Packers 2013 Training Camp Depth Chart: Week 1 All Green Bay Packers All the Time

trainingcamp2013_1As the Green Bay Packers Training Camp unfolds, I am going to do my best to track the players along the depth chart. While things will certainly change over the course of the preseason, this gives us an idea of how the coaches are valuing the players.

Please note that this is not a projection, but rather a snapshot ranking based on observations of training camp practices. Those players seen on the first team units are obviously in the running for starting jobs, while those on second team units are still working their way up the ladder. And as we should all know by know, special teams roles will continue to play a part in how each player is valued.

As a change from last year, I have separated each position into tiers. The first tier represents training camp “starters,” the second tier represents back-ups or second team players, and the third tier represents training camp “warm bodies” (for lack of a better term). Generally speaking, the rankings within each tier are most important for second tier players, where there is more competition for a roster spot and possible starter material.

Notes are provided after each position to help you understand why players were ranked as they are. Most of my information comes from the beat writers who have been watching practice, using their Twitter feeds and articles as references.



Rodgers, Aaron

Harrell, Graham
Coleman, B.J.

  • If Christian Ponder were on this list, where do you think Greg Jennings would put him?


Running Back

Green, Alex
Starks, James
Lacy, Eddie
Franklin, Johnathan

Pease, Angelo

* Harris, DuJuan

  • Starks has been getting his touches and showing some worth, it seems. How long will it last?



Kuhn, John

Amosa, Jonathan

  • Would anyone else love to hear William Shatner shout “KUUUUUUUHHHHHHNNNNN!” someday?


Tight End

Finley, Jermichael
Quarless, Andrew

Williams, D.J.
Mulligan, Matthew
Taylor, Ryan

Bostick, Brandon
Stoneburner, Jake

  • This seems to be one of the least talked about position groups leading up to camp, but I think it might be one of the most interesting competitions to watch.


Wide Receiver

Cobb, Randall
Nelson, Jordy
Jones, James

Boykin, Jarrett
Ross, Jeremy

Gillett, Alex
Walker, Tyrone
White, Myles

+ Dorsey, Kevin
+ Johnson, Charles
+ Cunningham, Sederrik

  • Biggest question: Will Boykin stay ahead of the second tier, or will we see a breakout player knock him down (provided they can stay healthy)?



Dietrich-Smith, Evan

Barclay, Don

Lewis, Patrick
Gerhart, Garth

  • Sadly, I had no idea who these other two guys not named EDS were. That’s probably why Barclay is suddenly being groomed as a back-up.



Sitton, Josh
Lang, T.J.

Van Roten, Greg
Barclay, Don

Taylor, Lane

  • I don’t think we’ll see much change here throughout camp.



Bulaga, Bryan
Newhouse, Marshall

Barclay, Don
Datko, Andrew
Bakhtiari, David

Hughes, Kevin

* Sherrod, Derek
* Tretter, J.C.

  • Brian Carriveau over at CheeseheadTV pondered a good question recently: will Barclay’s time at center prevent him from making a solid bid for starting right tackle?


Nose Tackle

Raji, B.J.
Pickett, Ryan

Pena, Gilbert

  • Not really a question for this year (I hope), but what is going to happen to this position once Ryan Pickett is gone?


Defensive Tackle

Pickett, Ryan
Raji, B.J.

Jolly, Johnny
Miller, Jordan
Pena, Gilbert

  • All eyes will be on Johnny Jolly to see how far he’s fallen from football form. (Extra points on that one for solid use of alliteration.)


Defensive End

Daniels, Mike
Jones, Datone
Wilson, C.J.

Boyd, Josh

* Neal, Mike
* Worthy, Jerel

  • The abdominal injury for Mike Neal is depressing.
  • All eyes will also be on Datone Jones, this year’s first round draft pick.


Inside Linebacker

Hawk, A.J.
Jones, Brad

Manning, Terrell
Barrington, Sam
Francois, Robert
Lattimore, Jamari

  • Terrell Manning is the big wild card in this group. Now past his injuries and illness, we get to see what he’s really made of.


Outside Linebacker

Matthews, Clay
Perry, Nick

Moses, Dezman
Palmer, Nate

Mulumba, Andy
Reed, Jarvis
Savage, Donte

  • If Dezman Moses continues to shine, this could be the first time the Packers actually have a strong outside linebacker group.



