to keep their best players.

  11. So how long til Green shows up on The Viqueens roster? They are backup RB needy and love our cast-offs? GoPack!

  12. TT would not cut VY unless he knew he could get a better back-up QB. IMO they will not bring someone who knows nothing about this offense and they have to learn everything from scratch. They only QB out there that fits the bill is Matt Flynn. I wouldn’t be surprised if TT is willing to throw in a low draft pick and is now in the process of getting Flynn to restructure his deal.

    1. Where would you rather be if you were Flynn? Possible starter or backup to Terrell Pryor and getting paid very well, or backup to Rodgers and getting paid peanuts? Come on man… Need to try to make sense.

      1. Well, if I were Flynn and I knew the Raiders coaching staff didn’t have enough faith in me to be starter they wouldn’t have enough faith in me to be a player. I would rather go someplace where I felt I had the support of the entire organization. I believe Flynn has lost a lot of self-confidence since he left the Packers. He may very well want to come back to regain his confidence again.

        1. Flynn is either going to be the starter in Oak or he’ll be a backup to a VERY tenuous QB in Pryor. And he’s not gonna get paid much in GB were he to get back here (which he won’t). So you would give up MILLIONS per year to sit on your ass as Rodgers backup? That’s incredibly foolish! I doubt Flynn has lost any confidence in himself. And the GM is Oak is definitely not giving up on him yet either!

  13. Moses gone. Happy with progress neal made at OLB. just goes to show, one year you are camp surprise, next year u are camp fodder. What have u done for me lately! GoPack!

  14. It’s 2:30 PST so where are the latest cuts to get down to 53? I do pray GB picks up a QB, OL and LB to be honest with you, especially an OL! Pack was loaded with TE’s and WR’s and the best or most potential won out…..but what about the OL??? I’m worried there. Flynn for #2 QB, i wouldn’t mind. VY is athletically talented but doesn’t possess what it takes in the NFL i’m afraid–wish him well!! McKnight? nah, not really…..

  15. Only three cuts to go, and so far, NOT A SINGLE DEFENSIVE LINEMAN.

    Good news so far, IMO!

    Surprised by Green. Really hope Lewis is kept on PS.

  16. Count me among those also happy we are keeping a lot of D-line depth. Keep’em fresh. Protect yourself for next year when potentially raji and picket gone. GoPack!

  17. LB Manning, DL Miller, CB Smith round out the cuts..

    Surprised by Manning.

    Disappointed by Miller- I want him on PS at the very least

    Smith could also be a PS guy if they think he can develop into a Corner, but he’s not a spring chick anymore and not everyone can be Sam Shields, but his physical size and speed combo make it tempting to give it a shot.

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