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The Packers have confirmed their final roster cuts, as we’ve been tracking all day.

So, here they are, your 2013 Green Bay Packers (for now):

Offense (23)

QB (2): Rodgers, Coleman
RB (3): Lacy, Franklin, Starks
FB (1): Kuhn (6)
TE (4): Finley, Bostick, Quarless, Taylor
WR (5): Cobb, Nelson, Jones, Boykins, Ross
OT (3): Bakhtiari, Barclay, Newhouse
OG (3): Sitton, Lang, Taylor
OC (2): Dietrich-Smith, Van Roten

Defense (27)

NT (3): Raji, Pickett, Jolly
DE (4): Wilson, Daniels, Jones, Boyd
OLB (5): Matthews, Perry, Neal, Mulumba, Palmer
ILB (5): Jones, Hawk, Francois, Lattimore, Barrington
CB (6): Williams, Shields, Hayward, Hyde, House, Bush
S (4): Burnett, McMillian, Jennings, Banjo

Specialists (3):

Crosby, Masthay, Goode


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23 thoughts on “Meet Your 2013 Green Bay Packers

  1. So glad Jolly made it. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks that he’s going to have a huge impact on the defense. The defensive line might be the most complete it’s been since the 2010 season.

  2. None of these picks surprises me. Like I said before, easy cutdown for Pack because offensive depth is so thin. This team can go 8-8 with this tough schedule IF they don’t get too decimated with injuries. Not a playoff team this year. Maybe next year.

  3. Hate to pick nits Al, but I seem to have missed the last 90 seasons. What’s our SB tally here in 2103? Probably in the 40’s by now, right?

  4. I’m kinda expecting Thompson to trade a DL. 8 DL is very excessive, not undeserved, but excessive nonetheless. Guessing a DL trade for a draft pick if possible and then pick up McKnight or Manning.

    Anyone know if Manning is eligible for the PS. He wasn’t in many games, much less active that I can remember. I’m guessing he could still be PS eligible.

    1. I don’t think it’s 8, Stroh. I think Neal is officially a LB now. Played there solely the last two preseason games. And didn’t look bad, either.

      1. Understand what your sayin. We’ll see when the real games start. IMO he’s probably the best interior pass rusher they have. Wherever he gets the most snaps is what I’ll call him.

  5. Hello:

    I think Manning is the disappointment of the pre-season: I was hoping he could really make a move after last year’s illness; indeed, I was hoping, after Ted traded up to get him, he would blossom. I do believe we can put him on PS. Sadly, he will get picked up.

    Thank you from Green Bay

  6. Somewhat pleased with this roster, although by the SF game I think it’s going to change. Guarantee they’re looking for a different #2 at QB. If they see a decent o-lineman I think they’ll switch out Taylor or GVR. Plus if they see a player they like don’t be surprised if Banjo, Palmer, Bush or anyone at the back of the depth chart is cut. This is the first 53 that will evolve throughout the year.

    Seems like they went with talent over position, at least so far. Like our D. Should be no reason not to keep the d-line fresh. Also like the potential guys like Barrington, Palmer, Mulumba and Hyde.

    The pass rush potential is much higher than last year. Now they need to cover the positions that are thin on the PS. Keeping the more talented players is the way to go.

  7. I find it interesting that Worthy is almost considered long dead and gone for most Packers fans.

    Granted, he did very little as a rookie, but then, that’s par for the course with -most- defensive linemen.

    This roster could get extremely fluid around week 6 with guys like Worthy and Sherrod among others on the PUP..

    1. Worthy’s forgotten for this year, much like Sherrod was last year. Maybe makes it back later in the year, but if he does, he’ll have difficulty finding a role. Be interested to see what he can bring next year. Give him this year to get the knee strong and also get his body right. He was planning on remaking his body for this year, so now he has to use this year off and come back strong next!

      1. If Worthy makes it back to play later in the season, my guess is that someone in the DL rotation will have played himself into obscurity by that point and made himself expendable.

        I read somewhere that Sherrod, of the PUP group, is the closest to being ready to see the field. I hope that’s true. OL is a place where a single person could make a significant impact.

  8. We can be playing in NY come February with those 53… We’re going to need a little good luck on the injury front though (we’re due), we’re not as deep as years past.

    2012 Pack vs. 2013 Pack:

    QB= Advantage 2013 Rodgers… Jordy and Craig were oft hurt last year. If QB1 has relative health from his WR corps, that combined with a contract year Finley = better 2013. Oh, and #12 has another offseason, in his prime and will have an improved ground game… Play action could be Ridic this year.

    RB= Advantage 2013 RB’s. Lacy as RB1 coupled with an upgrade in run blocking at RT and C = more production in 2013.

    WR = Push. While the names on the 2012 roster looked better, they weren’t available much of the time. Look for Boykin to become our sure handed chain moving WR, and the big three to do what they do… Yo.

    TE = Advantage 2013 unit. We’ve cut the dead weight, and a healthy Quarless, an up and coming Bostick and a hungry Finley equal no contest.

    OL= Advantage 2013. While losing BB is rough, replacing Saturday and Newhouse makes up for the loss… And then some. Bakhtiari will hit some rough patches, as he’s going to draw several elite rushers, but my guess is the kid has an impressive showing overall.

    CB = Advantage 2013. Tramon was never right in 2012, if he returns to form, that right there gives the nod to 2013, but wait… There’s more! There’s this fuggin BALLER named Micah Hyde who has a nose for the ball and just makes plays. Add Shields in a contract year and Casey with another offseason… This unit is very promising.

    S= Advantage 2012… I guess. Morgan needs to heal quickly, that’s about all I got.

    DL= Advantage 2013. No contest.

    ILB= Advantage 2013. Had Bishop played last year, it might have went to 2012, but he wasn’t, so it didn’t. AJ is AJ… Yawn, but Jones can fill and cover, Lattimore, Francois and Barrington… I’m comfortable if those guys “need” to play.

    OLB = Advantage 2013. No Walden alone gives 2013 the edge but when you throw in the fact that Neal actually looks decent out there, Perry is healthy and Mulumba has flashed… I like this group.

    K= It can’t get any worse… Can it?

    That’s my take… Yes, if I wore glasses, they would surely be rose colored… Eff it, that’s how I roll.

    GBP 4 LIFE!!!!

    1. I concur, my repeating thoughts all day have been “ the OL is not as bad as it looks, the OL is not as bad as it looks, the OL is not as bad as it looks,……..”.

      I have convinced myself another Lombardi will grace the trophy cabinet come February.

      1. I think the correct way to think of it is that the OL is no worse than the one that finished 2012, and may be better if Bakhtiari isn’t overmatched.

  9. I might be overly hardened by their uninspiring pre-season performancs, but this is the most unbalanced, least talented, ready to play roster I have seen in some years for the PACK. I hope that they are still a competitive team when Week 7 rolls around and that most of their PUP guys are indeed ready to take roster spots and contribute.
    Pigskin Paul

    1. while they didn’t get in the end zone, first team offense actually moved the ball almost at will at times. Keep in mind, Rodgers only played something like 47 snaps during preseason games this year. I don’t think the O looks bad at all.

      Same goes for first team defense. They have looked quite good as well.

      I think this team is going to come out and surprise quite a few people like yourself in the opener vs. San Francisco with their play. I think the starters are pretty much ready to go.

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