Williams, Tramon
Shields, Sam

Hyde, Micah
Bush, Jarrett

Means, Loyce
Nixon, James
Smith, Brandon

+ Hayway, Casey
+ House, Davon

  • Don’t let this current list fool you . . . Hayward and House will be in that top tier once they’re cleared to practice.
  • Apparently Micah Hyde made some splashes already on Friday, even getting a press conference mention from Mike McCarthy.



Burnett, Morgan
Jennings, M.D.
McMillian, Jerron

Fulton, David
McMahon, Ryan

* Powell, Chaz
* Richardson, Sean

  • Apparently Jennings got the intial first team reps this training camp. He and McMillian will create another camp battle worth following.


* On active Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list
+ Recovering from injury/illness


Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


19 thoughts on “Packers 2013 Training Camp Depth Chart: Week 1

  1. Training Camp ver. 2013 is going to stretch fans’ capacity to accept new information as to their knowledge and understanding of not only the player’s skills, but also their belief in the braintrust of the GBP to structure the roster to deliver a team capable of a deep playoff run.

    Looking at this list, the one thing I took away from it is that at almost every position group there is real and equal competition. If everything we’ve ever learned about Darwin holds true, this should be a better team for it.

    Even the ability to stay healthy reflects the premise of the survival of the fittest. And for this team, that may be the best thing of all.

  2. I have to believe that Hyde will overtake Bush for the final roster spot if it was to come down to the two of them. We already know where Bush stands in coverage (See week one of last season). He also committed the most special teams penalties last season. Hyde made a splash the first practice. Hyde won the Tatum/Woodson award as the best corner in the Big Ten. We hear that Hyde had a slow 40 time, doesn’t have great top end speed. Neither did Casey Hayward. While I’m not comparing Hayward to Hyde, I have feeling about this kid that he’ll be there in the end and Bush will be released.

    I’m also waiting for Charles Johnson to get on track, but the guy just keeps getting injured. No matter how big or small he’s not staying on the practice field. His size and speed are something the Packers lack in the WR position. Nelsons pretty fast, not 4.39 fast though. Imagine having a guy Rodgers CAN’T overthrow.

    Lastly everyone is waiting for Manning to breakout, myself included. Wouldn’t it be something if Lattimore AND Manning both breakout. Imagine a ILB group or core that actually can get to the ball carrier before they’ve gained 5 yards! Yes I’m looking at you A.J. Hawk. Can’t wait to see the guys start to play football and get this sorted out.

  3. Some questions and observations:

    FB/TE: Should Mulligan also be listed with the Fullback (maybe H-Back)group , since he is competing mainly as a blocker? I understand that you are taking snapshots, so I guess this question comes down to whether they did any motion from TE to backfield blocker.

    C: Should watch for Van Roten here as well.

    G/T: The key for the interior guys and backups is versatility, so I can see why they want to make sure Barclay can play all the spots. I think they know what they have in him at RT, and so can let Newhouse, Datko and Bakhtiari take a shot there before falling back on Barclay.

    WR: I’d, expect Ross to falter before Boykinespecially with Franklin taking snaps at PR. Any word on Boykin’s knees? I seem to remember he got hurt in week 15 or 16 last season.

    DT: I like Jolly being in this competition. Also, can CJWilson back up here?

    DE: (Neal)

    OLB: (Neal) (again). On the plus side, I had identified Moses as the most likely to succeed UDFA at the position before the 2012 Draft, so that’s a nice thing to have going for me. How did Mulumba look?

    ILB: Should Lattimore have an injury/illness marker? — I thought he was put on a list to start camp. Does his presence in your ranking mean he participated? Is he off the non-football illness list?

    CB: I’m really interested in seeing how Nixon and Means develop.

    S: IMO MDJennings vs. MacMillian is the position battle of the camp. (RB is too wide open, at S the fight is head-to-head.)

    Anyway, this is GREAT stuff, thanks a **LOT** for posting.

    1. I was going to comment that Van Roten was mentioned as taking some snaps at Center as well. Good catch.

      1. I <3 my haterz!

        Especially the ones that take the time to dislike completely innocuous comments like the one above!

        Cheers, you disliking douche-tool, whomever you may be!

  4. I’m pumped up that this team is trying to be more aggressive and physical. Im glad they are focused on the 49ers and are embarrassed and mad about thier butt kicking in the divisional playoff game. Im happy that they are practicing against the read option. IMO, the niners are the one team that is standing in the way of a SB title. Yes, there are other strong teams in the nfc, but the niners seem like the team to beat and the team we must beat. Its interesting that they are the first team on our schedule. If we beat them, or at least have a good showing against them, I’ll feel good about the upcoming season as far as a SB birth. If we get man handled again, like in the season opener last year, I will feel like we have the same team as last year.

  5. I know im going to get thumbs down on both my posts, but, what im getting at is; as I look at this depth chart, I dont see much change in the trenches. The O line is the same, except reversed. The D line could be improved with Jones, especially in nickel, but unless jones proves hes the answer in base on run downs, its up to Wilson and the same front as last year against the run. Hopefully Perry comes on and if Jolly can get back to close to his old form, then we should have improvement. Im also hoping that the some of the younger front 7 D players make the next step.

    So, with all these ifs, the niners on week one will tell us a lot about where we are at. The niners have the best O line and D front 7 in football. We will see how our trenches hold up in week one. Our D got pushed around all game long in the playoff lost to the 49ers. By the 4 qter, our D front was battered and winded and were mauled. Im praying that doesn’t happen this year against the forty whinners

    1. All good points GBPDAN… Perry and Jolly could help, especially a healthy Perry more experienced Perry. Granted he was out after week 5 or 6 last season but he still was around the team, learning, watching. Greene Has already said he looks different, faster, reacting instead of thinking. I still maintain “Jolly wins Comeback Player of The Year”. Jolly’s 30, not old for a D-Lineman and I think he’ll be just fine.

      What I’m most interested in is the jump all the rookies from last year make, along with the addition of a running game and a legitimate lineman in Jones next to Raji. I think this brings Raji back closer to 2010 form. Franklin and Lacy are going to make a huge difference on this team. Go ahead and play 2 deep Safety, Rodgers will put the Packers in the best position to succeed and those 3 yard gains in the 1st half will tuirn into 6 and 8 yard gains in the 2nd half.

      While the O-Line is the same, Bulaga was out after week 8 right? We already know Lang belongs inside no matter what. No more moving Lang to tackle if one of them goes down. We have some experience at the offensive line if someone is injured and no matter what, Newhouse should be nothing more than a backup if he makes the team PERIOD, he just can’t run block at all.

  6. And from what I’m reading, the coaches know this too. They are gearing up for the niners

  7. Not much change in the trenches? The Packers have 3 or 4 #1 draft picks added to the mix since the end of the year. Bulaga, Perry, Jones, and possibly Sherrod are all new to the trenches. Plus, a number of second year guys who could potentially make that big jump. I think the Pack will be fine in the trenches.

    Of course, it all depends on the injury bug. If we get lucky this year and the 49ers do not, we could see a reversal from last year.

  8. My bet is for Bakhtiari to overtake newhouse at RT sometime during the season. Where has Manning been? Haven’t heard his name mentioned during first three practices. Lattimore appears to have shown more early? Hyde not only takes Bush’s spot, but could push Williams out of GB by next season….if not sooner.

  9. Aaronqb….Bulga and Perry both played in game one against SF last year. Ya, the game were the O only scored 7 pts when it mattered. The other tds came on a punt return and the O scoring when SF stopped attacking on D and went into a pure prevent D iwith a 3 man rush. Sherrard? Hes a big question mark. He hasn’t pleayed for 2 years and still isn’t practicing. Jones is a rookie.

    Look, I hope jones, perry , Sherrard and the rest of our team all play lights out all year and win the SB. This maybe a very improved D. All im saying is there are a lot of ‘ifs’ and we will learn a lot in
    the opener against SF. I will be the happiest man in the world if we beat those jerks to start the season and set a attitude for the rest of the year.

  10. Personally I am really hoping that Jolly makes the team and contributes. Huge Comeback!

  11. it appears most contributors have hope for 2 or 3 new players to emerge (like Lbs first then the d-line). Mgmt did a swell job of drafting thunder & lightning and both could prove their own in their own roles. TE in my view as a blocking first passing second option is intriguing-agree! Too bad Finley can’t learn to block more than average as the competitions D likely expect pass when he’s in there. Hopefully Mc’s play calling will continue to improve and keep ’em guessing. I am most interested in seeing GB get first downs on 3rd and 1 and not having to pass 3/4 of the time!

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